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May 8 · 45
Shamai May 8
Looking at
The canvas I wonder
What will come
From the inner recesses of my mind
And how the paint will meld
In a formation of continuing
Freedom of thought
I ponder and hesitate
Before making the first overture
Of a new beginning
For every canvas
Expresses who I am
And what I have lived
And where I want to go
In my life
And I reach forward
Brush in hand
Paint at the tip
Ready to begin anew
May 8 · 35
Shamai May 8
Sky above and sand beneath
God’s gift to us he did bequeath
The beauty of bounty is quite unique
It makes us humble it makes us meek
We honour all that we can see
This lovely Earth on which to be
So look around take in the all
See all you can of blue green sprawl
And then look deeper to who you are
In life you must become a star
And be the best of who you can
And dance with joy in God’s true plan
For only in love can you really know
Life’s truth secrets from which to grow
Inside you lives a piece of God
A part that you should sure applaud
As human we are bound to life
As soul we move beyond wildlife
We become as our maker with purity
And we become a spirit free
May 8 · 29
Shamai May 8
Is there something inside that wants to come out
Is it time to scream is it time to shout
What is all the fuss what is going around
That raises the spirit and makes a big sound
Can you guess what it is can you figure it out
Can you think and think what’s it all about
I truly don’t know just know it’s real
But it really must be quite a big deal
So shout and scream and make a noise
Standing still with equipoise
It’s time to be real it’s time to stand out
We know what it is without a doubt
Neshama it’s time to take a stand
Coming out is what you planned
To show the world what you’re about
To be yourself and just hang out
May 8 · 31
Shamai May 8
Lying in bed
I can not sleep
I’m not feeling sleepy
From my head to my feet
My thoughts are racing
I can’t keep up
I’m twichy and itching
From the day’s build up
What shall I do
How can this go on
Especially if it’s to the food
That I am drawn
Late night snacks
Stick to my hips
Oh well guess it’s time
To finish those chips
I know I should
I think I shall
Gather up all my thoughts
In one corral
And try to be still
And try to be right
Gather my covers
Wrapped around me tight
Good night to my door
Good night to my sheep
It’s time to bed down
It’s time to sleep
May 7 · 50
Shamai May 7
I am letting go of all I was
And making room
For something new
The space feels clear
And bright
With new adventures
And possibilities

An open door
Of letting in
A new way
Of seeing the world
Endless chances
To renew
And find

What is it
That makes the most
Of every
Moving one along
A path
Of enriched living
What is it
That creates
And moves self
To be more
Than they
Thought they were
What is it
May 3 · 39
Broke Again
Shamai May 3
Oh my goodness
It’s that time again
When I have to pay bills
And I feel the drain
It’s like all that paying
Really has no end
The money goes in
And I quickly spend
The bills pile up
I can’t buy more
Or my husband will send me
Right through the door
How do all you others
Keep up the pace
Paying bills and saving
In this crazy rat race
Would barter be easier
Save a penny or two
So much to understand
I wish I knew
So I’ll keep up the pace
As best I can
And focus on freedom
In this very life span
May 3 · 41
Shamai May 3
I was walking along the water
And decided to take a seat
Because my rhythm I was losing
And I couldn’t keep the beat
I looked into the water
I was not far from the street
And what I saw surprised me
And it really was a treat
I saw an old lady smiling
And it truly was so sweet
She was happy with her life
And other people she liked to greet
The day was beautiful
A rising heat
Didn’t bother her
As she raised her feet
She looked into the water
Just passed the concrete
And what she saw
Was quite offbeat
She saw a woman
Who was quite complete
She’d lived her life
Without conceit
Gave love to all
At every retreat
She remembered others
Who could lie and cheat
They took advantage
And were not upbeat
It’s important to remember
It’s not the athlete
But the one who takes care
And has no cheat sheet
Remember the other
That is on your street
Remember to step forward
And not take a backseat
For love is the answer
If you feel incomplete
Step forward with love
And be discreet
May 2 · 47
Tired Out
Shamai May 2
Foot after foot
Lead laden feet
That don’t want to move
Hidden behind memories
Of yesteryear
What is it
That keeps us going
Against all odds
Why do we feel
Like we have to keep trying
Even when
Our tiredness
Is so obvious
Life has a way
Of enlivening
Our be ing
And keeping us going
Long after
The will
Has tired itself
May 1 · 51
Shamai May 1
