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3d · 10
be ever with me
Shamai 3d
How does one describe exquisite pain
The longing for the love
That sustains us all
The wanting to be in touch
With the God power
That exists within
Each and every one of us
With tears in my eyes
I remember the moments
When we were together
In sweet bliss
And I long
For those  times
To be ever with me
Feb 10 · 30
Shamai Feb 10
I’m at the bottom of a hole
Sitting on the floor
Feeling as low as the concrete slab
I’m sitting on
I don’t know how I got here
Or how to get out
So..I just sit
And feel, and long for more
What could possibly
Have placed me here
And the strength I need to climb out
Just isn’t there
So I sit, and wait, and feel
And time goes by
And nothing gets done
And I’m still sitting
On the hard concrete
At the bottom of a hole
Just hoping
That someone will come along
With a rope
And help me out
It doesn’t happen
So again
Here am I
Sitting on the cold concrete
Just until
I can pull my self
Jan 28 · 39
Shamai Jan 28
There’s a word that’s come
Into my head
Have to learn the meaning
Have to put it to bed
It takes over my thoughts
Has me concerned
Don’t know what to make of it
Don’t know if I’ve learned
I’m certainly concerned
That I’ll use it wrong
Maybe put it on paper
Make it into a song
It’s mindful, considerate
And caring too
Use it wrong and I’ll find that I’m
Inside  a zoo
So thinking so carefully
Eager with fear
Not sure what to do
And feeling quite queer

I’ll repeat the dear word
Again and again
Solicitous, Solicitous
And now I am sane
Jan 28 · 141
The Power is Out
Shamai Jan 28
The power is out
What shall I do
I’m in the dark
I have no clue
Why it is out
Or when I’ll see
The lights go on
In light I’ll be

The dogs are batty
They’re scratching the door
If I had kids
They’d be on the floor

What do we do
When the lights go out
How do we live
And walk about

I can’t cook supper
Or read a book
I’m on my computer
The power they took

Not time for bed
Or lying around
What do I do
With no light on the ground

Oh hum, o gee
I can sit and stare
Oh my, can’t see
Is that a bear

Please, come on soon
Can’t wait much more
Maybe it’s time to think
About going out the door

Oh yes, I think
It’s coming back
Ok, never mind
I can unpack
Jan 27 · 28
Shamai Jan 27
Yes today
The day I live in
Forgetting about the past
Or the future
I want to
Live in the today
That I am
Jan 27 · 23
My Self
Shamai Jan 27
Have you ever played the game
Of hide and seek
Have you ever felt
Like you want to
Start all over again
In a different way
What would you do differently
I kind of like
My life
Even though
It can get pretty lonely
And the only one
I have to talk with
If I could change
In my life
I think I would
Be kinder
And more loving
Shamai Jan 27
Just sometimes
My thoughts soar
Take over my Universe
And all that I have
The thoughts in my head
And it’s so hard
To think
Over all that chatter
Just sometimes
I yell at my mind
To stop yelling
Inside of me
And taking away
My right
To choose
Just sometimes
I want
To be
In the
Without thought
Without action
In the
Jan 22 · 56
Shamai Jan 22
On a bed
Made of spidery webs
And flowing
I drift into sleep
Wanting to stay awake
And finding consciousness
More and more
Jan 22 · 25
Keeping Up
Shamai Jan 22
All around me
Things are changing
And it feels
Like no matter what
I do
Jan 22 · 24
Shamai Jan 22
I want to say something
And words
Cannot express
What I am feeling
I wish
I could understand
All that exists
Inside of me
Jan 22 · 19
Shamai Jan 22
There is a place
To which I cannot journey
It comes from
A long ago time
Every once in a while
It comes back to visit
And disturb
Jan 22 · 22
Shamai Jan 22
There is so much
Sadness in my heart
I don’t know
Where it comes from
And it feels
So real
Tears almost in my eyes
Dripping down my cheeks
Almost there
And the sadness stops
Creating dis ease
And I want to cry
I can’t
Jan 22 · 30
A Poem
Shamai Jan 22
What is a poem
If not a voice
What are the words
Without meaning or source
What is a line
If it doesn’t move on
And what is a rhyme
If the work is undone
Jan 22 · 32
Shamai Jan 22
Is burning up
With smoke in the air
And now showers
Drowning out
Dropping down
Tennis ball ice
On our heads
Are hiding
And maybe
We should
Jan 22 · 123
Shamai Jan 22
Where are you
Why have you forsaken  me
Snow lies on the ground
And ice glints in the boughs
Of the heavily laden trees
The sun has hidden
For so many days
And darkness and gloom
Seem to rule our world
I long for the flowers
And the growing buds
On the trees
Now hidden
Under the
Blanket of snow
Rise up dear Spring
Show off your beautiful colours
And remind me
That love
And happiness and joy
Still exist
In this
Jan 10 · 32
I am at Peace
Shamai Jan 10
I am awake
Even when I am asleep
For thoughts fill the mind
With trivialities
And the silence is
The true power of be ing
Let go of impurities of mind
And settle into
The silence
For it is there
That you will meet

