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Jan 13 · 39
Standing Tall
Shamai Jan 13
Today I wrote of good and bad
The shadow of the other
Both needed to make our lives work
For sister and for brother
Without dark we can’t have light
For one compliments the other
Although I find dark hard to swallow
I’d rather have no other
For light shines brighter with dark behind
To make it’s glow more pure
For when dark thoughts come to our mind
The light will be our cure
So hold on tight to your life’s journey
As you sway from left to right
For life is like a game of sorts
As we move from dark to light
Inside we have capacity
To hold on to them both
As we move on our journey
To consciousness of growth
And soon our wisdom place we’ll find
And understand it all
That we have come from far and wide
In humility we stand tall
Jan 13 · 19
Who Are You?
Shamai Jan 13
Did you know that life is like
The flitting by of birds
With each encounter life slips by
And we run out of words
So grab on tight and don’t let go
Make each encounter count
Live each breathe to its fullest
And gather your amount
Of Karma, there is good and bad
For each we must abide
The good brings good, the bad brings bad
We balance on each side
Until we reach a point from where
We finally understand
That living life in purity
Should really be our brand
Think out each thought before you speak
Let thought be pure with love
Let encounters be true and meaningful
And come from up above
The character from which you live
Is who you will become
Let each day each breathe bring true love
And show where you come from
Jan 13 · 13
As Time Goes By
Shamai Jan 13
Today I thought that I would write
A line or two of words
That speak to others from in my heart
That chatter like the birds
That sit on high on small perched wires
And know what they are for
That speak of life and other things
That reach deep in the core
For life is flitting and soon is gone
We must make the best of time
Each breathe is counted until the’re gone
Until we reach our prime
So make each day your very best
Change out what should be gone
And act in your best interest
As life goes on and on
Make each day count
Let breathes be smooth
As you go on your way
And know that who you really are
Is who is going to stay
Jan 1 · 50
Shamai Jan 1
How odd it is
That in the not knowing
Wisdom emerges
And takes us by the hand
And leads us to our tomorrow
Even knowing
Jan 1 · 46
Shamai Jan 1
Life has no meaning
Without love
A continuous quagmire
Of not knowing
Until the right equation
Of feeling held
And knowing love
I sit in the space
Of reaching in
And knowing
The true authentic
Of love
Jan 1 · 40
Find Me
Shamai Jan 1
Enraptured by G-d
Anchored and lost at sea
Aimless with no purpose
Floundering while finding a space
In which to breathe
Knowing the right
And questioning the wrong
Light and darkness
In cloudy mists
Of feeling lost
In a sea
By G-d
Dec 2023 · 34
Shamai Dec 2023
Beauty can mean so many things
A wind, a rose, some butterfly wings
Some people use colour while others decline
Some people use music while others use wine
For some it’s collections of things that they love
For others it’s guidance from those up above
For me beauty is simple it’s minimal it’s less
Take away all the clutter let go of the mess
A clean mind a simple mind helps me to think well
For me having nothings is really quite swell
Add in a few items and stress starts to build
Take them away again and I’ll be really quite thrilled
So decorators don’t thrill me and styles fade away
A peaceful demeanor and less makes my day
Nov 2023 · 51
Shamai Nov 2023
How can I be what I can not see
How can I hear what is not said
How can I behave in a world of hatred
And continue to love that which is
What will guide me through this life
And bring me to a completion of existence
Guide me home
Open my eyes
Allow my heart to love
To accept
With Gratitude
Nov 2023 · 37
Lord, Dear Lord
Shamai Nov 2023
Lord, dear Lord
Deliver us from this hellhole of a world
And give us Hope
That all can be made beautiful
And that we, again, can see
The beauty of your Love
Lord, dear Lord
Help us to survive
In this world of hatred
And anger and solicity
Where man is seen
As an animal
And not the beautiful creature
That you created
Lord, dearest Lord
Open our eyes to the meaning of life
Fill our hearts with loving kindness
Help us to be the Good that we want to see
And the Love that we are meant to be
Guide us through the hardships
And help us to appreciate the gifts
That you have bestowed on us
Lord, Sweet Lord
Fill us with Gratitude
So that we may be
The children
We are meant
To be
Nov 2023 · 538
Shamai Nov 2023
Does it ever end
The dreary lifeless sense
Of no tomorrow
Gone are the days
Of laughter and joy
And placed behind the screen
Is reality
Nov 2023 · 37
Shamai Nov 2023
Tears just behind the eyes
Threaten to fall
And obliterate
The happiness
That once was
All I can see
Is desperation
And unease
And sadness
I want more
I remember the sunshine
And the hope
And the laughter
And yet, it feels like it
Has fallen
Just behind my eyes
The tears
Nov 2023 · 50
Shamai Nov 2023
The world is changing
And I’m not sure
I know
Where it is
The crimson sky
Lands  on the tears
Of fallen soldiers
And the sun rises
On the hope
For a
Better tomorrow
I sit in wonder
At the fanciful anguish
Of death
And marvel
At the
Of life
Where is tomorrow
Can we hope?
