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4.4k · Oct 2018
October walk
Maddy Oct 2018
Yes,she talks to squirrels while admiring their acrobatics on a phone line above
Monarch butterflies land in her hand and visit awhile
It’s an Indian Summer and things go up and down daily
The autumnal rainbow is slowly beginning it’s spice rack color show
She likes her iPod tunes and private fitness time
An October walk in New York
Greeting and playing with every dog or puppy crossing her path

2.0k · Sep 2021
Anatomy of a poem
Maddy Sep 2021
Dream in words and lines
They marinate
Black and white
Colors unimagined or named
The words awaken us and accomplish their feat
Do we dream verses?
Do they talk with us as if to say Write me down?
Record me
Take me to a higher level
Your fault if you forget
Sculpt me and find a fresh new way with me
My forever friend
Somehow you will accompany me now and forever more
So it goes and continues
Anatomy of a poem

2.0k · Mar 2021
He's like
Maddy Mar 2021
Chocolate with strawberries or raspberries
Vanilla from vanilla beans
Lemon cello cake from the cheesecake factory
Great travel
Amazing museums and theatre
wonderful books and literature
The tears that get dried from kisses
He's like this and so much more
I am addicted to him because I love him
He loves me

Love you Babe
1.9k · Aug 2023
Yesterday Once More
Maddy Aug 2023
The look of you
The eyes on you
The smile that travels everywhere and nowhere in particular
The laughter and the laugh
Take me under over and every direction as long as I am with you
September 14 forty four years ago we met going stronger if possible
Whenever I am near you it is yesterday once more

To my WPIA
Married 43 years in October!
1.6k · Mar 2021
Leo Sunshine
Maddy Mar 2021
Did his smile warm you?
Did his blue eyes light up your life?
Chase the gray away
Hope for tomorrow and helping today
When he tells you at two and a half that he is
Leo welcoming you into his world
The old soul in that little face
Leo Sunshine
Leo Sunshine
Leo Sunshine
It’s how he tells you and the wonder around him
He takes you in and shares it with you
Leo Sunshine
Leo Sunshine
Leo Sunshine
Nobody could be so sublime
In this place and time
Like Leo Sunshine on my mind

Dedicated to our nephew
1.6k · Oct 2018
Any stronger
Maddy Oct 2018
My love for you has no beginning or end
It is pure and genuine  
Still surprising and precious
After all these years filled with laughter and tears
It is
still you and always will be
Still lose control
Love you with a full heart and star gazing soul  
There is no other

1.3k · May 2023
Too Good
Maddy May 2023
Heard every excuse in the book
When I let go I leave the door ajar but never expect anything or anyone
I just don't expect
I accept
Easier to say than learn
So much for listening.
Hugging or putting a band-aid on what hurts
Sometimes you can't fix it
Sometimes you can be too good so you need to be better than that and stay clear until you know you are needed and wanted

1.1k · Sep 2018
His eyes
Maddy Sep 2018
How he knew
never know
heaven sent but when I wasn't looking 39 years ago,
there he was in whitehead hall at Brooklyn College

Magic,kismet,whatever you call it
Rainbows,butterflies,stars and an explosion of joy

We will be married 38 years soon.
Those majestic blue eyes have made me feel like a princess even though I still don't see what he sees
Only I know is that his eyes still make me lose control
Deeper part of my soul that makes me almost whole

c@Rainbowchaser 2018
Dedicated to my darling Howie
1.1k · Jan 2023
Enjoy your day
Maddy Jan 2023
In the quiet
In the stillness
Sun rising and shining
Being grateful and appreciative
Sometimes even that is not enough
But if your are Thankful for another day to try again
Another chance to love your family and friends
Another chance to contribute to the world making it better
Enjoy your day because you earned it

Maddy Mar 2023
Of History
Of Mystery
Of Art
Of Tradition
Of Stories
Of Legends
Of Culture
Of Music
Tell them
Share them
Talk and Discuss
Face to Face
Not online
Not on Tick Tok
Not texting
Word by word
Stories to be read,shared,passed down and remembered
This is how lessons should be learned