In the silence
I am at peace
Nothing can penetrate
The strength
Of pure

I thought I knew love
And then
The Lover found me
And the heart
Was opened
And I knew

I am now
Dec 2019 · 41
Happy New Year
Shamai Dec 2019
It’s New Year’s Eve
I’m all alone
No one to visit
No one to phone
I wonder what I’ll do all night
While others party, get high  as a kite
I could watch TV
See the Apple come down
I could sing a song
I could sit and frown
Or I can just enjoy
The quiet that’s here
Smile and remember
The times of cheer
I’ll start the New Year
With some remembering
Of times of when
Things were much much better
And then I’ll plan
A thing or two
To start the year
With something new
Perhaps write a  story
Or read a book
Take some time
Something new to cook
And then I'll smile
And say to all
Happy New Year
Have a Ball!
Dec 2019 · 61
Shamai Dec 2019
When we are married to the Beloved
There is no more fear
No more worry about what is to be
Because life is lived in the present moment
We can let go and know
That we are not alone
That we were never alone
Always with us is Spirit
The essence of creation
Through the vibration of
Light and sound
Always reverberating through the Universe
We are so much more
Than our human existence
If we just
Take the time to
Dec 2019 · 23
Shamai Dec 2019
What is love
If not a perpetual
Joy of be ing
Our hearts sing and our bodies glow
And we believe
Yes, truly believe
That there is more to us
Than our bodies, minds, or emotions
Human love can be a tingle
And Spiritual Love
Can be our lives
Dec 2019 · 24
Shamai Dec 2019
Is at the essence
Of our be ing
When we can appreciate
And love who we are
And all that we have
And bring harmony and joy
Into our lives
Then we can know the true meaning of
Dec 2019 · 18
Shamai Dec 2019
*** it’s here again
A cold is in my nose
It’s dripping and I’m snorting
For pictures I won’t pose
It’s red at tip and sore to touch
It’s dripping in my food
The sneezing and the coughing
Put me in a very foul mood
I hope this cold will end soon
And cause me no more pain
My tissue box is empty
Here comes a sneeze again
I hope the sun comes out soon
So I can go outside
Perhaps the warmth will warm me up
Better to have lived than died
This is the season for the germs
I did not take a shot
Even thought my doctor and his nurse
Really thought that sure I ought
The cold will end then back to work
I will have to go
My xmas vacation is over now
Achoo, achoo….I know…
Dec 2019 · 88
Shamai Dec 2019
I live in a land where French is King
And English is not stable
We’re supposed to know our oui from  non
Our table from our table
We can’t say hi, bonjour together
Or wear a pretty hijab
English schools are closing up their doors
High taxes are on our tab
I don’t find speaking French a problem
Even though I wasn’t taught
I picked  up words on streets, when young
Marde, colisse,   and tabarnak
My children are bilingual, my grandchildren are so too
I try to speak and others laugh
My French is like a stew
I’m glad I’m getting older
And getting shorter on my days
For watching hatred and prejudice
Is just never going to be my way
Dec 2019 · 15
Hello Poetry
Shamai Dec 2019
I came to read your poetry
And look what I have found
A broken heart
A floating leaf
And snow upon the ground
You write as if your life is over
Or maybe just begun
You write as if you fall in love
And have no room to run
I read your words
And feel your pain
And comment on them some
I send out hearts
And small congrats
And love that you have come
To join me on this quest of life
For writing is our game
We look inside
Our deepest heart
And try to feel the pain
It’s hard to come upon a group
Where pain of love is welcome
And here I sit with pen in hand
And read all you have gained
I have to write, not just to read
I’m coming to an end
With pen in hand and paper still
Some poetry to gain
Dec 2019 · 37
Shamai Dec 2019
They’re all part of life
Sadness and joy
Happiness and pain
All a part
Of the human condition
How does one cope?
How does one sustain themselves
Through all that life throws our way

