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3d · 48
Even now
Maddy 3d
When Mother Nature dazzles us with her children and vistas
Reminds us that she is gracious and notbe be abused or messed with
When you are lived beyond neasure and continue to climb a rung  as you venture forward.
Something reminds you that your heart never completely minded from what was and what is
Even now as you venture wanting to do good in tne world
Even now you are still unsure because you never stop learning
It is a process and as it should be

5d · 23
Invisible Prison
Maddy 5d
What triggers it
It was pulled no matter how
You can break out with time,help,and patience
You can change along with your behavior
You are either a victim or victimized
Rules are sometimes meant to be broken
Others should never be when people get hurt or are broken
Not pointing blame
Crimes are crimes bottom line

Feb 10 · 63
Maddy Feb 10
Did you walk in their shoes?
Perhaps they didn’t fit
They walked on and never quit
Step by step
Rule by rule
Smiling while hiding their tears
Every rule adapted or broken
Every change and moment grabbed on toor cast aside
Did you walk in their shoes?
Is this the life you choose?
Every winner has to move on the rung of life
Sometimes you stumble but you rise again
You welcome those to your emotional rescue

Maddy Feb 6
Do you leave well enough alone?
Dont fix what is not broken.
Accept what is and not quest for what could be improved and made better
Is complacency the answer?
We go back to basics when Technology lets us down or isnt working
Have we forgotten yesterday when tomorrow isnt a given
Have we not apprecisted today?
Its wealth and gifts.
Do we know where we are going to or towards?

Feb 4 · 52
Maddy Feb 4
The face
That sweet and honest face
Makes me happy still long after I was three
He is always around me
No matter where I go or what I do
Pooh I will always love you
Then and now until this khaki coil isn’t under my feet.
Pooh,it is you,my sweet

Maddy Feb 1
Do we know what we need?Or Whom?
No disrespect intended ever in writing or in person
Being politically correct has nothing do with this equation
Many of our Ancestors came  through Ellis Island or  other places
with a dream
Some deferred and others accomplished
History does not repeat itself and other times it rhymes
Some look for a beat or an echo
Is it really a toss up between a boutique world or a Walmart mentality.
Nothing in the middle?
Where have we gone?
Where are we going towards or away from
Jan 27 · 63
It is real
Maddy Jan 27
You were a secret
Not supposed to be found
Yet,you have been
Names and feelings
Herstories and Histories
The DNA is one thing but the stories and memories
Lost to me and my family
Speaking of which ,you are also my family
It is coming true
It is real
What was never before now is about to come before me
Those who link us passed long ago
Painfully we can’t ask questions
Perhaps,you have the answers so we never break again
We bond,it is real
Remembering those we lost and loved

Dedicated to the Mandel sisters and brothers
In Memory of Bella Mandel lost in the Holicaust
Jan 27 · 144
Alicia Keyes
Maddy Jan 27
Never seen you in person
Plan to  when you come home to the Big Apple
There is a soulfulness and genuineness surrounding you
It is real beyond words
Not only are you on fire but you glisten and shine
New York City girls know what is real and true
Alicia ,you are an incredible star with a vibe and presence that only a few share beyond compare
You are a fire they have yet to know
Burn gently,brightly,and warm the world

Jan 27 · 64
Maddy Jan 27
When did we fall apart
Accept our differences and similarities
Disrespect our cultures and traditions
Two steps forward and three steps back
Change is a constant
It is the companion some would rather not deal with
Deal we must
Everything old usnt really new agai
Its updated,renewed,and rebooted
Which is why your memories are so soecial and precious
The jewelry and gifts you possess are not the real gens in your life
You are living your life
Your memories are the gems
They can be unwrapped and enjoyed as long as you remember
And make more memories.
Share them
Your gems

Jan 26 · 65
new poems
Maddy Jan 26
Will post more thos week.
Worki g on book promotions and getting good agent.
Jan 19 · 36
For you
Maddy Jan 19
Crying in the shower
On bus rides with sunglasses on
Not jut what you do for love but what you do for somebody you love
Smile and deal with it is usually the best course
Sometimes it is bigger and looking away or getting on with it just does not sit well
There now for you though would rather not be
For you
Because of you
For you that is the only reason this situation rises again
Know that this might be the last time even for you
This is something I would rather pass on and not do

