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Maddy 1d
Spoken from experience on all fronts
If it's not there
It's not worth the time, effort, or pain involved
You are so much more and if that isn't enough
Noted or accepted
Don't go chasing love regardless of the source or sources
Either it finds you or its not worth the time or effort
Why should you feel as if you don't matter?
Don't go chasing love

2d · 502
Too Good
Maddy 2d
Heard every excuse in the book
When I let go I leave the door ajar but never expect anything or anyone
I just don't expect
I accept
Easier to say than learn
So much for listening.
Hugging or putting a band-aid on what hurts
Sometimes you can't fix it
Sometimes you can be too good so you need to be better than that and stay clear until you know you are needed and wanted

2d · 49
The Menu
Maddy 2d
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Snack and Mid-night snack
Which one are you?
Appetizer, Entree, Dessert.
Nobody is suggesting cannibalism
Sometimes dessert is a term of endearment like morning, mid-morning, and afternoon delight
Chef, Cook, or want to be
The message is the way you love your life and enjoy it
Buon appetit
Buen provecho
Buon appetito
Kali drekolSIL
Hope everyday is delicious

Maddy 3d
I live in my own words
A different imagination
In Vistas, Discoveries, and Memories
The latter lives in my heart and my dreams
They are part of what was and what is
As well as what is around the corner
You don't miss what you never had but when you find it-
What a treasure
Be carefully taught to understand, accept, and not hate
It there any chance of this happening before its too late?

May 24 · 240
Along The Way
Maddy May 24
Never saw this coming
You let go
You decided that yesterday was long ago and counted for nothing.
No matter where or when
Thought you would be there until the end.
You slammed the door shut.
You had no time for me
No longer a friend.
What more can I say
It happened along the way.

May 19 · 30
Not Finished
Maddy May 19
Started something
Under construction
A few things yet to iron out
It's May but feels like March today and yes Global Warming
You want to go for it and do it all
Do you take a breath?
Take a step back and regroup
Not finished yet
Under construction

May 19 · 51
Poet's Garden
Maddy May 19
Vincent how I wish I had sat in the garden
With a Starry Night, Cypresses, and Orchids.
That was long ago
So many creative artists of every genre are as beautiful and genuine as you
In the Poet's Garden, we see things as you do
Or as we wish them to be

Maddy May 15
Sometimes it is what's in the heart and not what is before them coming in and out of focus
If they see and not look
Optimism not **** eyed clear and true
Refocus and find a different viewpoint
Be true to yourself
Kindness and concern take center stage
Aggravation and pain are redirected to a focal point new to you and others
The world and how one sees becomes a question of what could be and what should be versus what is
What these eyes have seen is not a reboot
It is original and everlasting
Outside looking in and inside looking out
What are you looking at?

May 14 · 381
Maddy May 14
It's not about you
It's about what you do
So until you find it or it finds you
Get a clue
it's not about you
It's about what you do!
May 10 · 70
Maddy May 10
Will fill it with great care
Maddy May 4
It is a four letter word
Sometimes over said
Sometimes a green light for a one night stand
You are not in it to fix someone
You take them as they are
If not ,get on your way
Sometimes what you are looking for becomes what you never expected
Usually better than you ever dreamed of
Perhaps expectations are not warranted
You can fall into like
You can fall into lust
Keep your raging hormones in check
Say those words to your one and only
Before you say I love you , there are too many one way streets with dead ends
You walk down one and you never come back again

Maddy May 4
I learned the truth at 65
That love and laughter have survived
Nothing in this world is free
This Ugly Duckling becomes a swan when he looks at me
When you open up the spaces that yesterday and time erases
Sometimes you go it alone
Lonely is like a discarded bone
Guess it’s true, I survived the pain
Since then love is different but yet the same
Maybe happy to be alive at 65
We jump the hurdles and find a way to thrive
We live life completely in awe
For all, we have been through and never really saw
Doesn’t matter about not being called when choosing sides for basketball
Now, it's golf, tennis, or pickleball
At 65
At 65

