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Maddy Aug 2020
you are singing the Impossible dream again
reminding me how important school is
Dying on a bathroom floor on the lap of a 15 year old me
We had few memories
Photographs faded and updated with better technology
Wounds heal for some
Mine are scars that reopen and try to heal again
Harder still because Mom is with you now and will fill in all the blanks
Somehow August 23 rolls around and that 15 year old still cries out and the tears wont dry
Just as we were saying Hello , it was a forever goodbye
Maybe that is why I am rainbowchaser looking for you in the sky

Maddy Sep 2020
That is the prediction of when things will return to normal
What is normal?
A red sun of the likes we have never seen setting in a New York sky
Hate and death becoming nothing more than a headline?
Points for the Media to ponder depending on the outlook
Either learn from it or change the channel
Better still read and turn it off
Permission to shop at Amazon's luxury line defines us?
Dreaming of leaving on a jet plane to the places temporarily postponed
Grieving losses and deaths very gently
Many hard to digest and believe
Holding the hand of a three month old girl who has promise and joy surrounding her
A beauty hard to behold
Watching  two year old nephew marvel at helicopters and wind chimes
His soul and music surrounding him
Holding hope for them and all of you
We will make it now, always, and we will see about 2021

If you mourn a death, I am sorry. Mourning a life that still has value, no way!
Maddy Apr 11
A robin was gathering twigs for a nest being built under a bush near the Guggenheim museum
The Park was filled with visitors, Television and Movie crews, and the Zoo delighting everybody
I wondered who noticed besides yours truly
As I worked yesterday, children were walking to school or visiting the exhibits as the Digital Media curriculum was written with our colleagues
Adults need to learn from children who want to learn and ask questions before they formulate an answer
Let's hope there will be a Year of the Human Being

Maddy Sep 2023
We will never forget
We hear stories and remembrances
People witnessing horrific moments and people jumping from windows
No matter where you live you were affected
Someday there will be a National Day of Remembrance so we never forget and remind those who were not born yet what happened
Until then, the tears flow and we remember

Maddy Aug 2020
Heaven has a new angel.
My father,her father,and other family members will welcome her
Others will take issue on things she said
and how some were hurt and forever changed by narcissism on her part
In 91 years on this khaki coil,she saw her children and grandchildren get married.
Greeted her great grandchildren in 2018 and recently in 2020.
Her spirit soars in lavendar blooms.
The monarches will always remind us thst she never really left us
She made her mark not like others but on her own.

Maddy Jan 2021
Plans and appointments
Traditions and used to be
Changes and acceptance
Patience is a virtue that is necessary
Not easy to attain and more than just waiting
Nothing is easy but the trick is to make it look that way
Life isn't easy but the trick and lesson is to live it the very best that you can
Learning is essential never stop doing that
Never say never
The greatest city in the world rebounded from 911
The wound healed but the scar survived
Just as recent events will
We changed and accepted
Nobody likes that
Not in an instant, not tomorrow, not going with the flow
Abnormal, no
Real, Honest, and true
With depth and character

Maddy May 2022
Being sensitive is a doubled edged sword
Sentences starting with this is said with love or tell or maybe not
Hopefully the positive outweighs the negative
If you have nothing nice to say
Saying nothing is the best advice
Self Edit
People mean well and some are just mean
Listen and digest going forward
Correction and criticism both have their places
Listen, Learn and carry on and forward
Many times the problem is theirs and not yours

Maddy Mar 2022
You move and climb mountains that held you back while dealing with the valleys and meadows
You tried to climb something that no longer needs to be scaled
You went to a place that only you can divulge
Ethically and emotionally needed cleansing
Needed to fly on its own without you navigating
Not only does it no longer matter
It does not fill you up and its purpose was another's issue
You rethink it and no longer think about it
If it rears its ugly head which it is bound to do
You have grown and changed for the better even if it hurt you
Accountable to yourself, first
Then you can be better for those that share your life

Set it free no matter who or what brought it to you.
Maddy Jan 2021
Without words
Action would be nothing more than thoughts
Stories would not be told, shared, or written
Always searching for a better phrase
Cliche another way
Actions speak louder than words
That sentence seems absurd
They need each other
A team
Do you really know who you are?
Are you still searching for a definition?'
Fifteen minutes of fame?
Action speaks louder than words
Anything else is for the birds
Have you ever seen an eagle fly?
Maybe you need to know why