Oct 2023 · 34
Shamai Oct 2023
I have a choice
As I face life’s challenges
Whether to hide
Or whether to live
The former may feel better in the moment
The latter means challenges
Am I up to that?
I gather my strength and my courage
I dive into life
Aug 2023 · 43
Shamai Aug 2023
The eternal flame
Of what we wish
We had
Holding onto
That which we want
While letting go
Of that
Which we have
Hope lights the internal flame
Of longing
Keeping us alive
In the solitude
Aug 2023 · 60
Shamai Aug 2023
Can we ever really know
Basking in the radiance
Of what we want to be
Hoping that we can change
That which is
I wonder
What life could truly be
If all we wished for
Came through
And life was lived in Truth
And all around me
There would be
And peace
What could life be
If it was not
It is
Aug 2023 · 228
Shamai Aug 2023
I take a breathe
And the breathe stills my being
And brings a depth of resting
In the no thing
All around me I am surrounded
By a sense of stillness
And I dance in the joy
For no thing
Is where life begins
An intake brings me closer
To that which is not
And I remember a time
When other was more than now
All is still
My body feels heavy
And then
Light as a bird
I lift off
Into the unknown
For death
Is just another side
Of life
Apr 2023 · 88
I am me and you are you
Shamai Apr 2023
Why is it that people can’t see
How simple life can be
If they would only recognize
How closely come the ties
Of what we expect of others
And what others expect of us
If we could only be ourselves
Without making such a fuss
If truth be told the only thing
Important for us now
Is just to feel we’re recognized
Sacred space for I and thou
If you could just allow me
To be me and not the you
If we could just be sensitive
And take the final cue
For you works well for you to be
It does not work for others
We all are here to do our part
As sisters and as brothers
So please accept me as I am
I’m perfect in all I do
And understand that who you are
Does certainly work for you
Please do not place me in a box
Formatted from your creation
We all came here as separate selves
Stopping this will cause stagnation
When you can accept that I am me
And you are who you are
When I can feel like all of me
Is really not bizarre
When you can say you love me
Just as I am right now
I will then stop my proving
And may simply just allow
For being me is why I’m here
And being you is important
Can we just hold each other in love
And be more in concordant
Jan 2023 · 260
Shamai Jan 2023
I will go about my day
As if it is the only thing
I have to do
I will enjoy each taste of life
Catching the drops of nectar
That it provides
I will see the world
Through different eyes
Because the newness will excite
My living
I will know
That in order to be one
I must act one and feel one and be one
I will live as if it is my last day on Earth
And I will thoroughly enjoy
Every moment of it
Dec 2022 · 91
Shamai Dec 2022
Sometimes anger distorts my vision and creates a sense of being lost and alone
The eruptions of the volcano colours all that I see
And I am no longer in control
Of that which I never was really in control of
I can’t continue
I can’t understand
I can’t see straight
And then
All comes back to reality
And all reason returns
To its right place
I think I am again
In control
The next time
Nov 2022 · 81
Shamai Nov 2022
Slaughtering an animal, sacrificing the self
This is the kind of life we should want for our self
We give up that which no longer suits us
We try to let go without any fuss
We sacrifice to spirit we sacrifice to self
We try to remain humble in spite of our wealth
We offer to G_d what we’d like to become
We hope in the end we will become just as one
We consecrate and present our weaknesses and flaws
We go down to our core and become very raw
And come right back up in strength and in truth
And come back as empty as when we were youth
We open let go wholeheartedly being
We become as we should our soul we are freeing
We live our ideal, belief and our end
As a message to self we are trying to send
Be pure and live truth be righteous and whole
Going back to creator should be our true goal
Offer and sacrifice be present in mind
And the truest gift of life you will surely find
Be grateful for all for which you are given
And for that which is human you will surely be forgiven
Korban means to draw near as surely we’re meant
As we reach our true goal which will be our ascent
Nov 2022 · 72
My Poems
Shamai Nov 2022
My poems are like the falling dew
They come right down and stick to you
They speak of things I might have done
Or learnt, understand as story's spun
Poems speak to me right from the heart
The soul reaches out and plays its part
Words spin ‘round and then they stay
It’s like a child’s daily play
Poems speak of love they speak of hate
They warn us now not to be late
I dance around the words so much