I want it
I need it
I know it is good
And yet all the time
I know that I should
Eat healthy eat properly
Take care of my ***
Do all that I can
I know that I  ‘ought
And the chocolate is calling
A burger or two
My clothes no longer fit
And neither does my shoe
Spinach and kale
Are the foods I adore
But fries and onion rings
Are the foods that I store
When will I change over
Let go of the past
When will the food change
Take hold now and last
Green smoothies I want
I need I adore
But somehow the calories
Are all that I store
So body please forgive me
If I lose motive and drive
For being healthy is what
I hope now to strive
Let go of bad habits
Throw junk in the garb
Whole foods are so healthy
I know I won’t starve
Forgive myself
For all of my sins
And throw all the crap
Right into the bins
Apr 29 · 44
Shamai Apr 29
There are times when I have
A need to speak out
And to let others know
That I have no doubt
That I am correct
And they are not
That I know what I’m saying
And in that I am caught
I believe what I speak
I believe that I know
And I forget to remember
The seeds that I sow
If I’m always correct
And my friends are too
Then our ideas collide
And we’re stuck in the glue
Of believing that we
Are the only ones who know
That only our thoughts
Should be allowed to grow
We forget that other
Is important as well
But we keep right on going
And our heads sure do swell
So I suggest a time out
A time to breathe and reflect
On the part that we play
And how we should connect
As partners we can
Do more than as one
Working together
Can be so much fun
No more conflict
And no more commotion
Love is the answer
To the magic potion
Apr 25 · 55
Shamai Apr 25
Life’s curves are the challenge
We need
To grow
Into that
We are meant
To be
Apr 25 · 220
The Road Travelled
Shamai Apr 25
In life there are times when we change
And the enormity of the situation
Can bring tears to the eyes
We walk a path
And suddenly the road wavers
And the path thickens
And we are challenged
To be the best we can possibly be
And life’s journey brings us
To the threshold
And gifts are given
That make the journey
More palatable
And truly
Joy filled
Apr 24 · 42
Shamai Apr 24
I follow a path of freedom
I follow a path of truth
I follow a path of love
And I follow a path of youth
The Creator has given us
Much that we can do
He asks of us to all be one
And to ourselves be true
We’ve come to earth to find out
Who we are and from where we’ve come
What our role is in this lifetime
And where we’ve all come from
Some say that God created us
In six days and on the seventh day he rested
They tell us that we must keep laws
And on this world we’re tested
Some welcome child with ritual
Welcome them to this kind place
Some say we come from Earth
And some say we come from space
Some say our heart beats just as one
Some like to do a dance
Some sit in quiet and meditate
Some groups are steeped in romance
Whatever way you choose to walk
Do it softly or speak it loud
Remember that you’re the unique one
With gifts you are endowed
Use your life wisely remember that
Our breaths are numbered and soon
You’ll find that all things come to an end
With nature you must attune
Say hello then say goodbye
You’re days on Earth are done
You’ve done all you can to make amends
I hope you’ve become some One
Apr 18 · 180
In My Heart
Shamai Apr 18
Oh great One
I look for you
In the temples
And in the churches
I look for you
In the books and in the verses
In the air and in the song of the bird
I look for you and the tears
Come down my cheeks
For the only place I can find you
Is in my heart
Apr 18 · 65
Shamai Apr 18
I am the light
And manifestation of all
All that is within
Is without
From clay I was born
And to clay I will return
As witness God observes
And lays judgment
With love
I Am
Apr 18 · 33
Shamai Apr 18
In my body sits unrest
A gathering of hurricanes
And volcanoes and tornadoes
Wanting to express
Deep within myself
There is hope
For a better world
And I sit in the mire
Shamai Apr 18
While all around me
Bombs of hate are exploding
And prejudice
Is falling from the sky
In buckets of tearful wounds
And I watch
Waiting for an opportunity
To express
Innocence and love
We can no longer hide
In our unwillingness to know
We must reach out
And express our oneness
And love for other
As well as for ourselves
Without love
There is no world
Without compassion
There is no peace
Without self
There is no hope
I am
I am the only one
That can create
Apr 18 · 52
Shamai Apr 18
What is it like
To find out
That my world has been torn asunder
And I am lost
In this chaos
How do you raise children
In a world filled with
Prejudice and hate
How do I find love
When darkness fills my life
My heart reaches out
And my soul cries
For that which was