983 · May 2022
Only you
Maddy May 2022
You always find a way to make me smile
When weeks and days don't jive
You invoke the one day at a time mantra
Only you my one and only show me to live and be alive
Regardless of reasons or matters
The biggest gift is being your wife
So, please stop Thanking me for loving you
My pleasure and a treasure

Love you babe!
969 · Aug 2021
Maddy Aug 2021
Been there and done that
Highly sensitive person in progress
Know the difference between worrying and caring
I am the latter
Real human Care Bear
Life lessons learned and still evolving
When learning stops you are over and done
Learned that liking me is more important than what others think
Doing good in this world and wanting to do the very best one can is fine
If you don't like it and are selfish and cruel
Don't let the door hit you as it closes

949 · Aug 2023
Three Years Ago Today
Maddy Aug 2023
Gentle syncopated breeze in the trees
Remembering your family giving you a hale and hearty farewell
Your infant great-granddaughter, great-grandson, grandchildren and children hurt and annoyed about the damage Covid start and brought you to an end
Rest in Love, Mom
Say Hi to DADDY
We miss you both more words than I can ever write

920 · Jan 2021
What's it all about?
Maddy Jan 2021
It's not about you
It's about what you do
So until you find it
Or it finds you
Get a clue
It's not about you
It's about what you do

894 · Oct 2018
Maddy Oct 2018
Flowing slowly
Streaming angrily and rapidly
Reminding us of joy and pain
It’s simply the way it goes
Sometimes it is necessary
Otherwise in expected ways
A cleansing of sorts but usually in a shower alone
Kleenex and towels befriend you
Until you are able to smile between the sobs

857 · Aug 2019
Special someones
Maddy Aug 2019
Platonic or not
In an instant, you know this is a life time one
The perfect recipe with the best ingredients
The It factor
The Je ne sous quoi

You love them forever
The call late at night
The miss you too and meaning it
Time stands still even if it’s been awhile because
It falls back into place so genuinely
It is a golden circle that envelopes you if you are lucky enough to have it
Cherish those members
Remember and embrace the good and bad times
Be grateful and true
Really listen
Special someones are hard to find but you will know when you do
Lucky you

855 · Jan 2022
Even in the rain
Maddy Jan 2022
Wish we could dry her tears
She is tough but lately the tears flow over and under
Are we to blame?
A repeat of the same
Time we change
Even in the rain
The laughter and the pain
Do we ignore it?
Or become the answer
Even in the rain
So many things are wrong
Time to right them
Just be ready it wont happen overnight
It starts with each of you moving Heaven and Earth
Be one of many that knows their worth
Even in the rain
It is insane to complain

Song Lyrics?
845 · Jun 2022
Maddy Jun 2022
Still believe in Fairy Tales
Dreams coming true with hard work and a little luck
Happy Endings
Old cartoons and new
Honesty, Truth, and Respect
Caring, Friendship, and Sharing
The Magic, My Dear is when I awake to your blue eyes

819 · Feb 2022
Set It Free and Yourself
Maddy Feb 2022
Don't cry because it’s over
Smile because it happened
No matter the loss of a dear one or something else
Don't just let it go set it free
Keep the memory in your heart
The ache has to subside
It is in its place
You can move on and set it free and yourself

Lost Mom in 2020
One friend in 2021
Another in 2022
772 · Jul 2021
Firenze (Florence)
Maddy Jul 2021
Ever evolving
Creative and artistic
So Soulful
Stayed by the Duomo
David and The Medici
Easy to love
Forever in my heart
She is Italy for me
Luckily have met her sister cities
Until we meet again
Ciao, Bella.
Dolce Vita and Domani
You gave me the gift of friends for life
Milioni di grazie