Check At Seventeen by Janus Ian on UTube
May 4 · 119
Leo Sunshine
Maddy May 4
Did his smile warm you?
Did his blue eyes light up your life?
Chase the gray away
Hope for tomorrow and helping today
When he tells you at two and a half that he is
Leo welcoming you into his world
The old soul in that little face
Leo Sunshine
Leo Sunshine
Leo Sunshine
It’s how he tells you and the wonder around him
He takes you in and shares it with you
Leo Sunshine
Leo Sunshine
Leo Sunshine
Nobody could be so sublime.
In this place and time
Like Leo Sunshine on my mind

C@rainbowchaser 2023

Dedicated to our nephew
May 4 · 308
Maddy May 4
Are you a card-carrying member of the Scapegoat Society?
They live in another time and place.
Archie Bunker lives
How about a world where cynicism disappears
Ron DeSantis disappears
Where being nice is so much more than being important
Hearts and minds work together as one for  the good of all
The superiority issue is on the wrong side
Sorry I am walking with Nature on the right side
Isn't that what we are supposed to be
History will only repeat itself if we don't learn from it

Maddy May 1
You will always love sports, especially Hockey
It may or may not interfere with our plans
If you get tickets and only one is available just please go and enjoy
Been there and done that
Baseball and Tennis are the exceptions
So tonight will find a chore to do or there is always my poetry to keep me company
Should have known better with your sports and media background that this would not change
Thought one cup would make you happy but another will make you happier

Maddy May 1
Not for lack of words
Not for lack of ideas and fresh takes
The Muse is around when he or she wants to be
I think there are two in my life
When I touched Henry David's desk at Walden
It was an epiphany and yet I wished he could speak with me
That is what happens when the words stay with the muse at least this one

May 1 · 33
Blue Jay
Maddy May 1
Was accompanied by a bright blue and navy Blue Jay
Almost military and yet so regal
He seemed to stop and start with me
Then I looked right at him it seemed our eyes met
Was it a signal from heaven?
Somebody above saying Hello
He stayed with me and then went on his sweet and merry way
Bid him farewell and hope he spends time with me again
Blue Jay
Apr 30 · 44
Better than it looks
Maddy Apr 30
When the past and the present collide
It is easier to put events in prospective and remember that you were bullied
Older school thinking was to ignore it or go with the in one ear and out the other theory
Newer school ideas are still under construction and Artificial Intelligence may solve it yet
It brands you and marks you most of your life
Even though you eventually come shining through
You still feel ugly and it echoes louder when people look at you
When he looks at me I am reminded that Ugly Ducklings become swans at least in his blue eyes
You see something that I have yet to see and just maybe it is Better than it looks

Maddy Apr 29
You're not going to melt
You might get a little wet
You might have to slow your pace
Fight the fear
The ones that keep you from being the very best you can be
The ones that become excuses and get in your way
Now that you have admitted that you are afraid
Get your umbrella and rain gear
The worst that can happen is that you might get splashed or caught in a downpour
The best thing is that the rain brings flowers in May
If you are allergic take your meds and carry a tissue

Apr 27 · 116
Maddy Apr 27
When you least expect it you are reminded that we all have an expiration date
The passing of a celebrity ,world figure, or somebody you know
The Universe let's you know that what you have waited for,
longed for, dreamt about is around the corner
Patience, Tolerance and staying Resolute works sometimes
In the meantime, seize the day.
Make the most of it and don't put things off
Learned the hard way
Sometimes you have to follow your heart and not your head

Apr 23 · 532
The Little Brook
Maddy Apr 23
Why had I not noticed this sweet little waterway before
I crossed the street and never stopped to notice
Will rectify that as I usually do notice
Just for a few moments took a breath as the rain stopped
The clouds parted and the sky started to turn blue
Because of you little Brook

Apr 22 · 118
The Day the Clouds Cried
Maddy Apr 22
It is the Ides of March
The cirrostratus, cirrocumulus ,and cumulonimbus stratus were
All bunched together in shades of white and gray with a touch of silver for good measure
Some were tired of their admirers in helicopters and airplanes
Even a dove on the roof of a  tall house seemed to take notice
How they wished that humans would stop saying rain,rain go away and blame them for that and snow
Out of their control
So their friend the Sun noticed the day the clouds cried
How she wished she could dry their tears without burning them