Jan 16 · 51
The Summer Wind
Maddy Jan 16
She danced along Nova Scotia's bay
Every care and thought melted away
Remnants of a dream and glistening water on the sea
That yesterday and tomorrow were carefree
He ran like a bull set free from a china closet looking for a reason
He wanted a chance to change for now and every season
It would be easier to let it be
Today was a nightmare and tomorrow he might never see
They stayed together forever and an explanation didn't matter
They never married because a soul or two could shatter
This was a story she wrote and saved
See the title was Manana was carefree
And all gratuities were waved
It was remnants of a dream for people like you and me
Today was a disaster and tomorrow was carefree
Wake up and feel the breeze on a autumnal day
Remember how the Summer caressed your cheek that way

Maddy Jan 16
An unrequited love and the story goes
Missed walking along side of you on the beach
You are good company on those treks
Accompanied by thunder and lightning all so exciting
Rhythm and rhyme and the feeling so sublime
It is all about the rain
Soothing me slowly and gently
Pounding me awake when need be
You have always left it well with me
Thought some might think it insane
It's all about the rain

Jan 16 · 32
Deeper look
Maddy Jan 16
Did you not look inside?
Did you not wrestle with yourself last night when sleep refused to come?
Did you let the demons in your heart find their way clear across the universe in limbo?
Did you really enjoy your day?
Did you embrace all the honey and lemon from every single moment?
Are you living for a weekend again?
Try sharing and and giving instead of wanting!

Jan 16 · 308
Born this way
Maddy Jan 16
You loved words
You loved books
You write like an angel
Looking for a better way
You were a highly sensitive person
Who was bullied and destroyed
You ended that torture by throwing yourself into an on coming bus
You jumped off the Verrazano narrows bridge
You were not born to end it this way
Rest In Peace

This poem has nothing to do with Lady Gaga's Born this way Foundation
Maddy Jan 15
I wear my heart on my sleeve
Sorry that you cant deal with that
Stop stepping on my heart
My words are measured and carefully thought through
Just how high and mighty are you?
Stop stepping on my heart
You are who you are
I am who I am
Let's not pretend anymore
Stop stepping on my heart
Tired of healing from yesterday's scars

Dedicated to the guy who hurt me for two years before I met my future husband
Jan 15 · 31
Forward Walk
Maddy Jan 15
Thanks for what was but will never be again
In this case ,never say never does apply
The three strikes your out rule does apply here
Friendships should be easy and cherished
You shouldn't have to work hard at them
They should fall right back into place
No matter the time or distance
Not sure if some people are good candidates
My forward walk is easy because what is is what matters
What was only applies to memories that have become nightmares
You can only be burned enough to know the difference
When one door shuts another definitely opens

Jan 15 · 31
Find it in your heart
Maddy Jan 15
Find it in yourself
Be kind
Listen very carefully
Think before you speak
Find it in your heart
Spend your time wisely
Take a risk every now and then
Playing it safe makes for a " what if life"
Look beyond what you see
Find it in your heart
Sometimes you have to cut ties
Saying goodbye is easier than hanging on
Your time and effort is precious
You have to send it to the wind
Find it in your heart
The next best thing
Might be around the corner
Could be in front of your face
Might have gotten up and left
Be open for possibilities
Find it in your heart
Every butterfly feels the need to return to a cocoon
You don't earn your wings easily
When you do
Wear them well
Fly high and free
Find it in your heart

Jan 14 · 35
In time
Maddy Jan 14
you'll be  private smile on a raw day
your words will echo warmly like a trusted well-worn blanket in need of a replacement
you don't have the heart to do that, do you?
The laughter will soothe a rainy dreary day
all the bad memories will be moments we should have never wasted
your place will be scrap booked  with photographs and montages
our time will never be again
we wont wonder why Hello became good bye
In time

Jan 14 · 31
Maddy Jan 14
never a doubt in my mind
no chance a of a gray cloud passin' by
though questions go unanswered
still have reasons to try
wish I really knew why?
You're the rainbow that fills my umbrella with promise
so excuse me if there are no dry eyes
for she still cries and cries
nobody answers why?
was there always such pain in your soul?
leavin' you empty when you chose to be whole
but you never stopped believin' when others left you on your own
you keep searchin' for a time to call me on the phone
always a mountain to climb
always digging for the very last dime
Chills in the morning and warmth with the midday sun
Dreamin' of things you'll finish though they really never get done
never a doubt in mind
that you'd leave yesterday behind
you moved on to tomorrow
because today really didn't come
you never really gave of yourself but you wanted others to follow along and come down a road forever traveled with a destination unknown
you were always in a group but you felt completely alone