I used to think
That life was all
Fun and games
And then
I began to live
Really live
And feel and know and care
And become
And then I learnt
That life contains
Both joy
And pain
And I have to find a way
To encompass
Dec 2019 · 736
Shamai Dec 2019
Chairs in the room

On the table
Requiring attention
Strewn to the side
And left

Fire in the hearth
No one
To watch it

Empty room
Amply furnished
Ticking clocks
No one
To listen
Dec 2019 · 35
Short verses on SNOW
Shamai Dec 2019
Sparkling white
In a world
Too busy to notice

Out my window
A wonderland
Of clean
Not yet marred
By the
Of life

I sit inside
Looking out at a world
That is
Always changing
Once green
It is now
Covered in a blanket
Of sparkling white
Nov 2019 · 44
Shamai Nov 2019
You know
It’s not so bad
To always have to find
Something to do
I wish
Sometimes I really wish
That I had someone
To share my life with
And then
I remember
How hard it is to be in a relationship
And I think again
Nov 2019 · 62
Shamai Nov 2019
Isn’t it weird
That poetry
Is my best friend
And words are used
To express
My love
Nov 2019 · 93
Shamai Nov 2019
Sometimes I sit alone
And wonder where the world is
And why
I’m sitting all alone
Have people forgotten me
Or are their lives so busy
I have been put on the side
Alone can be
A very lonely place
And I try to keep busy
And soon
I begin to miss
The company
Nov 2019 · 35
Shamai Nov 2019
Life is what happens
As we are living it
We think we are planning for the future
When, in fact
The future has prepared herself
For us
We find a soft blanket to fall on
While we struggle to climb the mountain
We sleep
As our soul journeys forward
We feed our bodies
When we should be feeding
Our souls
We climb
When we should be resting
And rest
When we should
Be wandering
Through life
Always just
A little off
And always
On the mark
Nov 2019 · 509
The Abyss
Shamai Nov 2019
Sometimes I wonder about life
What it is that calls to me
In the darkness of my unknowing
I wonder what truly lies
At the depths of my be ing
Reaching out to catch me
As I fall into
The abyss
Not knowing is the sign
Of true compassion
Of true humility
Of a trust that is so deep
And so wide
That I fear not
The fall
Nov 2019 · 155
A Longing
Shamai Nov 2019
There is a longing in my heart
That knows no bounds
It calls to me
Through tears
That catch on my eyelashes
And cling to my cheeks
A longing so deep
And so wide
That nothing but love
Can truly penetrate
There is no other
No thing
That can catch my attention
Other than
Your love
Sep 2019 · 424
Shamai Sep 2019
Writing poetry
Can be so much fun
Words on a page
Expressing unknown
Deep within us
Many times
I don’t even know
Where the words are coming from
Like, they just are
Set deep within me
Rising to the surface
To share
Sep 2019 · 57
Free Choice
Shamai Sep 2019
Sometimes I sit around
Thinking about what life could have been
If I had…
You can fill in the blanks
And I wonder
How different things
Could have been
If I had only
Just said no
Or yes
Or maybe
Or not spoken at all
Could I really have changed my destiny?
Or  was it already
Set in stone
Before I was born
How much free choice
Do we really have?
Sep 2019 · 35
For Pleasure
Shamai Sep 2019
Being in the world
Is not always as easy as it looks
It takes
And courage
And a strength
Seldom found
In the Animal Kingdom
For animals
Never have to worry
About being overtaken
By someone’s mind
Or being taken advantage of
With cruelty
Animals ****
For food
And dominance
And nothing else
While the animal that is man
For the sheer pleasure of it
Sep 2019 · 54
The Outcome
Shamai Sep 2019
This is
Just the way
It is
And I truly
Have no say
The outcome
Sep 2019 · 497
Shamai Sep 2019
I always thought
That life was real
And now I realize
That we’re all just playing a game
Of Hide and Seek

When will I learn
To just play the game
And not get involved
In the outcome?
Or, am I supposed to feel
And connect, and become a part of
The evolution
Sep 2019 · 41
Shamai Sep 2019
A commodity
Written on paper
With coloured ink
And worth

Why do we believe
Everything people tell us?
Why can’t we learn
To think on our own
And not be ruled
By the Laws of the Land?