And I fear
That which is to be
Apr 18 · 63
Finding Myself
Shamai Apr 18
Where am I
And what has become of my world
That used to reflect my innocence
And will to be
I am a torn being
Bleeding out
Into chaos
Trying to find self
In a world
Where self cannot live
The pain of finding out
That I no longer
Have a future
In this world
Filled with hate
Apr 18 · 57
I Am
Shamai Apr 18
I breathe
Therefore, I am alive
In a world of chaos
And destruction
I live
In a damaged vitality
And a crushed spirit
Of unknown origin
I am
A product of my environment
Tattered and torn
Crumbling into
A world
Of chaos
Apr 16 · 237
So Difficult
Shamai Apr 16
Do you ever feel
Like no matter what  you do
You can’t overcome the hurdle
Like life
Is pushing against you
And you don’t know which way to turn
Always remember that
Life is here for us
To experience
For us to gather our
Inner resources
And find a way
To create joy
From misery
Apr 14 · 185
Just Sitting There?
Shamai Apr 14
Sometimes we just sit there
We sit and we wait
For others to take the lead
Don’t feel it’s our fate
And yet strength lies in numbers
And we need to stand tall
We need to play our part
And reach out to all
The world doesn’t change
From a very small selection
We all need to play our part
With love and affection
So from a place of compassion
I ask you to get up
Speak truth and devotion
With a loving cup
Apr 12 · 44
Shamai Apr 12
Afar access adieu abode
Dictionaries have some of those
Apace argosy arrant asunder
These are words from those down under
Dictionaries have words we’ve never seen
If you want to learn you must be keen
Shade shore slumber slay
These are words with which we play Sylvan tarry temerarious tenebrous These words are certainly clearly arduous
I think of beget behold beseech With all of these words I want to screech
Where do words come from and why do we use
We listen to sounds and we listen to clues
And try to understand what words are about
Which ones hold meaning which ones hold clout
Yet when the day is done we can look back and say
There were many new words that we used today
Apr 9 · 29
Shamai Apr 9
Oh no oh no what shall I do
I can’t cook an egg or make a stew
My stomach is hungry the stores are closed
I don’t know what to do I’ve been exposed
I never learnt how to boil the water
To make spaghetti like I aughter
I can open a can if I can find
The opener I must be blind
I can call a friend to make some stuff
My God this is getting really tough
I can call for a pizza if the shop was open
Oh when oh when will it reopen
Mr google can guide me in trying to cook
The chance of that is like a house chinook
Oh dear oh dear what do I do
I want to bite and I want to chew
The dog food is looking better around now
Should I get down on the floor with the dog to chow
Desperation is reaching me at my neck
A cookbook I think it’s time to check
Aha a salad is easy as pie
I think that I will give it a try
Apr 9 · 245
Bye Bye
Shamai Apr 9
Did you walk the dog
Did you make some tea
I don’t know what’s
Come over me
I don’t want to do it
I’d rather rest
Watch some TV
Not take a quest
I’m just feeling lazy
Want to stay in bed
Covers are pulled
Right over my head
I’m hiding from others
I’m hiding from self
I’d much rather be sitting
Upon a shelf
It’s easier to do nothing
Than get involved
I’d rather be hiding
And be absolved
But I do peep out
And what do I see
A friendly smile
Coming at me
Maybe it’s not so bad
Maybe I can give it a try
I think I’ll go out now
Oh well, bye bye
Apr 9 · 50
It’s Time
Shamai Apr 9
Oh my oh dear what should I do
I cannot find my other shoe
The time is getting later and
I need to take a firmer stand
On getting myself some discipline
I need to work on singleton
The voices in my head tell me
The way they think I need to be
But they are voices from the past
And it’s not so healthy if they last
First I thank them for their work
If I didn’t they’d know that I’m a ****
Then I tell them it’s ok
For them to take a rest and play
I can handle all my stuff
It really shouldn’t be so tough
It’s time an adult I must be
If I want to reach my joy and glee
Take charge of all the things I am
An authentic self and not a sham
So I pull up my boot straps and get right to it
Become more involved get healthy and fit
And clean up the place put things in order
Like I truly live here I’m not a border
Things have a place so find them I can
Become a responsible woman or man
Apr 8 · 31
Almost There
Shamai Apr 8
Waiting waiting
We’re almost there
A time for fun
A time to share
All week we wait
Until we’re done
Watching the clock
Till we reach the home run
Counting down
Minute by minute
Working hard
So we don’t get the boot
Our coat is ready
Our cap we have on
We have been thinking
Our plans are drawn
