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You gotta--believe in love
To be successful.
You gotta--believe in you.
To make life less stressful.

And when you do?
You'll find happiness.

Folks, get caught up in the physical without concerns about the emotion.
And when they understand affection?
They locate the answers.

You gotta believe in love.
To be successful.
You gotta believe in love.
To be less stressful.
I watch the
parade of
trivialities line
up like
like mad dogs
yipping at
my ankles.

I'm too
crafty for them.
I laugh and
and watch
my cats play with
an electric fish.
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Live, Love, Forgive And Pray

      Sometimes I feel like a ship in the
Middle of a storm trying to stay a float
I fight back my tears with everything
I’ve got but there’s that lump in the throat

I wish I could be just like a river and
I could take the path of least resistance
But the heart inside of me refuses to
Yield and continues in its persistence

When the rain comes the river rises
And the gentle flow begins to rage
When times get tough in life if our story
Is to continue we must turn the page

Life is a journey and we never know what’s
Over the next hill or around the next bend
When the rest of the world lets us down
We know Jesus can be our only friend

This life is too short for our troubles and
Our past and tomorrow can be a better day
If we all take a deep breath and learn
To Live, Love, Forgive And Pray

Written By:Charles Kean
 4d Maddy
I walk through the light.
In a Parallel world I step in.
I find you there.
In a there where you are not gone.  
Is it possible to make this you fall in love with me again?  
Do I follow the map to your heart here in the same path?
Everything feels right.
I suppose I'll let this soul ocean drift me to you and you to me.
In another universe I find you there.
life can be a burden it can get you down
take away your smile leave you with a frown
break your heart in two take your love away
life is always changing different every day

you just never know what your life will do
one day it is bad next day good to you
it is up and down like a yoyo on a string
you just never know what your life will bring
If your heart breaks
Into so many pieces
Are you allowed
To pick any
Or do you
Leave them and come back later
Irish aer
brings the sweetest rain
from the bluest sky
which fills her streams
of brackish runs and rills
and paints the green
on lush and fond remembered hills
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