Song lyrics
Jan 14 · 29
Black Bag
Maddy Jan 14
Rolling open on the ground no visible contents
Searching to be filled or occupied with a task
Almost like a Senior citizen with memories worth repeating but nobody listening
Nobody paid it any mind but it refused to be thrown away
Needed to be useful but there was nothing to do but pass through
It didn't escape the sanitation pickup this time like a shelter dog waiting for a visitor or crying because the forever home still awaits
The bag was filled with yesterday with no thoughts of today or tomorrow

Jan 14 · 27
He's not here
Maddy Jan 14
Were you saying Hello yesterday?
He's not here
Guess he is everywhere we go
As long as we remember
Sitting at a publishing meeting
Ironically the book in the Great Wall of their published books eight behind my shoulder read "Manuel"
Didn't catch the author's name
The title struck me
Of all the places and spaces before me
How did that particular title show up?
Hi Daddy!
I miss you!
He's not here
He's everywhere
As long as we remember

Jan 14 · 25
Maddy Jan 14
Book ends
Old friends
Day dreams
Pulling you down again
Making darkness your frenemy
Nothing Pollyanna about blue days and stormy nights
Talk to me
Tell me the bad never becomes good
Dealing with it is not enough
Finding the road and easing down it
Knowing that the rain ends
The light you seek is inside your heart
Returns when it beat normally again
Dead Ends
Old Friends
Here's to the
light of Life
Jan 14 · 27
I am so sorry
Maddy Jan 14
Don't know your reasons why
your yesterdays
are not part of our todays
or of our tomorrows
You are missing out on one of the greatest treasures, and you'll never know why
Writing about it is one thing
but the experience is something quite different
I could spend my life writing about Love,
but you have never
Open your been there
Let someone in
deserving of all that you are
Want to dance at your wedding
want you to tell me what it is like sharing a rainstorm
or a bad dream
It is your turn,and please
don't complain anymore
Either do something about it,or
nothing at all
I am so sorry,'but I can't hear it any longer
Stopped listening long ago

Jan 12 · 24
Maddy Jan 12
You wanted Barbie and some nonsense that size doesn't impress you contour does
Being in lust with hormone exploding did not think about that
Should have sent you in search of Barbie.
You were no Ken
Took two years and Prince Charming to come into my life
Was not looking and there he was
October will be our 40th wedding anniversary
As for you, Italian Stallion
Hope you found Barbie and you are happy
He still rocks my world and still makes me proud to be his wife and best friend

Maddy Jan 12
I love the support and thrilled some of my fellow poets are buying my book.
I beg you please don’t put a one star review.
If you don’t care fir the book,leave no review because Paws for Purple Hearts get a portion of my royalties and one star reviews hurts sales.

Jan 11 · 48
For Melinda B
Maddy Jan 11
I have been in darkness and Shades of Gray
My words protect and comfort me
They saw me change my course and live my life as completely and happily as possible
No longer an enabler or co-dependent
My wish is that you find your path and come through to a happier side.

Jan 11 · 40
Supposed to be
Maddy Jan 11
Not certain there are more books in me
Those that follow me here .
Bought my book, do protest.
Probably know better than I admit .
Supposed to be?
My cues come from photographs, fragments, Mother Nature and Father Sky
Sometimes conversations never meant to be overheard
I was there and did not want to listen
Fitting in stopped long ago for me
Long ago, I knew what was supposed to be
You be you and just let me be me
like it's supposed to be
We don't impress easily

Maddy Jan 11
Make yourself comfortable as you are in good company
Spring day in January
The Theme song for Global warming in undertones
Thoughts and feelings some in check
This is where they are placed
Others wandering in Space or in an alternative Universe
Turning a deaf ear doesn't always work
Especially as a writer who is awakened at strange times at night with prompts and ideas
If you can let things go and go with the flow
That is good for you
Us sensitive types, the creative kind
This is not one of our gifts
In fact, sitting on the shelf over there puts things in prospective
for the time being