For my cousin Matt
Maddy Jul 2019
What you hear and what you listen to
are world's apart
What you take away is another story
You pick your fights
SElf Editing becomes a talent you hone
Keep your friends close and enemies closer
Frenemies need not apply
Sometimes they are the same but you have to learn that
Then when you least expect it many things make themselves clear
Just remember that every moment is a learning opportunity
You should never ever stop learning
Advice to you is to remember that because when it does
You are no longer on this khaki coil
Keep your feet on the ground even when you are soaring

Maddy Nov 2019
You succeed
You persist
You do it to it because you must and need to do so
You want to do good in the world
Stop listening to those anti do gooder speeches
Why are you still doubting yourself?

Maddy Feb 2020
Did you walk in their shoes?
Perhaps they didn’t fit
They walked on and never quit
Step by step
Rule by rule
Smiling while hiding their tears
Every rule adapted or broken
Every change and moment grabbed on toor cast aside
Did you walk in their shoes?
Is this the life you choose?
Every winner has to move on the rung of life
Sometimes you stumble but you rise again
You welcome those to your emotional rescue

Maddy Jan 2022
She can see you
She can still feel you
Your leather bomber jacket
Irish Fisherman cream sweater
You made her crazy
A hockey player’s cracked tooth
A silly grin
A look that stares beyond the heart and mind
How you yelled at a kid describing what activity he had in mind for you two graphic detail
He told you to do it nicely
When she looked over towards you
You looked away
Like a ghost that fills a soul

Maddy Dec 2020
It wont be under a tree
It wont be in Santa's sleigh
You wouldn't want to find it there anyway
It is precious
It is joyful
Quite profound
Might look into your heart
where it might be found
Look inside your mind and your dreams
Not everything is exactly how you remember or how it seems
Only you know what is in your mind
A gift you have to find

Maddy Dec 2019
The spokesperson for teens for Shriners.
He touched my heart and lifted my spirit.
With all the wrong in this world, this young man is doing it right.
A hero that teaches us lessons too young for his tears but with an older spirit.
My wish is that Brittle bone disease leaves this planet.
You are a gem to behold.

C@Rainbowchaser 2019
Maddy Jan 2020
Never seen you in person
Plan to  when you come home to the Big Apple
There is a soulfulness and genuineness surrounding you
It is real beyond words
Not only are you on fire but you glisten and shine
New York City girls know what is real and true
Alicia ,you are an incredible star with a vibe and presence that only a few share beyond compare
You are a fire they have yet to know
Burn gently,brightly,and warm the world

Maddy Nov 2019
You really never got the picture
Pulling away was needed because it was only a hug
what you needed another would have to provide
Not that kind of woman
Not what you made her out to be
She tried to tell you
Even wiped your tears
Held you until you stopped shaking
A little but closer
A little while longer
A friendship would have died

Maddy Sep 2023
His birthday celebration with loved ones and friends all around.
He takes his Aunt’s hand and asks would you ride the carousel with me?
The greatest gift is to spend a few magical moments with her five-year-old nephew.-
A Little Boy’s Gift.

I Love You Leo!
Maddy Dec 2019
The naysayers have nothing on you
The magic and the glory accompany you everywhere you go
You are a quiet star
They don’t see the shine that others do
Resolve to do it to
Pam we hear you from the. Heavens
Be cooler
Be better
Not just for several moments
All the time

Maddy Dec 2019
Never a doubt in my mind
no chance of a gray cloud passin' by
though questions go unanswered
I still have reasons to try
wish I really knew why?
You're the rainbow that fills my umbrella with promise
so excuse me if there are no dry eyes
for she still cries and cries
nobody answers - why?
was there always such pain in your soul?
leavin' you empty when you choose to be whole
but you never stopped believing when others left you on your own
you keep searching for a time to call me on the phone
always a mountain to climb
something to buy with your very last dime
Chills in the morning and warmth in the midday sun
Dreaming of things you'll finish though they have never really been done
never a doubt in my mind that you'd leave yesterday behind
you moved on to tomorrow
because today didn't really come
you never gave of yourself but you wanted others to follow along and come down a road forever traveled with a destination unknown
You were always in a group but you felt completely alone

Maddy May 2023
Never saw this coming
You let go
You decided that yesterday was long ago and counted for nothing.
No matter where or when
Thought you would be there until the end.
You slammed the door shut.
You had no time for me
No longer a friend.
What more can I say
It happened along the way.