C@rainbowchaser 2023
Apr 21 · 174
To Be That Seagull
Maddy Apr 21
Listen to them
My dad would name them as they scooped found out of the unknowing hands of people on boardwalks
Flying over the blues and waves of the beach and the shore
How much can we learn from them?
Sometimes I am envious of their lives
They touch the blues of the skies and the light
To be that Seagull flying high

Apr 16 · 148
My body and My Life
Maddy Apr 16
Whatever your religious thoughts are
They are respected and understood
As well as your feelings
Please see other side for a moment
If your life is at stake
If you have survived an attack and I speak from my experience only
where my body and life were forever changed
Years of therapy and dealing with Depression was the price and telling my beloved what happened before we embarked to what will be 43 year old marriage this autumn
Wanted children but a ****** took that from me at fourteen
If you acted first and thought better later
If your partner was not prepared for the situation after the fact
If you are not ready financially emotionally ,or whatever the reason
My body, my life, my choice
The medication and right to choice is not a states or judges decision
As for Florida and other states that have banned the choice

There are no words just tears

Apr 15 · 99
In The Past
Maddy Apr 15
Something beyond us is working in this moment
Respecting the beginning and moving it forward
Old School has its place but some disregard its worth
Its worth has meaning and value
Treasure it and capture it
Adapt it if need be
Don't deny it
Doing whatever is necessary to honor it in the pantheon of thoughts and words not leaving it in the past

Apr 6 · 316
Looked Deeper Inside
Maddy Apr 6
If you don't care for and about yourself what good are you to your family and loved ones
Hard lesson learned when you are a giving and loving person that puts themselves last most of the time
Looked deeper inside and made a little time for me though it isn't easy for me

Mar 25 · 85
I'd Like To Think So
Maddy Mar 25
Being honest,positive,and true will make for a better world
That United we stand divided we fall is more than song lyrics
That narcissists dont control the world or atempt to do so
That doing the right thing out weighs the wrong
That someday we cure diseases,hatred,injustice and poverty
I 'd like to think so
I'd like to think so
Right now, I am not sure of anything any longer
I 'd like to think change will come for the betrer
I'd like to think so

Mar 22 · 334
Please Stop Thanking Me
Maddy Mar 22
You placed a band of gold on my finger
Your ring matches exactly
We share our lives together
I love you beyond measure and if ever they measure that it wouldn't be large enough or high enough
Please stop Thanking me
Thank you

C@rainbowchaser 2023
Mar 21 · 123
Seizing The Day Your Way
Maddy Mar 21
You don’t want to be a cliche or live like one
Somewhere along the way when there are more thorns
than roses
You have to decide what you want for yourself
Used to think that was selfish but as the caring and giving type
not so sure anymore
Kindness is something to strive for and is my nature
Lately, not sure if the good ones can seize the day
The members of that team are wiping tears away hoping a smile will come through while trying to seize the day
Listen very carefully
Then do your thing your way
Upside down
Downside up
Getting mixed messages
How much common sense and sense did we lose in 2020?
Are we still losing?
Are you still arriving?
Are we writing the truth?
Find a balance between old school and new school thinking
Getting lost in the shuffle
We are imbalanced as it is
Find your balance
Cervantes taught us that living passionately is the best course to follow
As caring and as giving as you may very well be
Seize everyday passionately
Your very own way
Always find time to keep learning

C@rainbowchaser 2023
Maddy Mar 16
It is the Ides of March
The cirrostratus,cirrocumulus,and cumulonimbus stratus were
All bunched together in shades of white and gray witha touch of silver for good measure
Some were tiredi of their admirers inelicopters and airplanex
Even a duvc on tbe roof of a  tall house seemed to take notice
How they wished that humans would stop saying rain,rain go away and blane them for that and snow
Out of their control
So their friend the Sun noticed the day the clouds cried
How she wished she could dry their tears without burning thrm
C@rainbowchaser 2023
Maddy Mar 14
She sings of holding my hand beautifully
Bravo Stephanie,her real name
I will give up what I need to care for you
Not much I need any way
My heart is always with you
There are a very special few
There is so much more I can sbare and do
My heart is always with you
My heart is always with you

