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Shamai Jan 2020
There is a place
To which I cannot journey
It comes from
A long ago time
Every once in a while
It comes back to visit
And disturb
Shamai Nov 2018
In confusion
Not knowing
My direction
I stop
And look around
Into unknown territory
I wait
Hoping to be guided
And nothing comes
I step
Shamai Jun 2021
There was a man from Quebec
who liked to stand out on his deck
he said 'merde, tabernac'
scratched his ***** and his back
that wonderful man from Quebec
Shamai Dec 2019
*** it’s here again
A cold is in my nose
It’s dripping and I’m snorting
For pictures I won’t pose
It’s red at tip and sore to touch
It’s dripping in my food
The sneezing and the coughing
Put me in a very foul mood
I hope this cold will end soon
And cause me no more pain
My tissue box is empty
Here comes a sneeze again
I hope the sun comes out soon
So I can go outside
Perhaps the warmth will warm me up
Better to have lived than died
This is the season for the germs
I did not take a shot
Even thought my doctor and his nurse
Really thought that sure I ought
The cold will end then back to work
I will have to go
My xmas vacation is over now
Achoo, achoo….I know…
Shamai Nov 2020
I always seem
To write poetry
In threes
Like a *******
Is the
Route to take
When I am feeling
And yet
Three is a crowd
So wouldn’t four
Be better
Or maybe two
Like in a
Or is
More better
What a conundrum
To be in
So early
In the
Shamai Nov 2020
At a crossroad in life
Not knowing which path to take
Do I wander on alone
Or take a chance on love
What is it that holds us back
From our destiny
Or causes us to rush forward
Into the arms of another
With a need for acceptance and love
Should we be more prudent
Or more adventurous
And can’t either one
Take us
Shamai Mar 2019
Our world used to be a glorious place
Seen green and blue from outer space
And now the ice is disappearing
And water is scarce and animals endearing
Are disappearing and we ask why
And we turn inside out and with tears we cry
And we ask for some help, for changes to occur
And all we get are blank stares and end sight is a blur
And we wonder why now and what have we done wrong
And all that comes out is a plaintiff song
And we write to congress and we make our pleas
To bring back our flowers and all our bees
And on deaf ears our words do fall
And we try to make louder our earnest call
And we gather and talk and try to make amends
And no one answers and we continue to descend
Into images of destruction, a lost world, a lost cause
And we try to make changes and bring in new laws
And the words of great people are cried out in vain
As our great planet we try to contain
We plant trees, gather water, grow foods that are good
For the human race and the standards on which we stood
And the make-up we have won’t let us give up
Or get caught in a system that is so much corrupt
We will sing, we will dance, we’ll make a lot of noise
We will threaten to take away all their war toys
We’ll fall to our knees and beg ‘please, make things right’
And we know we will never give up on this fight
So come along with me to bring green back again
Removing the rot and the ugly, black stain
Fresh air and fresh water, healthy trees a plenty
Into action and away from what is just mentally
An exercise in futility into one that’s our future
Where people are conscious and able to nurture
A new generation with people who care
With trees and fresh water and lots of fresh air
Shamai Mar 2022
The times are difficult
The waters are deep
Who do we go to
When the world feels steep
We have our parents
We have our friends
We have our lovers
And we have our pens
Step back take a look
Is it as bad as you think
If you look to the future
Do you need a shrink
The advice I give
Is take things one at a time
Life is a long hard
Road to climb
Don’t look ahead
To what may be
Stay in the now
And do not flee
Sow your wheat
And use a plow
Gather your harvest
And be in the now
Today will be gone
And you’ll understand
What used to be
Is at your command
Let go of preconceptions
Let go of your fears
Things will look so different
In a couple of years
Shamai Oct 2020
How can I reach you
When your mind is closed
You are reacting
From past events
I can’t change
Your past
We can only
A future
Shamai Nov 2018
I look for a poem
It has been a while
Since words have come to the page
And I was wondering to where
I had gone ‘way again
And why it was so hard to stay
Sometimes my poems
Come from a place inside
That is deep and has so much meaning
And I feel from the core
That my words are much more
Than placates and speeches are seeming
So I’ve come back again
To find words to explore
And I think I have made it here sane
And I sit and I ponder
On the depth of my wander
And I welcome me back
Shamai Dec 2018
I don’t know how it happened
That I suddenly felt
As old as God
And I had
The aches and pains to prove it
Life seems to have sped up
Yesterday I was young, and vibrant, and healthy
And today
I look and feel like
My Grandmother
When did it happen
And why
Shamai Apr 2020
I used to like
To sit and read
And eat great things
For ice cream I’d plead
And now I have
Only smoothies that are green
Veggies that are raw
And water that is clean
As I get older
My menu grows small
I want to live longer
Until I can no longer crawl
My hair is now grey
And my teeth they come out
With my low hanging body
My age I don’t doubt
When I was much younger
I never gave thought
To keeping myself healthy
And exercising a lot
And now that my walking
Has taken its toll
On chairs I can sit
On the floor I can roll
Getting up might be harder
Yoga’s not what it was
The bending and twisting
My head’s in a buzz
So aging ain’t what
I thought it might be
I think I’ll slow down
That might be the key
Shamai Feb 2022
My tea is slowly steeping and some coffee I’ll soon make
My early morning habits are what I undertake
To make an early morning flow I always do the same
To repeat what I do every day is really my true aim
For when we repeat our patterns they become a part of us
For learning something that we like is really not a fuss
In order to learn to do the same we do it ‘till it’s ok
Eventually the task becomes a part of every day
So if you find something is hard and you really have concern
Then practice daily all the time until the task you learn
It’s the daily practice habit that soon becomes a game
Because what you are doing daily is truly quite the same
I want to learn to read a book or perhaps to meditate
A practice daily will give all you choose to undertake
So heed my words and give it a try and know that you will win
For all you need to win this game is really just to begin
Shamai Jun 2020
I know I have a right
To be alive
I cry to the Universe
I have a right
A God given right
To be alive
I’ve earned that right
Staying alive
Through all the abuse
And now
I have to
Scream to the Universe
To allow me
To live
Shamai Nov 2018
So many people
All around me
And yet
I feel SO all alone
It doesn’t really matter
How many people are around
What matters is
What is inside of me
I feel SO all alone
Shamai Dec 2020
You know
How really alone you are
When your world
Is falling apart
You have no one
To call
Shamai Dec 2018
Loneliness is the feeling
That, even when there are
Many people around
You still feel
So alone