There is something special
About Friday night
Our work is finished
And we feel alright
We hop in the car
Turn the music on
We dance in our seats
From dusk to dawn
And before you know it
Monday has come
We’re back in our chairs
Looking tired and glum
Apr 7 · 44
The Journey of Life
Shamai Apr 7
Step by step
One foot after the other
We walk our destiny
With sister and brother
We know not where
The journey will end
We plod on steadily
Try to ascend
We go to church
We say our prayers
We lead a life
Learn ours from theirs
Be good, do good
Be one we’re told
They force us all
Into a mold
We try our hardest
To do things right
We try and try
With all our might
Until one day
We wake to find
That we are caught
In our own bind
We reach for end
The prize to achieve
When instead we find
It’s time to leave
Hold on now to
Each step you make
It’s not the end
It’s the journey you take
Shamai Apr 4
I really want to help you
And I want to give my time
And yet when they are ready
Your ‘no show’ is your dream time
You really meant to do it
And something else just did come up
Your heart was in the right place
But your work had no back up
What does it mean to give your word
And do what you should do
What does it mean to follow up
And not say your adieu
Better to keep silent
Keep your promises to yourself
Then open up a window
And be found on hidden shelf
For promises once spoken
Should be followed through to end
And offering up your valued time
Is something to commend
So keep  up all your promises
So others know your true
Be honourable and capable
And always be the best of you
Apr 3 · 41
My Day
Shamai Apr 3
My day started out as normal as can be
There were things to do there were places I must be
I hurried out the door trying hard to keep the pace
Although I knew I couldn’t really keep up with this race
I had to sweep I had to cook I had to do my best
In one day there’s so much to do to keep  up with the rest
It’s just that sometimes I don’t want to do most anything
I sit and stare or play some games keep busy without doing a thing
And then by night the guilt kicks in and I look at my obligations
I look at all I could have done and I look to my relations
It’s ok to take a rest sometimes and leave some things to slide
It’s ok to rest in a comfort zone and in silence and peace abide
And then it’s time to pick up pace and rally to the call
For when truth is told we have to do and get right on the ball
I take and I receive with love I have to do my part
For in this untidy world of mine is where I have to start
To account for all I could have done and pride in what I accomplish
If I take an accounting of all I am it really would astonish
A daily accounting of all I am and all I hope to be
Gives me a chance to set my goals and a path I then can see
Mar 31 · 36
Being Heard
Shamai Mar 31
I was walking on the street one day
Just minding my own business
When a woman came upon me
And caught me in my dizziness
She asked me why I walked
Upon the sidewalk with such force
She asked where I was going
And was I truly right on course
I looked at her and wondered
What this woman was about
I looked at her and wondered
With trepidation and with doubt
How could she just accost me
With her loud obnoxious voice
How could she stop my promenade
With questions and no choice
So I answered in a voice so soft
I tried hard not to quiver
I answered her as best I could
Even though I felt a shiver
I told her that I do my best
I walk on roads with strength
I spoke to her with truth and love
While keeping at arm’s length
I spoke of worlds that I had known
And places I had been
I would have talked of love and such
If that’s what I had seen
Instead I talked of woes and hardship
Of things that I had done
I continued in my dissertation
Even as there was no sun
I tried to stop my words from flow
She’d opened up a door
I wanted her to hear my plight
I wanted so much more
But then the time came quickly
I felt heard she walked away
Perhaps the two of us might meet
On another sunny day
Mar 31 · 47
Shamai Mar 31
I used to look at money as the root of all evil
I used to look at money as a debt I could not pay
I marveled at how others could keep their books in order
My money used to travel, in my pocket it couldn’t stay
I tried to think of money as a bartering of sorts
I tried to call it friend and to understand its source
Money has a way of speaking I couldn’t understand
I failed to understand its movement and its course
And then one day a teacher said to put it in my mouth
That ***** crumbled paper cloth with print upon its face
I could not would not take that ***** bill from hand to mouth
I would not put it in my mouth myself to now debase
Most money comes from hard work from a job or from a place