761 · Jun 2023
For Now
Maddy Jun 2023
Giving you a lot of space
Not communicating and realized trying is futile
Friends need to back off and regroup sometimes
Wishing you the very best of everything always
When you are ready to reach out an understanding ear or welcoming door awaits you
For now, take care of yourself

710 · Jan 2023
Moving Forward
Maddy Jan 2023
Indefatigable defines me and many others in different ways
Comfortable in my skin now
Respecting myself and others
You don't take yourself seriously but you take seriously what you do
The the way you live in this world
Sometimes listening very carefully works wonders
So does keeping still and taking it all in
Moving forward that is what"s planned
Finding time to sit in parks or beaches
Feeding squirrels and wildlife
Letting it all go by with great appreciation and respect

C@rainbowchaser 2023
702 · Sep 2018
Ocean of pain
Maddy Sep 2018
If you swim in it,my apologies
If you drown in it,here is a life vest
The dirt and disgust can't be washed away.
Feeling ugly never goes away although know we are swans in waiting
The flashbacks are real
Please swim to the shore
Do what needs to be done so you can enjoy the ocean with less pain and divine dignity

Dedicated to Dr.Ford and other survivors whether they have come out or have yet to do so.
699 · Sep 2018
Gull Serenade
Maddy Sep 2018
Gull Serenade
By rainbowchaser  

They wake you in Hyannis with their Ha-Ha alarm
Crying sofly and their chorus begins
Barely heard them on Martha's Vineyard  
They left their voices in Nantucket  
Somehow echoing a sweeter serenade this time
Much needed solace,balance spirit and unity
Ha oh Ha oh Hao
LONG call
Humming and laughing  on Main Street  
Hu oh Hu oh Hu  
Hush Hush  Hush
698 · Sep 2019
Maddy Sep 2019
Getting by does not qualify it
Wish it had more quality
At least it looks that way
Perhaps that is the problem
Does one want to coast through their days?
It might be easier but there lies the problem
Is that the very best you can do?
Are we not supposed to strive for more?
You know what used to bes and supposed to bes get you
Maybe that is why there are days when you want to stop the world and get off of it
At least, it feels that way

677 · Dec 2019
Poet’s Lament
Maddy Dec 2019
Empty yellow legal lad lines
Computer screen blinking
Begging for a word
Better still a line
Your muse left town destination unknown
Yet the words flow like wine
Sometimes miserable
Other ones sublime
You hit delete
Play waste paper basketball
Then it falls into place
It’s grace
It moves the reader
Poet’s lament

674 · Jan 2021
Two letters
Maddy Jan 2021
Four letter words
Two letters can bring you joy and adventure
When like becomes Love
When Like becomes Love
Your partner in crime.
The person that has your back
Your soul and spirit rises
Stop looking for it and it will find you
Two letters that can make a lifetime
When like becomes Love
When like becomes Love

662 · Sep 2018
Shower tears
Maddy Sep 2018
Do you cry there too?
The facts flow down the drain
They awaken you in flashbacks
Even with help and guidance
With lots of love and care
Once you make contact with the past
No matter how recent or long ago
Find your pain and find a path
Someday happiness will share those tears
You can only live happy if you Welcome it

We are all works in progress while we are six feet above on this khaki coil.
Maddy Mar 2023
No matter what you listen to
Embrace and enjoy it
Laugh at yourself
Enjoy a joke
We are too sensitive at times
If we don't come together soon the chasm will widen and spirit will fall through
Dance and enjoy life
For tomorrow is promised to nobody
Even Republcans
Travel down the musical road and lock up Donald and  his cronies
He can't sing or dance any way.