The world is going on
All around you
And you
Aren’t a part
Of it

Like you don’t belong
And no matter what happens
You still feel
Like you're
All alone
Shamai Feb 2019
I am that
Which I was meant to be
I don’t believe
My truth
I try to find reasons
To be more
Than I am meant to be
Negating myself
And all that I
Have achieved
If I could only
See myself
In my True Light
Maybe I could accept
All of me
Shamai Apr 2022
Waiting waiting
We’re almost there
A time for fun
A time to share
All week we wait
Until we’re done
Watching the clock
Till we reach the home run
Counting down
Minute by minute
Working hard
So we don’t get the boot
Our coat is ready
Our cap we have on
We have been thinking
Our plans are drawn
There is something special
About Friday night
Our work is finished
And we feel alright
We hop in the car
Turn the music on
We dance in our seats
From dusk to dawn
And before you know it
Monday has come
We’re back in our chairs
Looking tired and glum
Shamai Dec 2019
Chairs in the room

On the table
Requiring attention
Strewn to the side
And left

Fire in the hearth
No one
To watch it

Empty room
Amply furnished
Ticking clocks
No one
To listen
Shamai Nov 2019
Sometimes I sit alone
And wonder where the world is
And why
I’m sitting all alone
Have people forgotten me
Or are their lives so busy
I have been put on the side
Alone can be
A very lonely place
And I try to keep busy
And soon
I begin to miss
The company
Shamai Feb 2019
Sitting on a chair
Dangerous thing to do
And all my past
Comes flooding back to me
And I resist
And try to get back
Back to the present
Shamai Mar 2021
I used to be
Living by myself
Taking care of all
My own needs
And then
We met
And things were thrown
Off balance
I wanted to make it
A forever time
And we did
And now
As I lie beside
This wonderful
Person that I love
I wonder
Who I am
As this new relationship
Shamai Nov 2019
There is a longing in my heart
That knows no bounds
It calls to me
Through tears
That catch on my eyelashes
And cling to my cheeks
A longing so deep
And so wide
That nothing but love
Can truly penetrate
There is no other
No thing
That can catch my attention
Other than
Your love
Shamai Jun 2019
Do you ever wonder
Who you are
Or where
You have come from
Do you sometimes feel
Like an alien
I do
Shamai Oct 2018
Looking At The Canvas
I Wonder What Will Come
From the inner recesses of my mind
And how the paint will meld
In a formation of continuing
Freedom of thought
I ponder, and hesitate
Before making the first overture
of a new beginning
for every canvas
Expresses Who I am,
and what I have lived,
and where I want to go In my life.
And I reach forward
Brush in  hand
Paint at the tip
                                                   To begin anew
Shamai Dec 2022
Sometimes anger distorts my vision and creates a sense of being lost and alone
The eruptions of the volcano colours all that I see
And I am no longer in control
Of that which I never was really in control of
I can’t continue
I can’t understand
I can’t see straight
And then
All comes back to reality
And all reason returns
To its right place
I think I am again
In control
The next time
Shamai Jul 2019
I don’t know about
The state of the world
And I do know
Deep within me
Sits one
Who is ill prepared
This world
She shakes with fear
She is pale
And she is terrified
To come out
The ugly world
She sees herself
She sits
Buried within
For safety
For her
Will never come
Shamai May 2020
I am drowning
In sadness
Unable to understand
Where this pain
Is coming from
It is real
Just perhaps
It comes from a longing
For my self
Is this what angst feels like
I reach out
And feel the emptiness
Of life
Nothing has any meaning
Of what is to
Shamai Apr 2021
Isn’t’ it just strange
That as humans
We are more animal
Than we care
To admit
We act on instinct
Thinking we
Have control
In actuality
Shamai Oct 2018
I just took a walk through the park today
With the moon still visible in the sky
And the sun barely risen
And no humans yet communing with nature
And, as I looked out, and saw
Picnic tables, etched and painted
With the names of rock bands and past lovers
And the grass strewn with remnants