Dedicated to Tiffany Haddish,the comedienne
Jan 11 · 39
Angels Whisper
Maddy Jan 11
Do Angels whisper in the wind?
Sometimes when it is blustery for no apparent reason like a moment ago
Are you sending a message or messages?
I am listening.
What would like to say?
Are you watching over us?
Sometimes dogs that I never make their human parents come over to kiss or greet me
Angels whisper and dogs hear them

Jan 10 · 164
Do gooder
Maddy Jan 10
Poor philanthropist
Definitely take issue with this
You don't have to be fabulously rich to volunteer or help
A little here and there does go along way
Time and effort make a huge difference
If you are so consumed with yourself
Selfish and cruel
It is your issue
If it a burden, that is different avenue to walk on
But don't call a human being that cares a Do Gooder
They are in great company and we need more in the world
Rather be selfless and caring

Jan 10 · 34
No filter
Maddy Jan 10
Somebody crossed the line
Meant well but should have initiated brain and not mouth
Just because you think of something doesn't give you the right to hurt somebody
Intention has nothing to do with it
Keep it to yourself
There are those out there with a mission to fix people
Take them as they are if you have a chance at a friendship
That is a word that should never be given out randomly or assigned without consideration
As does the word Love
People with no filter need to keep their distance

Jan 10 · 44
Sweet Memories
Maddy Jan 10
The call of Nature and Desire can't always be helped
Nothing ****** or base
You just want love and affection
For whatever the reason and that doesn't really matter
It isn't always when you want it
So when the Cosmos is in your favor
You have to savor those precious moments
Call upon them as sweet memories
Hopefully we all have a supply to keep us in check

Jan 7 · 42
Maddy Jan 7
Looking up and ahead
Amazing what you can notice when you are not fixated on your cell phone or ipod.
Sky colors change and have nuance
The wind rearranges depth and scope of everything it touches
You can take your time and take it in or not

Jan 5 · 63
My heartfelt Thanks
Maddy Jan 5
The reviews are lovely.
With my gratitude and respect to my fellow writers.
If you are interested my book,Put your boots on and dance in the rain is available on
Jan 5 · 360
Maddy Jan 5
It protects me
Keeps me awake
Forces me to refocus
Makes me kinder and grateful
Helps me deal when the world makes me feel closed and lost
Reminds me to tune in and cautions me when to tune out
The craft of it challenges me
The art and other writers cheer me on
Mother Nature is a major source if inspiration
It never ever gets boring
Even when insomnia sets in

Maddy Jan 4
Soul mates and best friends living our adventures
Some routine and some pristine
Others wonderful surprises that others might take for granted
There is nothing I would not do for you to help you or make your days more pleasant
That goes for how you treat me
You gave me your heart and name decades ago
We are very different
We agree to disagree
The respect and joy shared is the greatest gift
So the next time you want to utter those two words, remember We are long past Thank you

Dedicated to my Dear Husband
Jan 3 · 40
Maddy Jan 3
Making them is not fun
Sometimes necessary because feelings should not be trampled upon
Many have a truckload ready
Just once the truth but even that is private and better left unsaid
Even if the truth is none by the other party
Talk about nothing
Examine your heart and your mind
They need to be separated in situations such as this
Remember that writers especially Poets are sensitive souls
This stuff that would not even cross your mind keeps them up at night
In the wee hours of the morning some are prolific or are trying to be
Too many excuses are a waste of time and energy
Excuse yourself when necessary

Jan 3 · 77
I am sorry
Maddy Jan 3
The world is upside down
Wish it could change
New decade and too many fears cloud visionaries
Ideas are there
Competition and imbalance are a problem
Old school and new school thinking have to forge a partnership
Some used to bes still count
Herstory and History find common ground
You have to know yesterday to deal with today and hope for tomorrow
No guarantees
Too many afraid of change
Let people be and live their lives without comment or judgment
Destroying life because of hatred and lack of understanding doesn't work
Technology is incredible but people don't just talk face to face anymore
They insult each other and comment on social media
I am sorry