Maddy Mar 2023
McCarthy ,Lindell, Green and
others should take off their Pinnochio noses along with Trump and his cronies
How about doing the right thing?
Time for the FCC to get rid of Fox and Murdoch
Democracy matters not an alternative reality
Protect freedom

Maddy Jul 2021
You want to remember what you have and who you lost
How do you summarize a life?.
You have much to remember while you are letting go to Nature and a universe we still kmow so little about
Stars and planets.
Asteroids and life we have yet to know and may
Never meet
Never say never
As much as we need to move forward
Celebrate and be joyful
You  find yourself going through the photographs and memories of a story that has ended
Moments are fleeting and yet when things happen that you can't
Explain or accept
Your head shakes
Your tears fall
That life will always live in your heart
Grateful that you were lucky to have that loved one grace your life
The monument is not for you or the dearly departed
There was a brief shining monument when she walked amongst us
Now she is with loved ones who left before she did

Maddy Sep 2021
Dream in words and lines
They marinate
Black and white
Colors unimagined or named
The words awaken us and accomplish their feat
Do we dream verses?
Do they talk with us as if to say Write me down?
Record me
Take me to a higher level
Your fault if you forget
Sculpt me and find a fresh new way with me
My forever friend
Somehow you will accompany me now and forever more
So it goes and continues
Anatomy of a poem

Maddy Dec 2021
It is who you know not what you know
Wish that wasn't true
The gift wrapping entices but the contents somehow disappoints
Cheers to contents
True friends are there until the end
Others get what they came for and return when it is convenient
Uncle Walter used to be the last word in the United States
So many choices so much confusion
The US Civil War continues with rights and wrongs
Sorry to say what used to be no longer qualifies
The Pillow Guy is on a team that deserves wearing orange jumpsuits
Hoping they all get what they deserve and Democracy shines once more
Try respect and balance instead
And so it goes

Uncle Walter refers to Walter Cronkite CBS News man
Maddy Jun 2022
Hang on to those who are there when others are out of reach
Sometimes they choose another path and you are no longer part of their journey
So they let go of what was for whatever is
Memories are sweet and poignant but they are not the here and now
Nor or they tomorrow, they are yesterday
Heaven knows
And so it goes

Maddy Dec 2021
In that very moment
In instance if you noticed
A Teddy bear that is a cherished gift
Chestnuts and the Rockerfeller Center Christnas tree
A friend who became best friend and love of your life
He gave you his last name and did not mind if you kept yours next to his
Just one look with hugs that still greet you daily
A kiss you can still taste years later
Driving just for the sake of spending time together with no place to go
And then it happens
And then it happens
You are loved your whole life long
There is nobody else that will do

Maddy Dec 2022
Three tiny and lovely gray doves crossed a sidewalk
Blue eyes blazing and petite
Searching for food the three little musketeers continued cooing and walking
Two dogs and their humans enjoyed their search
Glad they noticed
A squirrel eating nuts seemed to cheer them on
And they did

Maddy Mar 2023
Three tiny and lovely gray doves crossed a sidewalk
Blue eyes blazing and petite
Searching for food
The three little musketeers continued cooing and walking
Two dogs and their humans enjoyed their search
Glad they noticed
A squirrel eating nuts seemed to cheer them on
And they did

Maddy Jun 2021
There are such beautiful ones to listen to and sing along to
My love only one lyric will do
You and me
Me and you
We are a love song and nobody can sing it like we can
In you arms every morning and evening no matter where or when
We will sing a new love song again

Love you Baby!
Maddy Sep 2019
they slip quietly into the night ,pain free
my wish for all
Instead of social media and  texting
Catching shows on marathon cable
Pick up the phone
Say what needs to be said
Listen very carefully
You dont want to think of people you love as memories or angels
The toxic you let go of dont count here
You know who really counts
If you listen to your heart
Cherish those you have
Memories are made of moments and Angels