Of yesterday’s picnics and overloads of beer
And I saw wrappings from restaurants
And backpacks, forgotten in the sprinkling of rain
That had tried to wash free
The ground of its turmoil
And Logan walked with me
In his joyful exuberance of life
And the small flowers just starting to bud
And the smell of the grass
And the fresh scent of Earth
And he didn’t leave anything behind
Except his love for the park
And a respect for nature, which provides
The small pleasures of life
And, as we left the park, just a few steps from our home
There was a sign, of a dog with a line through it
And I thought
Perhaps we should allow the dogs in
And keep the people out.
Shamai Oct 2018
Another day
Just like all the others
Another day
Of looking for
Something I lost
Or maybe
I never had it in the first place
And yet
I still continue the search
For something
I know not what
And yet
It keeps me
Shamai Apr 2019
I wish I had
A hand to hold
A heart to enfold
An ear to fill
A dance until
I wish I had
A friend to embrace
A child’s hand to trace
A tale to share
A story to bear
I wish I had
Shamai Jul 2019
There is a vacancy in my heart
That calls to be filled
By someone who knows
Life’s meaning
Shamai Jan 2020
What is a poem
If not a voice
What are the words
Without meaning or source
What is a line
If it doesn’t move on
And what is a rhyme
If the work is undone
Shamai Nov 2020
Sometimes poems
Come out of nowhere
And the words just flow
Any effort
My mind wants to express
Its experience
And to let the world know
That I am here
Body mind soul
I wonder
Where I get the strength to move on
To keep going
In the face of adversity
And it is then
That I know
That a higher power exists
And I am
Its puppet
Shamai May 2022
Looking at
The canvas I wonder
What will come
From the inner recesses of my mind
And how the paint will meld
In a formation of continuing
Freedom of thought
I ponder and hesitate
Before making the first overture
Of a new beginning
For every canvas
Expresses who I am
And what I have lived
And where I want to go
In my life
And I reach forward
Brush in hand
Paint at the tip
Ready to begin anew
Shamai Apr 2021
I am
Creature of habit
Trying to break the mold
Of what was created
Before I  understood
I want to plow
A new creation
And at every move
I am confounded
Shamai Jan 13
Today I thought that I would write
A line or two of words
That speak to others from in my heart
That chatter like the birds
That sit on high on small perched wires
And know what they are for
That speak of life and other things
That reach deep in the core
For life is flitting and soon is gone
We must make the best of time
Each breathe is counted until the’re gone
Until we reach our prime
So make each day your very best
Change out what should be gone
And act in your best interest
As life goes on and on
Make each day count
Let breathes be smooth
As you go on your way
And know that who you really are
Is who is going to stay
Shamai Jan 2020
Is burning up
With smoke in the air
And now showers
Drowning out
Dropping down
Tennis ball ice
On our heads
Are hiding
And maybe
We should
Shamai Apr 2019
I don’t understand politics
The comings and goings
The ups and the downs
And the ego crowing
The lies and deception
And covering things up
They yell and they scream
And each other interrupt
Let’s put a woman in charge
And see how things will change
To the women men will bow
Now, won’t that feel strange
Women care for their families
And can surely multi task
We can watch them live truth
Vulnerability to unmask
So if politicians could finally
Put away their war toys
And grow into men
Instead of little boys
And listen, really listen
To all that we say
We might finally have humans
Present for us everyday
Shamai Nov 2018
Why do we judge ourselves
By what others think and say and do
Why don’t we allow ourselves to grow
Into what we are supposed to be
How come we can’t wait to grow up
And then want to grow down
Maybe life is being lived
Shamai Dec 2018
Wheedling out of us
The last remnants
Of our lives
Shamai Oct 2018
Droplets on the ceiling
Water slalom on the wall
The joy of life is in the air
And I hope I don’t fall