Trying to understand the world as such
So poems give me the chance to spin a yarn
And expose myself without a  ****
So write I will ‘till day is done
The words of the poem will be finespun
Nov 2022 · 67
Shamai Nov 2022
I used to think that life was just an everlasting game
I thought I could do anything and still remain the same
And slowly slowly I did learn that living can be hard
I learned to move through life with joy while letting down my guard
I learnt that I had something rare, a gift that I could share
A love that came from deep inside and started with a prayer
That God would find me worthy of the gifts that he could give
That I could share this deep found love, forget and to forgive
To accept, find compassion, and unconditional love, to move forward on a path
To know that I reap what I sow with no lasting aftermath
I’m here to end my karmic debt, be of service, become a one
To know both self and Over soul, to end what I’ve begun
To step out on the path of life with happiness and joy
To find both purpose  and  authentic meaning and become the real mccoy
For living truth is higher than just moving right along
In finding higher purpose I can dance and sing a song
And share what I have learnt in life and continue to go on
Trust in the Lord who’s merciful until the day I’m gone
Oct 2022 · 78
The Unknown
Shamai Oct 2022
Weird feelings in my body
Weird feelings in my mind
I don’t quite know what’s happening
I’m feeling kind of blind
It’s like a sense of forebode
And sense to stay quite still
I can’t describe what’s happening
Something’s going against my will
Clarity is what I need
Understanding is what I want
It’s like my body and mind
Are talking in a different font
So how do I make sense
Of this quagmire and unknown
Is it something I need to throw out
Or something I need to own
I guess I need to sit
For a while or maybe two
Until I understand
What it is I need to do
Aug 2022 · 521
Shamai Aug 2022
I watched a woman and her daughter
Going across the street
And she scuffed and she shuttled
And she kept a beat
And her mother called her out
For being a child
And she asked her to stop
Because she said she was wild
And the child looked up
With anguish not glee
Because all she wanted
Was just to be
Mothers take their job
So serious and cruel
And she thinks she'll be judged
And look like a fool
And children are children
And do what they must
And expecting adult behaviour
Is really not just
Just let them play
And learn as they go
For experience is a must
In order to grow
So just let them dance
Shuffle and move to and fro
Let them challenge and question
And then please let them go
Aug 2022 · 289
Shamai Aug 2022
Sometimes my thoughts flow freely
And sometimes they can get stuck
I don’t know where they wander
Sometimes I’m in a great big ruck
I try to get my mind to move
To another place or two
And yet it keeps coming back
To a place that I once knew
My mind wants me to remember
What happened long ago
I just want to keep on moving
And I cannot keep the flow
If I could just remember now
And then just let it go
Then I know that I could move on
And it wouldn’t be so slow
I want to stay here in the now
Be present at my core
Then I could live in harmony
And I could be much more
If all I am could just become
The me I want to be
Then things would come together
And I could just be me
Jul 2022 · 74
Shamai Jul 2022
What is it
That creates hatred
In the hearts
Of humans
What is it
That makes one want to
Go out and ****
Another human being
How can we ever
Reach the hearts
And minds
Of those
Who have lost
Their compassion
And humanity
Jun 2022 · 80
Shamai Jun 2022
June into July
The time’s passing fast
Soon all we do
Will be in the past
We think we’re important
And what we do counts
Yet all our actions mount
In karmic accounts
Reflective of who
And what we do now
All that we sow
We will reap with a plow
Discern and be thoughtful
Watch your words and your thoughts
Or your life will become
A game of follow the dots
Be considerate and kind
Come from compassion not hate
For at the end of times
All your deeds you will rate
I know you think now
That my words are in vain
But it’s your life and your soul
That will be marked with a stain
Go forward in love
Love all that you meet
So when you come home
Your pure soul you will greet
Jun 2022 · 161
Shamai Jun 2022
Is such a necessary
Of communication
It reaches out
And catches my spirit
In an attempt
To describe
Jun 2022 · 77
Shamai Jun 2022
Transition is just a word
That describes growth
And change
We grow and we learn
And we exist
In a quagmire
Of change
Jun 2022 · 65
Essential Questions
Shamai Jun 2022
Is life really
All I think it is
Can I truly make a difference
Like others tell me
Why am I here
The neverending question
Of who we are
And why
Jun 2022 · 65
Shamai Jun 2022
Every cell in my body
Is vibrating
All at different rates
