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Josh 3d
When you've reached the end of the field
Straw hat locked n' tow,
I trust you'll whistle back
That ole' song that we both know

The one we've never hummed together
Yet, the tunes' known by heart,
Without words to connect the meaning,
The feelings grow from grass's start

and when twilight breaks apart the sky,
I hope you'll hold the notes to glide,
That moon's gaze might set fire to guide,
as we remain dizzy in the dusk

We'll be whistling until last,
All dreams, realized, lived and passed,
That ole' song,
More like a map, guiding us back home
Josh Sep 26
Your ghost glides past me,
translucent and light
The details in your face,
a transient blur at the sight

A white veil clings to your streak
as I remember the journey,
Linking lifelong to your palms would have been unpleasant,

An unmistakable specter,
You, drifting through walls,
Each glance from your apparition
Gives your spirit new call

A time when clouds ruled over clear
the pull was steady and growing stronger,
Now, your ghost passes,
With my bound to you, no longer
Josh Sep 16
This leaf's life cycle is much like our own
it grows from a much more mature tree
blossoms and ages,
changes with the seasons,
explores and fly's with the wind,
and eventually,
withers into bits before it's absorbed back into the earth

I brought it to you
so you always know where to find me,
beyond the pines,
waiting to grow,
and wither
with you
Josh Sep 6
kissing you eyes closed, or open
wondering where my feelings are,
floating around
tossing aside vulnerability,
all while dreaming somewhere real

whose face is it?
kissing eyes closed, or open
casting care into the soul
meeting touch with lasting sensation
stretching to the stomach,
tingling with lifting infatuation,
and carrying forward,
flowing down stream
Josh Aug 28
Laugh with you
Language of love-
Lift you up,
Or free your numb

Just a moments notice,
Wilting heat-
Silk laid dress,
dangles shoulders to feet

Teach you to sing
Sober in sight-
Fair skin face,
Brisk hair in night

Risk emotions wild
Tampering patience with speed
Teach you to breath
Josh Aug 12
The window cracked open
Enough to hear rain meeting grass
He sits,
Nested between a pillow and the glass
Gazing out into the gray
The smell of fall holding his body in place,
As he ventures into his thoughts,
to distant places and memories
A gentle storm wrestles above him,
Opening a portal to another time,
When he first discovered his love for solitude
It was easier to day dream about the world,
rather than to be apart of it
Josh Aug 6
Cold hands with a warm honeyed kiss,
A greeting he's conditioned to miss
Like a star itching for an appearance through a cloud
She wonders,
Digging through layers of knitted blankets
After celebrations and tangled banquets
Was there ever a time when her touch wasn't found?
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