C@rainbowchaser 2023
To my husband,family,and closest friends
Mar 13 · 83
Different genre
Maddy Mar 13
We are storytellers too
Short and long lines
Storytellers none the less
Our cinematography and special effects involve words
I know because Media and Digital literacy is my subject

Mar 13 · 47
Did You Know?
Maddy Mar 13
Artificial Intelligence and Organic Symbolism rules your world
Words and language have been replaced by marketing and sales
How about doing it your way and not their way
Saying it plain and simple
Demonstrating and communicating messages
It is important and has flair
Working hard,achieving,and setting goals no longer seens to matter
Ojly sone can achieve
Some call it woke
Woke what?
Did you know?
C@rainbowchaser 2023
Mar 12 · 91
Talking To A Stone
Maddy Mar 12
Mom's unveiling was almost a year ago
All I could do was hug your monument at the cemetery.
Didn't want to let go.
Hate visiting there.
You should know that because other than once you visited.  
Mt. Hebron to visit your father.
You never returned as far as I know.
You have missed so much and I miss you more than any poetry books I will write.
Daddy, I am a published writer.
The tears are falling harder this year because your 95th birthday just passed and we can't celebrate or spoil you
Taken from us far too soon fifty years ago when you were
Still need a community to be a writer
Thought I found it but still unsure.
A platform for exchange is needed but not my decision or choice.
You taught me never to believe or use the words I can't in a sentence or my mind.
Still, sometimes that fifteen-year-old girl talks to a stone.
Hoping you hear me because her father died from a heart attack as she watched it happen.
That little gray dove on the railing this morning sat there as if it was hugging me and drying my tears.
Was it you?

C@rainbowchaser 2023
Ill evervwritr
Mar 9 · 62
Alternative reality
Maddy Mar 9
McCarthy ,Lindell, Green and
others should take off their Pinnochio noses along with Trump and his cronies
How about doing the right thing?
Time for the FCC to get rid of Fox and Murdoch
Democracy matters not an alternative reality
Protect freedom

Mar 8 · 112
Lunch With squirrels
Maddy Mar 8
They sat on two branches
One above the other
Adorable as could be
Gathered bits of  canteloupe,nuts,and oookies into a cup
Found the tree and called out to them
Scattered the food all around the tree
They sat on their branches enjoying
Made an ordinary lunch extraordinary

Maddy Mar 8
Waiting for you to call
Picked up the phone too many times
No long distance to Heaven
No visiting hours
We will tell your story
Share photographs and memories with your great grandchildren
Third Mother's day without you
August will be three years since we bid you farewell
We wanted you to stay
So much more to do and say
You had to be on your way
Daddy was waiting for you
So were your parents and others we said goodbye to
You had to go and be on your way

Happy Mother's day in Heaven
Mar 8 · 85
Ringing The Bell
Maddy Mar 8
For beginnings and endings
For Excelsior, Onward and Upward
For honoring and remembering
For new stars in the galaxy
For marking time and place
Ring them long and loud
Ring them strong and clear
Ring them as you mark your personal victory as a survivor
Ring them so friends and family can cheer
Ring the bells and and let the chime carry you through
So you do the very best you can and more than you thought you were capable of
Ring the bell and listen.....

Mar 8 · 110
Being A Loner
Maddy Mar 8
Not alone
Have family and friends
They are busy with their own lives especially this time of year
Thankful for being a poet and a writer
Bless December Bluebirds
Bless ducks, geese, and turkeys roaming free in the most unexpected places
Squirrels seriously overfed with bananas smeared with almond butter
Along with a variety of shelled unsalted nuts
Rain circles and raindrops
Sunny days
Walking twenty five miles a week for the ASPCA on Charity Miles app
Being a loner is fine for me

Mar 8 · 182
And They Did
Maddy Mar 8
Three tiny and lovely gray doves crossed a sidewalk
Blue eyes blazing and petite
Searching for food
The three little musketeers continued cooing and walking
Two dogs and their humans enjoyed their search
Glad they noticed
A squirrel eating nuts seemed to cheer them on
And they did