Puddles are created
Hair clinging to my hand
Bubbles forming everywhere
A beach without the sand

I know that this is all my fault
I offered gifts with joy
I didn’t know my dog would use
The water as a toy

So here I sit drenched through and through
With laughter and much fun
Next time I think I’ll fill the tub
Outside and in the sun
Shamai Dec 2018
I dream, sometimes, of a place
Where peace can reign
And every person is treated like an equal
In stature and understanding of truth
I dream of a world
Where love is the outstanding emotion
And all feel bonded to the One truth
Whatever that may be, in that moment
I dream of a world where I can lay my head down, and feel complete, in the moment
Owing no one, needing to do only what I feel I need to do
In the moment
I dream of a world that is coloured in the hues
Of love, honesty and peace
And tomorrows that beckon with lively hand
Of acceptance and truth
I want to live in that place
Where all can be free
Where all can know truth
Where all can live in the existence of knowing
Of consciousness, of becoming

This One waits for that moment….
Shamai Dec 2023
Beauty can mean so many things
A wind, a rose, some butterfly wings
Some people use colour while others decline
Some people use music while others use wine
For some it’s collections of things that they love
For others it’s guidance from those up above
For me beauty is simple it’s minimal it’s less
Take away all the clutter let go of the mess
A clean mind a simple mind helps me to think well
For me having nothings is really quite swell
Add in a few items and stress starts to build
Take them away again and I’ll be really quite thrilled
So decorators don’t thrill me and styles fade away
A peaceful demeanor and less makes my day
Shamai Jan 2022
We usually think of beauty
As a very pretty face
Or how people act, or what they do
May also be the case
We’re told that beauty lies
In the eyes of the beholder
Some people also see beauty
As a person that is bolder
But me, I think of beauty
As the sunshine in the morn
Or the face of a brand new child
On the day that he is born
Beauty can be a running steam
Or the reflection from the sun
Beauty can be the enlightenment
On the face of newly ordained nun
Beauty can be an object
That brings us so much pleasure
Or an act that is reversing
That has brought us such displeasure
Beauty can be a state of being
That is pleasant to the senses
Or a ****** exposition
That brings forward our defenses
Whatever beauty means to you
We hope that you have more
That you find some time to listen
To the water at the shore
And take the time with gratitude
To understand your fate
And enjoy the beauty before you
Before it is too late
Shamai Feb 2020
How does one describe exquisite pain
The longing for the love
That sustains us all
The wanting to be in touch
With the God power
That exists within
Each and every one of us
With tears in my eyes
I remember the moments
When we were together
In sweet bliss
And I long
For those  times
To be ever with me
Shamai Jan 2019
Is there more to life
Than what I am currently doing
Is it ok to stop
And take a rest
For a while
Or must I always
Be on
Plowing away
And making the most of
Every minute
Isn’t be-ing
Also an important part
Of doing
Shamai Jan 2022
Have you ever felt
Like you don’t have enough
Like you want to have more
And things are real tough
Your friend bought a dog
Another a new car
And all that you have
Is a view of a star
And you feel bad for yourself
And envy the other
And you blame it on your father
And of course on your mother
And envy does grow
And so does your greed
And you never feel like
You can fill all your needs
I suggest that you take
A step back now and look
At all that you have
And all that you took
In order to be
Like all the others
You want to have all
Like your sisters and brothers
Step back once again
And count all your blessings
It’s the need that now
You need to be addressing
Sometimes we think that
What we have is all there is
What others have
Is really none of our biz
So if we can just remember
MYOB and rejoice
Because being happy
Is really a choice
To accept all we are
And be happy with that
If we were like others
We’d just be  copycat
So be happy with all
That is yours in the now
Be grateful and thankful
There’s nothing holier than thou
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