It travels through the land from hand to hand from face to face
Money is just a way of saying you’ve earned like most adults
Money is a way of keep people in their place
Countries play with currency with values high and low
Stock brokerage and Wall Street keep our money at a tow
We have no way of knowing if it’s up or if it’s down
We have to learn to pay at source with money from the crown
They play with percentages and valuations infatuation and in flux
Countries loan it out and scream pay back when it’s really only bucks
I want to understand the silliness of paper and coin
I want to shout out stop it when the countries then conjoin
To hold it is to waste it and to spend it then it’s gone
What way is there to understand its brightness and its brawn
So money I will place you in the world not understood
I’d like to give you value if only then I could
Mar 27 · 34
Shamai Mar 27
Meditation is a place where we should go
When times are tough when times are slow
Go inside and meditate
Silently sit and silently wait
Soon you will see the light inside
Soon you’ll go on a magical ride
Find a teacher who knows the way
Stay with him both night and day
The world outside is cold and damp
Check out your actions and then revamp
Begin to see other as your self
Begin to know your authentic wealth
Be kind to other in humility give
It’s the only way to actively live
Change things around and go inside
Know who you are, in love abide
Mar 27 · 65
Find The Inner World
Shamai Mar 27
Bombs exploding all around
War is hell and hate abounds
We live in a world when we don’t know
When it will be our time to go
We look around and fear comes in
We wonder what we did to sin
And forget to take an active role
We need to remember our real goal
To know our self, know who we are
Look deep inside not from afar
We think we belong we take a stance
We involve ourselves in a frantic dance
And think we know what comes up next
And forget to aim for our apex
Go inside and find your name to fame
Stop playing their ridiculous human game
We must remember to quietly sit
To be in the world and not be of it
Mar 27 · 35
Shamai Mar 27
A favorable combination of time and place
If we don’t take a chance then we’ll never reach grace
There are times in our lives when things go well
There are times in our lives when things are swell
They go the way we wish they would
We take a chance as well we should
And then sometimes things go away
No matter what we do they do not stay
And frustration sets in and we give up
We don’t know what to do with the big flare up
And we forget how much fun we used to have
And how people helped on our behalf
We give up all and hide inside
And wait for the coming of a helpful tide
Sometimes we wait sometimes we gain
An understanding we need to obtain
Opportunity knocks and we should respond
Take a chance on choosing what is beyond
Jump into the opportunity that comes to us
Allow and choose without a fuss
For when opportunity knocks we should be home
Consider it luck like a honey comb
And embrace the chance for life to guide
Our way to home in love abide
Mar 26 · 45
Checking In
Shamai Mar 26
How are you doing
And what’s up
Checking in
Before I sup
How’s the weather
Taking walks
Stopping by
Having talks
The world is changing
Moving fast
I hold on tight
And feel the past
Don’t know where
I’ll be tomorrow
Will I be in joy
Or deep in sorrow
We can not guess
We can not plan
Our life moves on
Visit the clan
Tomorrow will come
Yesterday is gone
The present is now
I greet the dawn
I take each day
As if the last
I don’t hold on to
Things from past
Each day is new
Each day is pure
I  open my eyes
Just to assure
That I am still
Here on this earth
Know who I am
And know my worth
Mar 25 · 37
Shamai Mar 25
People ask me what I’m doing
And I tell them I’m being still
For in that silence lays
All the things I can fulfill
For prayer is talking to the One
Who cares for us with love
And meditation is listening to his word
The message from above
While asking is reaching out to God
It’s in the silence that we know
Just who we are and where we’re from
It helps our soul to grow
Just close your eyes and contemplate
Then let go of it all
When in the presence of our Lord
We are truly very small
The inner world is magical
Inner light and sound are present
It heals it holds it makes us whole
It’s where our time should be spent
While talking is good the listening
Is much more satisfying
It helps give satisfaction to our soul
When from the body we’re flying
We rise above body consciousness
And take the hand of the Lord
He takes us on the inner journey
An area to be explored
Meditation is an open door
To becoming more than we are
It takes us to another place
Beyond the moon and star
Mar 25 · 24
Shamai Mar 25
I pray to God for loving