Maddy Jan 2020
Do Angels whisper in the wind?
Sometimes when it is blustery for no apparent reason like a moment ago
Are you sending a message or messages?
I am listening.
What would like to say?
Are you watching over us?
Sometimes dogs that I never make their human parents come over to kiss or greet me
Angels whisper and dogs hear them

Maddy Dec 2021
Strange weather for December in the States
Up and down
Those who suffered or lost in Kentucky and elsewhere
Heartfelt wishes and prayers as well as help from a charity or two as they become available
Ida hurt many and that includes those I love
Help others if you can and that includes our furry
Bought a monument instead of spoiling her with gifts
Flashbacks of a Christmas time long have come and gone
It does not get better with time it just is reminder
So no matter if you celebrate Chanukah, Kwanza, or Christmas
If you can't wait for Boxing day
The wishes are the same Peace, Great Health, Understanding
and hope you are surrounded by love and joy
If you are missing somebody as this poetess is
Remember them fondly and cry in the shower
Let's not spoil it because we have all lost so much
Another Christmas

Miss you Mom
Maddy Jun 2021
Storms become azure blue skies
The sounds of Nature are sweet and clear
Humidity leaves and joy abounds
Can you feel it? Can you feel it?
Another day in your personal paradise

Maddy Nov 2019
Never knew awful to be like that
Cruel,chilly,and miserable
Lonely and dismal
Sirens came and went
EMS did their utmost
You just left without a regret
The hospital was waiting
Another moment for Heaven to wait
A new Angel with fluffy wings

Maddy Dec 2020
Four months have flown by and still we cry
Sleep is still off and tensions running high
Two more Mothers have joined her
One yesterday and the other a week ago
My friends lost their mothers too
Cards were sent and questions
As much as grief is in my life now
How can I help them"
I will when and if they reach out
How many more before 2020 ends?
Another loved one transcends
Our parents loved each other
They are all together again

Maddy Nov 2019
In a quiet world
Others think us strange
We are sensitive and sometimes introverted
We take the higher road when the world has others going
In the opposite direction
Still take the higher road
So I read his words
Rejoiced in another poetic voice
We made a choice
Loving words
Their grace
Their power
In another poet’s world
Dedicated to Larry
Maddy Mar 28
Baby Gray Dove was searching for food and gave up.
Spread her wings and flew way up high
How I wished I could have joined her
It's damp and about to shower for hours
The Oldies about the Rain fill my head as I continue walking
There will be a rainbow at some point with our Father saying Hi from way up above
Another Rain song

Maddy Jul 2021
Not clothing
Not makeup or paint on wall
Not a new suit or dress
Or nothing at all
No joy or celebration
No blue balloons dotting able sky
No rainbow sprinkles delighting a child on an ice cream
Beyond doom and gloom
This makes Depression look happy
The decision was adequate and then there was no goodbye
No note
No bridge or body
of water to search
The police could do nothing but close the building where another took their nobody life
Another shade of black

Maddy Aug 2019
No ifs
No Ands
No Can’t s
No buts
Get on with it
Have a conversation
Eye to eye
Face to face
Stop texting and social media cruising
Be appropriate
Or in appropriate
Don’t let anybody decide for you
The Remote Control is no longer in your hand
Shouldn’t have been in the first place
You have to have known the honesty
Understand the truth
Shake it off
Find a new direction
A new kind of strength
You want to know
Though you really might not want too

Doing the right thing isn’t always popular
There is a wrong and right way
Once you've Had enough
There is no going back
No need to return
No matter what you have tried
There’s another side
That is where you need to be
Only you hold yourself back
Maddy Jan 2023
When will it be your turn?
You can be good and exemplary
but somehow you are second best or come in third place
Getting out there is one thing
Getting yourself out there to stake your claim is quite another
Do you want to claim it?
You are about to turn the door on the **** of tomorrow
Will it be another turn?