Until I crash
And fall down
Into a place
Of nowhere
I wonder
How I got here
Jun 2022 · 73
Shamai Jun 2022
Sitting deeply within my emotions
I wonder what exists
Beyond the ME
That I know
Is there more to life
Than that which we can see
Is there life beyond our existence
In this netherworld
Of chaos
I wonder
Jun 2022 · 132
Tread Lightly
Shamai Jun 2022
I walk a path
That others
Have walked before
It makes no sense
To tread on land
That doesn’t
Create change
And my life is worthy
Touching others
I am
Others can be
Jun 2022 · 153
Shamai Jun 2022
I wait
Wondering what it is
That I am
Waiting for
My life has always been
A wait
And I wonder
It is
I’m waiting
Jun 2022 · 59
Shamai Jun 2022
Falling from the sky
Pitter pattering
On the soaked ground
Reminding us
That fulfillment
Always follows emptiness
And caring
Always follows pain
May 2022 · 247
Shamai May 2022
Today is a day
Like any other
I have arrived
A little wiser
And a lot more humble
Life has taught me
That I know very little
The more I learn
The more I know
I don’t know
So I will humbly
Take a step forward
On the road
To learning
I will be more aware
Of all
That is meant for me
In this
I will keep
Eyes and ears open
I will move consciously
On the Earth
I will speak humbly
And know
When it’s time
To be still
When it’s best
To be
May 2022 · 79
Shamai May 2022
Looking at
The canvas I wonder
What will come
From the inner recesses of my mind
And how the paint will meld
In a formation of continuing
Freedom of thought
I ponder and hesitate
Before making the first overture
Of a new beginning
For every canvas
Expresses who I am
And what I have lived
And where I want to go
In my life
And I reach forward
Brush in hand
Paint at the tip
Ready to begin anew
May 2022 · 70
Shamai May 2022
Sky above and sand beneath
God’s gift to us he did bequeath
The beauty of bounty is quite unique
It makes us humble it makes us meek
We honour all that we can see
This lovely Earth on which to be
So look around take in the all
See all you can of blue green sprawl
And then look deeper to who you are
In life you must become a star
And be the best of who you can
And dance with joy in God’s true plan
For only in love can you really know
Life’s truth secrets from which to grow
Inside you lives a piece of God
A part that you should sure applaud
As human we are bound to life
As soul we move beyond wildlife
We become as our maker with purity
And we become a spirit free
May 2022 · 101
Shamai May 2022
Is there something inside that wants to come out
Is it time to scream is it time to shout
What is all the fuss what is going around
That raises the spirit and makes a big sound
Can you guess what it is can you figure it out
Can you think and think what’s it all about
I truly don’t know just know it’s real
But it really must be quite a big deal
So shout and scream and make a noise
Standing still with equipoise
It’s time to be real it’s time to stand out
We know what it is without a doubt
Neshama it’s time to take a stand
Coming out is what you planned
To show the world what you’re about
To be yourself and just hang out
May 2022 · 67
Shamai May 2022
Lying in bed
I can not sleep
I’m not feeling sleepy
From my head to my feet
My thoughts are racing
I can’t keep up
I’m twichy and itching
From the day’s build up
What shall I do
How can this go on
Especially if it’s to the food
That I am drawn
Late night snacks
Stick to my hips
Oh well guess it’s time
To finish those chips
I know I should
I think I shall
Gather up all my thoughts
In one corral
And try to be still
And try to be right
Gather my covers
Wrapped around me tight
Good night to my door
Good night to my sheep
It’s time to bed down
It’s time to sleep
May 2022 · 89
Shamai May 2022
I am letting go of all I was
And making room
For something new
The space feels clear
And bright
With new adventures
And possibilities

An open door
Of letting in
A new way
Of seeing the world
Endless chances
To renew
And find

What is it
That makes the most
Of every
Moving one along
A path
Of enriched living
What is it
That creates
And moves self
To be more
Than they
Thought they were
What is it
May 2022 · 70
Broke Again
Shamai May 2022
Oh my goodness
It’s that time again
When I have to pay bills
And I feel the drain
It’s like all that paying
Really has no end
The money goes in
And I quickly spend
The bills pile up
I can’t buy more
Or my husband will send me
Right through the door
How do all you others
Keep up the pace
Paying bills and saving
In this crazy rat race
Would barter be easier
Save a penny or two
So much to understand
I wish I knew
So I’ll keep up the pace
As best I can
And focus on freedom
In this very life span
May 2022 · 69
Shamai May 2022
I was walking along the water
And decided to take a seat
Because my rhythm I was losing
And I couldn’t keep the beat
I looked into the water
I was not far from the street