And I pray to God for food
My every wish I wish for
Becomes prayer and that is good
Prayer is just a wishing game
A time to ask for stuff
Yet isn’t it time to realize
That what I have is quite enough
When I pray to God I recognize
His presence and his Grace
When I pray to God I hope
That I don’t fall flat on my face
Prayer is communication
And what I could be saying is ‘thanks’
Thanks for all you give me
And thanks for all your yanks
That bring me back to where I am
And where I hope to be
Thank you for your loving
And thanks for holding me
Mar 23 · 27
Shamai Mar 23
Peace is that which comes into  
The body and the soul
It sits in heart awaiting
And it helps us reach our goal
Peace can be  elusive
And helps us reach out and hold on tight
Peace can be the calming presence
That keeps us feeling right
Peace can be a harmony
Of beautiful dimension
Peace can be a holding
And a space for true ascension
When peace is reached
We feel a sense
Of beauty
And ideation
Peace can be delusion
Or creative imagination
When peace is reached
We know a sense
Of beauty and detachment
Peace can be a letting go
Of old thoughts a dispatchment
Peace is not a common place
It takes work to reach its space
Peace takes time to germinate
Can’t reach it as a race
It takes quiet and perseverance
It takes will and solid grit
It takes Sat Chit Ananda
And the ability to sit
For it’s in the silence
That the magic can take place
It’s in the inner world that we find peace
With silence and with Grace
Mar 23 · 30
Shamai Mar 23
I’m waiting for the sun to shine
I’m waiting for the day
I sit inside and wait
Hope the sun will surely stay
Seems to always be
Waiting for something to come
I’m waiting in the morning
And when the day is done
I wait for things to rise
And the oven to get hot
I wait for rain to stop
And wait for water in the ***
My day is spent in waiting
For something to come out right
I’m spending my time waiting
From the morning to the night
If I could only go on
With the things I’m waiting for
If I could just be all myself
From toes up to my core
If I could stay for just some time
In the space that we call present
Then I could understand
And see where my time is spent
Let go of expectations
Let go of judgment too
Just do things in the present
Give myself the love I’m due
Then anxiety will fly out the door
And peace will reign inside
And I can love now all of me
And stand with strength and pride
No longer living in past and future
The present is where I’ll be
With joy and jubilation
With love hope and with glee
Mar 19 · 41
Service to Other
Shamai Mar 19
The shopping the cleaning the cooking and more
All of these things should not be a chore
They’re done with the love that we have for another
A mother a father a sister a brother
We take our time and do things right
We clean everything we see in sight
And when it’s done and we’re all alone
We smile with joy and set the tone
Our gift to other is really our self
And who we are puts us on the shelf
Of honour and praise for who we are
When you give from the heart you are a true star
Mar 17 · 50
Welcome Home
Shamai Mar 17
The geese have returned
To their Northern home
And I am awakened
To their fanciful flight
And the resonance
Of their welcome
Mar 17 · 245
Shamai Mar 17
The sun is shining and the birds are returning
To a world
That was covered in snow
Spring is in the air
And soon plants will be
Peering out of the ground
Looking for the sun and warmth
That gives them life
Soon jackets will be removed
And boots become a thing of the past
As warmth envelops
And allows us to bask in the sun
After a long winter
People thrive in the sunshine
And embrace the world
As it awakens
Mar 17 · 41
Shamai Mar 17
The sun is shining and the birds are returning
To a world
That was covered in snow
Spring is in the air
And soon plants will be
Peering out of the ground
Looking for the sun and warmth
That gives them life
Soon jackets will be removed
And boots become a thing of the past
As warmth envelops
And allows us to bask in the sun
After a long winter
People thrive in the sunshine
And embrace the world
As it awakens
Mar 17 · 49
He Found Me
Shamai Mar 17
God’s love came knocking at my door
And I let him in
He taught me truth
And he taught me
About be ing in  the world
He guided my life
And kept me safe
He showed me the meaning of life
And how to live
In a world of
Anger and deceit
He showed me the way
To enlightenment
Kept me on
The straight and narrow
He allowed me just enough space
To hang myself
And then
He brought me lovingly back
To reality and purpose
I thought
That I had found God
When, in reality
He had found me
Mar 17 · 41
True Love
Shamai Mar 17
There are times in our lives
When a feeling passes over us
And we wonder
What is True Love?

