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Josh May 28
Her arms draped over her knees,
Like a blanket strewn to cover
With a blank stare,
That spans hundreds of miles away

Thunder rumbles, as her eyes radiate green
And tremble the ground, she sits
Isolation, in the lower lip she bites
Hope, in the air she breathes

The world passing,
While fame melts away her appearance
Distorting her into someone unrecognizable
As she stares, wishing she wasn't sitting alone
Josh Jan 13
We'll never know each other
In touch, nor in thought
Our words won't reach
To greet our ears

When the night begs for company,
And lonely is our bond
Our eyes won't lead us to link

We won't hear,
But our soul's will whine and yearn,
When we think of things that can't be

When the unknown is as vast as the infinite,
Yet circumstance writes lines to a script

We won't know what it's like,
But in a different life perhaps,
As time records,
Etching it's marks upon our faces

Perhaps, we'd laugh,
Maybe we'd love,
We'll never know
As if having once met
Josh Dec 2023
An empty swing hangs from a tree
Drifting in airs varying touch
Vacant in his mind,
Where light shines upon the grass,
Stretching and leading
While shadows kiss the base of it's warm bark
This tree has a memory,
As the swing longs in its drift

This place
Where she used to reside,
Radiating magic and captivating flowers,
Remains dormant

The swing longs,
The tree mourns
The light, slightly dimmed and muddled

While remnants of her enchantment
Leave the scent of life and beauty embedded in every space
Her words once touched
Josh Dec 2023
Your words
Stick like dried glue
Held in my head,
I felt your hands without ever touching them

I miss the vision of what those words
Led me to believe
About you,
And the way your eyes matched with forest green

We talked briefly,
But a lifetime was told
Like an infinite book written with no pages

Your words stay as a reminder, though
Of the notes between the lines
Encased in a deep well within,
Where the water permeates my soul
And never dissolves the feeling shared in that moment
Josh Dec 2023
I'm unhinged
But pleasantly refined,
Transforming you into a
More interesting version of yourself
But I'll do damage

Your friends will look at you different,
Family too,
Watch, as you stumble and bumble about
Making claims with your filter-less freedom
I've seen it with all of them,
You are all the same

You'll laugh and play,
While I saturate your soul
Until, like the rest,
You'll forget
We know each other
Josh Nov 2023
"It's been a while"
She said, standing vacant
"I guess I crossed out the thought
of seeing you again"

Your lips, still young
I remember when we both were
Embraced in a hold of fate
That crumbled like an ember cast from the blaze

I stare quietly,
Eyes accusing with the same prejudice,
The wind and cold air entrap me in that old solitude
As you shine ever-bright,
the same

"It's good to see you", I say
Mustering a grin,
Knowing years have changed me,
As I turn and walk the other direction
Josh Jul 2022
You are invasive, and uninvited
Yet you appear every so often in my dreams
Sometimes I wish I would wake,
So as to catch you, and ask you to leave
What reason could you have?
To dance and flutter about,
To remind me of a carved tree?

When my eyes open,
My thoughts are flooded,
The floor within, stained with mud from your visit
A sign of your passing
As you are invasive, and uninvited
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