And what I saw surprised me
And it really was a treat
I saw an old lady smiling
And it truly was so sweet
She was happy with her life
And other people she liked to greet
The day was beautiful
A rising heat
Didn’t bother her
As she raised her feet
She looked into the water
Just passed the concrete
And what she saw
Was quite offbeat
She saw a woman
Who was quite complete
She’d lived her life
Without conceit
Gave love to all
At every retreat
She remembered others
Who could lie and cheat
They took advantage
And were not upbeat
It’s important to remember
It’s not the athlete
But the one who takes care
And has no cheat sheet
Remember the other
That is on your street
Remember to step forward
And not take a backseat
For love is the answer
If you feel incomplete
Step forward with love
And be discreet
May 2022 · 68
Tired Out
Shamai May 2022
Foot after foot
Lead laden feet
That don’t want to move
Hidden behind memories
Of yesteryear
What is it
That keeps us going
Against all odds
Why do we feel
Like we have to keep trying
Even when
Our tiredness
Is so obvious
Life has a way
Of enlivening
Our be ing
And keeping us going
Long after
The will
Has tired itself
May 2022 · 67
Shamai May 2022
I want it
I need it
I know it is good
And yet all the time
I know that I should
Eat healthy eat properly
Take care of my ***
Do all that I can
I know that I  ‘ought
And the chocolate is calling
A burger or two
My clothes no longer fit
And neither does my shoe
Spinach and kale
Are the foods I adore
But fries and onion rings
Are the foods that I store
When will I change over
Let go of the past
When will the food change
Take hold now and last
Green smoothies I want
I need I adore
But somehow the calories
Are all that I store
So body please forgive me
If I lose motive and drive
For being healthy is what
I hope now to strive
Let go of bad habits
Throw junk in the garb
Whole foods are so healthy
I know I won’t starve
Forgive myself
For all of my sins
And throw all the crap
Right into the bins
Apr 2022 · 65
Shamai Apr 2022
There are times when I have
A need to speak out
And to let others know
That I have no doubt
That I am correct
And they are not
That I know what I’m saying
And in that I am caught
I believe what I speak
I believe that I know
And I forget to remember
The seeds that I sow
If I’m always correct
And my friends are too
Then our ideas collide
And we’re stuck in the glue
Of believing that we
Are the only ones who know
That only our thoughts
Should be allowed to grow
We forget that other
Is important as well
But we keep right on going
And our heads sure do swell
So I suggest a time out
A time to breathe and reflect
On the part that we play
And how we should connect
As partners we can
Do more than as one
Working together
Can be so much fun
No more conflict
And no more commotion
Love is the answer
To the magic potion
Apr 2022 · 75
Shamai Apr 2022
Life’s curves are the challenge
We need
To grow
Into that
We are meant
To be
Apr 2022 · 262
The Road Travelled
Shamai Apr 2022
In life there are times when we change
And the enormity of the situation
Can bring tears to the eyes
We walk a path
And suddenly the road wavers
And the path thickens
And we are challenged
To be the best we can possibly be
And life’s journey brings us
To the threshold
And gifts are given
That make the journey
More palatable
And truly
Joy filled
Apr 2022 · 70
Shamai Apr 2022
I follow a path of freedom
I follow a path of truth
I follow a path of love
And I follow a path of youth
The Creator has given us
Much that we can do
He asks of us to all be one
And to ourselves be true
We’ve come to earth to find out
Who we are and from where we’ve come
What our role is in this lifetime
And where we’ve all come from
Some say that God created us
In six days and on the seventh day he rested
They tell us that we must keep laws
And on this world we’re tested
Some welcome child with ritual
Welcome them to this kind place
Some say we come from Earth
And some say we come from space
Some say our heart beats just as one
Some like to do a dance
Some sit in quiet and meditate
Some groups are steeped in romance
Whatever way you choose to walk
Do it softly or speak it loud
Remember that you’re the unique one
With gifts you are endowed
Use your life wisely remember that
Our breaths are numbered and soon
You’ll find that all things come to an end
With nature you must attune
Say hello then say goodbye
You’re days on Earth are done
You’ve done all you can to make amends
I hope you’ve become some One
Apr 2022 · 213
In My Heart
Shamai Apr 2022
Oh great One
I look for you
In the temples
And in the churches
I look for you
In the books and in the verses
In the air and in the song of the bird
I look for you and the tears
Come down my cheeks
For the only place I can find you
Is in my heart
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