A feeling that begins
In the deepest recesses
Of our heart
That extends
Into our knowing
That this person
This one
This thing
Will be forever
Our memories
And our
It means
That nothing
Is too much
To give
And nothing
Is too small
To take
It puts other
Before ourselves
It means
Putting someone
Of  who
We think we are
Unconditional love
No boundaries
It’s all encompassing
And all consuming
When we truly love ourselves
All is harmony
In our lives
An never ending
Of giving
More than we get
It means
Charity begins at home
And we want to
Be in that everlasting
Of being
When we are enveloped in love
Time stands still
And everything has meaning
That means
When love enters our lives
We feel protected
Like nothing can ever hurt us
For we are enveloped
In caring
In knowing
That we are more
True love
Talking and sharing dreams
And thoughts and experiences
True love
Takes us on a journey
Of enlightenment
The dark corners
Of our lives
It means
Emptying every crevice
And filling it
Mar 14 · 33
the Mind
Shamai Mar 14
I am a product
Of my own creation
My mind decides
Where it wants to go
I follow it

If I could only decide
Who I want to be
Where I want to go
It might
Make life more interesting
And instead
I allow
My mind
To guide
My life
Mar 14 · 125
Shamai Mar 14
Rising in the body
In form
Keeping us from reaching
True destiny

Behavior following
That creates
Both darkness
And light

Another way of saying
That we are
And no longer
In an
Ever changing world
Of destruction
And rebuilding

Inability to move forward
Stops us
In our tracks
Can lead
Of self
And awareness

I have
I release
For in that fear
Lies decades
Emotional upheaval
That dominate
Our being

Rising above the fear
Gives us the vantage point
Of future

I bask in you
For you bring
Of self
And possibility
Mar 12 · 41
Who are we?
Shamai Mar 12
What does it mean
To fall flat on our face
And not know what life is about
What if your spirit
Was calling your name
And all you could do was pout
What if needs and expectations
Were guiding your life
And you didn’t even know they exist
What if purpose and value
Were lost for a while
And never showed up on your list
Life is about finding out
Who you are and what’s your path
Faith and religion only go so far
They warn you to be careful and do what you must
Because actions could be your bar
You want to feel good and you want to smile
You want to find purpose and goal
You want to reach who you are and will be
You want to feel healed and feel whole
It starts from your wanting
And moves into the now
What you will create
You’ll find as your Tao
Reach inward and find
Your true self at core
Know God and your self
And you will be more
We all fight for freedom
For wisdom we search
To find who we are
Is our research
Go in and be silent
And listen with peace
Your understanding of life
Will surely increase
Mar 11 · 655
Shamai Mar 11
The times are difficult
The waters are deep
Who do we go to
When the world feels steep
We have our parents
We have our friends
We have our lovers
And we have our pens
Step back take a look
Is it as bad as you think
If you look to the future
Do you need a shrink
The advice I give
Is take things one at a time
Life is a long hard
Road to climb
Don’t look ahead
To what may be
Stay in the now
And do not flee
Sow your wheat
And use a plow
Gather your harvest
And be in the now
Today will be gone
And you’ll understand
What used to be
Is at your command
Let go of preconceptions
Let go of your fears
Things will look so different
In a couple of years
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