Will it be your turn?
Maddy Jan 2021
It is a friend
Does not judge
Listens without comment
Is always there for you
Keeps your secrets and never shares them
I have been writing since I was eight because there was nobody to talk with or understand
Many latchkey kids know of this but back then you wore a key on your neck and did what your parents told you to do
Talking back was not an option
No time for friends or afterschool events
You did your homework , chores, and prepared dinner before microwaves
I am proud to be a Poet

there were few afterschool programs in the seventies!
Maddy Oct 2018
My love for you has no beginning or end
It is pure and genuine  
Still surprising and precious
After all these years filled with laughter and tears
It is
still you and always will be
Still lose control
Love you with a full heart and star gazing soul  
There is no other

Maddy Jul 2021
You can care enough to change
Legislating it or demanding it goes to deaf ears
When those ears are appealed to with care, respect, and understanding perhaps they will make a difference no matter how they choose to do so or not
Conservationists do their utmost as well as those who support their efforts
Nature and her children deserve so much more than we give to them
You may dislike hunters and poachers
You may not like zoos and parks with wildlife entertainment
You know you can't buy love but you can adopt it
You know their are cruel and heartless monsters pretending  to be human that discard their pets on the road
Appealing to an Ethic, please help Mother Nature before she is gone forever

Maddy Sep 2022
Is that all there is?
There is nothing more to say?
Nothing to look forward to
Nothing to share or plan?
Are you trapped in your head?
******* on too  loosely or tightly?
Stuck in neutral?
Is the silence too deafening to you?
Where do we go from here?
Is a there available?
Click and tick of the computer keyboard or Cell phone
Where do we go from here?
Are we going together?
Please don't tell me you abide by the words and deeds of Mr. Despicable Narcissist?

Maddy Sep 2021
tune in and stop tuning out
read everything you can and decide for yourself
no media should make up your mind
there should be many sources
before you say anything it is my field of endeavor
there are three sides to a story and one is the truth
not your truth , the truth
we are united in heart, soul ,and mind
the others that are not can leave themselves and yesterday behind
just because your parents taught you something doesn't make it right
you are taught differently in school and hear echoes of don't listen to them at night
open yourself to learning and growing you might find out that you everybody has a valuable story to share
time to listen to what everybody is about
after all we are human beings
there is no doubt

Maddy Sep 2020
We paint and draw with words
Photographs make it easier so it works in tandem
No matter your art enjoy and do it
Chagall, Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet and their contemporaries
Capture the beauty and Utopia
Appreciate Nature and understand nurture
Wasting time listening to yelling and undermining  one man who lies while the other knows a narcissist when he sees one
That said kindness and beauty accompany me no matter what Frick and Frack do and say
May your days find you with what and whom matters most
Thrive, Strive, live not just stay alive
The Bell can't be rung again
Then again dance to your own music
Sing your own song

Maddy Feb 2020
Loving and enjoying Technology made me stop and truly think
What it does and can do is only one side of its story
MIT can study and perfect it
Utilize it
Create games for children to use it better for STEM
Talking became passe
No time to chat just text or email
Sit down and relate?
Everything old is rebooted
Relationships have lost their meaning
We dont improve on simple pleasures
because they are not real and old school
News isnt fake we are
Social media has its had in shaming people
That was not its job and who made it so?
That isnt who I am or want to ever be
Balance is not artificial
Find yours

Maddy Oct 2020
Not a diamond girl
Except for Neil.
His lyrics and music.
Uncommon and very different from the rest
The jewel around me cant be purchased in a store
It shines brighter
Glows differently
Has a warmth that cant be matched any where in the world
My Prince charming was not what I expected
Yet, has forever taken my breath away
Forty years will soon come and go
How I would have arrived at this time and place without you
I will never know
Sorry I am not a glamour girl
Don't need things others find necessary
What we enjoy takes place in airports, museums, and theatres
For now, that has to wait
The greatest gift I ever received is when you asked me to spend my life with you
As if you didn't already know

Maddy May 2021
To be better than today but enjoy today
Tomorrow is not guaranteed and it is a gift not to be exchanged or returned
To be the very best that one can be
To move forward and aspire higher for the journey and the adventure
To be happy, joyous, and giving
To be who I am and accept that some won't appreciate me
As long as I can appreciate me and those around me
We can agree to disagree and know what is precious in our lives
Those moments are few and must be shared as well as remembered
Aspire higher
Aspire higher No matter what higher means to you

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