Neil Diamond lyric 'used to bes dont count anymore they lay on the floor til we sweep them away."
Jan 3 · 34
Maddy Jan 3
Teachers know it as one thing
Life has taught us it is something more
You can be what you want to be
Do what you want to do
Accomplish a lot or little
Just be comfortable in your own skin
Easier said than done
Saying no means no
Not that you don't care
Are not interested
Just two letters that you should not feel guilty about uttering
Work in progress for me
Not a people pleasing person
Just don't do drama anymore or try to avoid it at all costs
It is expensive and my time is worth it
Taken me too long to realize that we are all worthy
Even me

Jan 3 · 32
Towards Spring
Maddy Jan 3
Cold isn't a problem
Snow and ice are
Walkers now they are the enemy when your fitness is interrupted
In door fitness takes it just so far
Being alone works better
No judgment
No fashion faux pas
No mindless chatter from somebody you could do without
Never rude or unkind
Just need the time to take care of myself which isn't easy when you put yourself on the back burner
Don't judge, just my nature
Never come first
Looking towards Spring and hoping for more outdoor days
with little explanation

Jan 3 · 33
Maddy Jan 3
don't drink
don't smoke
Not looking for answers
Looking for the right questions to ask
Interested or not
Spend more time listening
Perhaps something or someone was missed
Virtual retail therapy goes so far
Virtual window shopping is more fun

Jan 3 · 33
Maddy Jan 3
when you cant fight the call
you wake before the sun
yawning throughout the day
wondering why and what it was that got you here
perhaps nothing more than you had enough zzs
Or a blank screen or page was calling you again
So Della and I sit with an early breakfast
Looking for meaning when we dont want to wake our partner

Della is my computer, a Dell.
Jan 2 · 62
Dearest friend
Maddy Jan 2
What I wish and want for you could never be placed in a gift wrapped box
It really should not be purchased but this is 2020
We wont ask Alexa
The greatest gift literally is in front of your face
Either you don't notice
You missed something in the translation
Knowing your heart is open
Only somebody beyond special needs to take its place with yours
Promise that if you find this person be ready for all that you need to do
You don't deserve another broken heart
Dearest friend,my wish for you to be as loved by somebody the way I am but my husband and best friend

Maddy Jan 2
It is a four letter word
Sometimes over said
Sometimes a green light for a one night stand
You are not in it to fix someone
You take them as they are
If not ,get on your way
Sometimes what you are looking for becomes what you never expected
Usually better than you ever dreamed of
Perhaps expectations are not warranted
You can fall into like
You can fall into lust
Keep your raging hormones in check
Say those words to your one and only
Before you say I love you , there are too many one way streets with dead ends
You walk down one and you never come back again

Dec 2019 · 46
Maddy Dec 2019
Kept my word to myself
The dream came true
Need to redirect for the next challenge
If that is possible
The voices still rear their messages
Silencing them is always a chore
No excuses just not ready for whst is next
Writers always have doubts
Is this all there is?

Dec 2019 · 32
Maddy Dec 2019
Dark and cold
Hate remembering and going back there again
Every year around this time
Survivors and victims understand
Try to give those the space to come through what happened long ago or even yesterday
Even when you put it past you and get on with life
Hopefully enjoying it
Flashbacks rear their ugly faces and haunt you again

Dec 2019 · 38
Maddy Dec 2019
Wasn't the prettiest
bright and maybe even intelligent
Was a loner because fitting in never happened
She didn't have what they had and even if she did
They made it clear she wasn't wanted
Sometimes the creative and different kids are never given a chance
She became a butterfly of her own choosing
Watch her soar, she doesn't need their approval or yours anymore

Dec 2019 · 142
Maddy Dec 2019
Herstory and History will talk things over
Children will not be taught to hate and fear what their relatives tell them
Hopefully they will learn to accept and understand, then decide for themselves in many ways
Our world will be more gracious and kind
We are broken and working the kinks out
as advanced as we like to think we are
In many ways we are backward

Dec 2019 · 77
my heart
Maddy Dec 2019
She has wounds that wont heal
Sometimes she thinks with me and not her head
She is a work in progress
Always trying new ways to say something
Sometimes better left unsaid
Hard to write about nothing
She has been very quiet lately
Probably taking it in and working on new ideas
Please be kind to her sensitive and creative soul
If she knew I was writing this, she would not be happy
I am her heart protecting her

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