I can think
And feel
And be
On my own
And yet
I need other
To confirm

The world is corrupt
And the people in it
Even more vile
And yet
This is my home
For now

Will I learn
To be like others?
Or will I retain
My Self Awareness
And be Truthful
To my Self.
Aug 2019 · 49
Life explained
Shamai Aug 2019
It’s been awhile since I wrote words
And thoughts upon the page like turds
Of nasty memories of things abide
From which I lived, and could have died

First body reminds us of the pain
Of which we no longer want to go to again
And then emotions from eyes do flow
Upon black wings of an eager crow
We yell and scream to get it out
These are authentic, not just a pout
And to a paper we run to scratch
Expressions, emotives, put on a  patch
And deeper in we try to go
And many times the road is slow
But travel we do on our journey home
Many steps forward on which to roam

When all is said and done and gone
We come back better, it’s not a con
For consciousness comes and mind is stilled
And peace and calm on which we build
A new understanding of life on which
We can live in the now and found a nitch

Life is lived in pain and sorrow
And joy and laughter in which we borrow
To rise again to new heights of Grace
Our authentic self to live and face
Jul 2019 · 67
anyone out there?
Shamai Jul 2019
There is a vacancy in my heart
That calls to be filled
By someone who knows
Life’s meaning
Jul 2019 · 382
Shamai Jul 2019
In a vacant way
I have found
That living from my heart
Brings more comfort
Than living on the street
Jul 2019 · 57
Shamai Jul 2019
I remember a time
When life had meaning
And I didn’t have to do anything
To feel full
Of life experiences
Jul 2019 · 46
My Heart
Shamai Jul 2019
My heart feels empty
No one around
To love
To care for
To hold in my arms
And examine
The meaning of life with
No one
Jul 2019 · 227
Shamai Jul 2019
I close  my eyes
And joyfully enter
The world inside
The ebb and flow
Of luminescent colours
That guide my way
To the inner worlds
I have found a place
Of happiness
Joy and peace
That has always laid
Inside of me
The doorway
To life
Jul 2019 · 53
Shamai Jul 2019
I don’t know about
The state of the world
And I do know
Deep within me
Sits one
Who is ill prepared
This world
She shakes with fear
She is pale
And she is terrified
To come out
The ugly world
She sees herself
She sits
Buried within
For safety
For her
Will never come
Jul 2019 · 298
The Truth
Shamai Jul 2019
Will there ever be a time
When humanity accepts
That they are more
Than themselves
Will they ever know
The joy
Of love
And the Oneness
Of Being
Or will they continue to forget that
There is so much more
To life
Then the constant need
For desire fulfillment

At the core of being
Is so much more
Than material possessions
Can ever give us
And yet
Humanity keeps seeking
They have forgotten
That they are more
Than their possessions
You can’t take it with you, they extol
And people don’t listen
And they cannot hear
The Truth
Jul 2019 · 40
Shamai Jul 2019
Will there ever be a time
When humanity accepts
That they are more
Than themselves
Will they ever know
The joy
Of love
And the Oneness
Of Being
Or will they constantly
Engage themselves
In hatred
And lies
And the need for Power
And will they turn their backs
On all that is
To instead
Jul 2019 · 34
Shamai Jul 2019
Heaviness in the pit of my stomach
Tears coming to my eyes
I don’t know what it’s about
And I think I’m going to cry
Dirges of sentiment
That I encounter
Take away my ability
To scream
And I am one
With the Universe
And I cry
For all those
Who are in pain
And I wonder
If it will ever end
I cringe
At the sentiment
My being
And I want
And love
To be
At the center
All I feel
Jul 2019 · 605
Today I Will Write
Shamai Jul 2019
Sometimes words come easily to me
And sometimes not
Sometimes I forget to take the time
And others, not

Poetry, as an expression of life
Makes pictures out of words
And takes our minds soaring
To new heights
Of understanding
So today
I put pen to paper
And fingers to keyboards
I will write
Jun 2019 · 200
Just tea please
Shamai Jun 2019
A little bit of milk
And sweetener, just a touch
I’m making up a tea
And  don’t want to have too much

A little bit of toast
Butter, jam upon the top
I love to have   my special snack
I don’t know how to stop

Perhaps I’ll have a plum or two
Or a banana that is ripe
Some chocolate, smile on my lips
Now that is more my type

Of course some ice cream, cherries too
Whip cream would make it swell
And nuts and sprinkles, silver *****
I promise I won’t tell

Alas, the tea is all I have
I have to watch my waist
I dream about the other stuff
Would love to have a taste
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