Mar 8 · 86
It Is Time
Maddy Mar 8
Wish you had showed me about family
Told me of them
Welcomed them
Had you let go of issues and taught me about our ancestors when you were here
Those I have come to know wish we could turn back time
Grow up together
Know us as children
Been there and around us when you were taken from us so early
We have a large family
It is time for me to know the people you never shared with me
The reasons no longer matter
You would have turned 95 tomorrow
With your children,sons in -law ,grandchildren, great grandchildren,and  your cousins' children
Mom is with you now and you are no longer alone
August is fifty years since you left way too soon
It is time to celebrate you and what is
C@rainbowchaser 2023
In memory of our Daddy
Happy Birthday in Heaven 3-9
Maddy Mar 7
No matter what you listen to
Embrace and enjoy it
Laugh at yourself
Enjoy a joke
We are too sensitive at times
If we don't come together soon the chasm will widen and spirit will fall through
Dance and enjoy life
For tomorrow is promised to nobody
Even Republcans
Travel down the musical road and lock up Donald and  his cronies
He can't sing or dance any way.

C@rainbowchaser 2023
Maddy Mar 6
Say what you mean
Not what others say and think
Think very carefully before you regret what comes out of your mouth
Quiet and silence sends powerful messages very well
There are many hellos and goodbyes in life
Dreams and fairytales come true and with that come troubles
You revisit what works
You cast aside people when the friendship expiration date can't be renewed
You will know the ones to hold on to because they will always be there and vice versa
Just turn around
Be open to new friendships but learn from the past
Choose wisely before they choose you
Letting go and moving forward is not a cliche
You can't stay in neutral or in the past
That is just the way it is
You will find your way

C@rainbowchaser 2023
Maddy Mar 6
Of History
Of Mystery
Of Art
Of Tradition
Of Stories
Of Legends
Of Culture
Of Music
Tell them
Share them
Talk and Discuss
Face to Face
Not online
Not on Tick Tok
Not texting
Word by word
Stories to be read,shared,passed down and remembered
This is how lessons should be learned

Mar 6 · 51
Trompe L`Oeil
Maddy Mar 6
Gris and Picasso both
fool and train the eye with images magnificently
They make words pop
They play with the eye
It's different shades and takes on a world some just don't see even if they are looking
As a visual learner and a writer, it captures a place I hold dear
Sometimes what stands out holds itself to a higher plane because the music of the heart, soul, and falls into the hands of those that impact the world in a way few imagine and a special few accept
Trompe L'oeil

C@ rainbowchaser2023
Mar 6 · 47
It Is The Only One
Maddy Mar 6
Make it genuine
Make it divine
Make it the way you want it to be
Think of Dexter the dog from Colorado and you can do the unthinkable
Many people were touched and moved by the dog who lives the think I can spirit and does it
Realize the costs and the moments are precious and must be seized
Sometimes it isn't pretty
Sometimes it isn't fair
Sometimes it is what it is doesn't apply
It's the only one
It's yours
Have at it
Taste it and Revel in it
It's the only one just be kind and caring

C@rainbowchaser 2023
Mar 5 · 84
Too Many Tears
Maddy Mar 5
Another gun shot
Another goodbye said way too early
Doesnt natter where or when
Needs to stop and end
Too many tears

Mar 5 · 334
Maddy Mar 5
Leo Sunshine
Lola the Gem
Happy to be in a family
Two first cousins growing up together

Mar 5 · 85
Sapphire Dancer
Maddy Mar 5
Nasty dismal overcast day with rain on and off
Then this little one appeared on a tall tree
In blue finery, bopping, tapping, fluttering and shimming
A dancing solo
Bravo little dynamo
Take a bow
You made a gray day sunny and bright
Sapphire Dancer

C@rainbowchaser 2023
Mar 5 · 44
It's Your Time
Maddy Mar 5
No reason
No rhyme
May not come tomorrow
May not come today
You"re on your way
So much for you to do
Not too much to say
Alot more than trying
It's living completely not dying

@rainbowchaser 2023
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