C@rainbowchaser 2023
648 · Oct 2021
Precious time
Maddy Oct 2021
Listen to the silence
You can still hear the tears falling
The cries that go unanswered
The selfishness that is killing Mother Nature and her children
Softly but way too quickly
The majesty and the harmony is slowly fading
Precious time is slipping away
Help Mother Nature and her children before they become a memory
What was isn't going to be much longer

644 · Sep 2018
Maddy Sep 2018
Always have been and will be
Mostly a loner
It is what I am
Deal with it
Have a Golden Circle of friends
My best friend as a child was my poetry
Other than my husband and BFF
Never lied,hurt,or judged me
Saved my life because all the pain was stored there
All the things I couldn’t say were said
It talked to a professional
Saved from Depression by my poetry
Still have navy blue days
Along with sleepless nights
His arms are there to rock me and comfort me
My poetry has always been my friend and therapy
Please don’t take Depression lightly.
So e people need education and talk therapy.
I was lucky because writing saved me.
633 · Aug 2021
Dance at your wedding
Maddy Aug 2021
Were you embarrassed ?
She saw him kiss you
You kissed him back
One thing to be told another to witness
The rest we will leave to our imagination
You walked hand in hand to your car
She never said a word
You attended her wedding
You are the Godfather to her daughter
She will dance at your wedding
She kept your secrets and shared your dreams
Save her a dance each of you

630 · Jan 2021
Maddy Jan 2021
Traditions and tastes
Culture and Color
Art and culinary delights
From Rome to Cinque Terre
It has never left me
Somehow she reminds to live
is to take a bite out if life
Enjoy as often as you can
Every moment no matter what
Un millione grazie Italia.
Domani will come
So much more than Biscotti and Gelato

621 · Dec 2021
My Gift to you
Maddy Dec 2021
Many of my friends are writers and words
Different genres
Different people in many walks of life
My family and their wishes and dreams
May your health be wonderful
May joy find you no matter where you may roam
May you let go of your troubles and set yourselves free
May you use your creativity for good
My gift to you are these things
May they come true if you are reading this
Or even if your wishes are here and you are not

612 · Apr 2023
The Little Brook
Maddy Apr 2023
Why had I not noticed this sweet little waterway before
I crossed the street and never stopped to notice
Will rectify that as I usually do notice
Just for a few moments took a breath as the rain stopped
The clouds parted and the sky started to turn blue
Because of you little Brook

603 · Jul 2021
Life Lessons
Maddy Jul 2021
(Lyrics in progress)

had it with the rain
had it with so much
Nothing is really lame
Nothing is the same

Let it come and let it go
Some things are out of your control
You know
You know
We do the best we can
Just need you to understand

Life lessons you need to learn
Some leave scars and some burn
Take your time and discern
Life lessons need to be learned

596 · Dec 2018
Courageous conversations
Maddy Dec 2018
What needs to be said
Hard as that might be to listen to
Digest without commentary
Air gets cleared
Beliefs don’t have to be agreed with
The direction you choose after airing the words
Is up to you
They are not easy to have
Sometimes your heart isn’t up to it
Your head can’t wrap itself around the circumstances
That is why they are courageous conversations
Sometimes it is easier to save your breath

594 · Jun 2022
Parade of Planets
Maddy Jun 2022
At Daybreak
On the east coast of the United States
Take a closer look
Mercury, Saturn, and Venus
Crescent moon
A parade of Planets

Maddy Aug 2021
Lovely blossoms glistening near the mountains West Coast
while the East Coast deals with Henri
waiting for a blue sky the morning after and another hear wave

570 · Oct 2023
Maddy Oct 2023
Tomorrow is 43 years
Laughter, Love, Hurdles, and Tears
Too many goodbyes and happily some Welcomes and Hellos
There is my one and only and it still shows
More to today than yesterday what I sign in all of your cards
Love you more than any poem I will ever compose

you are still my WPIA
Wonderful Pain in the ***
566 · Nov 2022
Rainbow Bridge Angel
Maddy Nov 2022
She walked slowly displaying grace and beauty with her mistress on the boardwalk
Her paws barely touching each plank
She is eighteen years old as of yesterday
Her owner said it was her last walk
A stunning golden angel will grace the Rainbow Bridge soon
Rest and play well beautiful
Hope a handsome Golden Retriever named Skippy greets you

C@rainbowchaser 2023
RIP Beautiful!
561 · Sep 2021
Isles of Skye and Iona
Maddy Sep 2021
Serene mountains
Majestic waterways
Quaint towns and colorful people
Your serenity is precious
Lush greenness
Joy and respect of Nature
Awe and wonder
Island devine
Stones of History
Abbeys and churches filled with stories
Incredible isle of Puffins
Seagulls await your lunch swooping down for take out
Celtic and Nordic charms and humbles locals
Enchants visitors
Respect and wonder at every turn
Culture and creature living in tandem

556 · Mar 2023
Release And Move Forward
Maddy Mar 2023
Say what you mean
Not what others say and think
Think very carefully before you regret what comes out of your mouth
Quiet and silence sends powerful messages very well
There are many hellos and goodbyes in life
Dreams and fairytales come true and with that come troubles
You revisit what works
You cast aside people when the friendship expiration date can't be renewed
You will know the ones to hold on to because they will always be there and vice versa
Just turn around
Be open to new friendships but learn from the past
Choose wisely before they choose you
Letting go and moving forward is not a cliche
You can't stay in neutral or in the past
That is just the way it is
You will find your way

C@rainbowchaser 2023
554 · Apr 2021
The right stuff
Maddy Apr 2021
Poets and writers
Lovers and dreamers
Soul searching magicians
Special and original
Quiet and cerebral
They don't want to be like you
Sometimes they are still looking for who they are
Fitting isn't in their journey
Maybe not even standing out
The right stuff
My rainbow has shades of blue
What about you?

552 · Nov 2023
Up To You
Maddy Nov 2023
Have heart
Have soul
Be careful if you lose control
Be kind
Be caring
Be considerate
The world has changed and is changing
You can change it or stay with it
You can stay true to your beliefs
Take a road less traveled
Try a different journey
It is up to you

543 · Apr 2022
Stay In Your lane
Maddy Apr 2022
Walking accompanied by Doves and Robins
Ease on down the road
Watch the syncopation of the rain
Gasp at March winds in April with May around the corner
Be Kind and caring but mind your business
Stay in your lane
Might not be the nicest way to put it but with the world is rotating strangely
Some people you wouldn't want to befriend
If you are lucky, you have a golden circle like mine

498 · Sep 2023
A Little Boy’s Gift
Maddy Sep 2023
His birthday celebration with loved ones and friends all around.
He takes his Aunt’s hand and asks would you ride the carousel with me?
The greatest gift is to spend a few magical moments with her five-year-old nephew.-
A Little Boy’s Gift.

I Love You Leo!
493 · Jun 2021
Good Morning
Maddy Jun 2021
In your arms, the smiles and the tears come easy
The kisses and cuddles are the very best breakfast
There is a comfort and joy after all this time that makes any delight seem minimal
This is it
Lunch, dinner and by far dessert , the very best
No matter where we are
No matter what hiccup or road block challenges us
Good Morning my love
Good Morning

491 · Jul 2023
Daddy's Rainbow
Maddy Jul 2023
A double rainbow yesterday.
Daddy said Hello.
That is one of the reasons rainbowchaser is my copyright.
We lost him fifty years ago this August when he was only 45.
We lost Mom three years ago this August.
My father-in-law was eight years ago this August.
I don't like or care for the month of August.
Take care of Mom and our grandparents.
Watch over all your kids including grand and great grand.
Thanks for saying Hello and will always love and miss you!

In memory of  Daddy, Mom, and my father -in-law
490 · Jun 2023
Break Free
Maddy Jun 2023
They are both fine
Accept what is and the exceptions you make in your home are up to you
They are your business and being carefully taught remains the same
You can be outspoken but learn that religion and politics topics have their place
That is my credo and I live by it
To break free peace and respect work together
Kindness rules not hatred
If you have nothing nice or important to contribute than say nothing

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