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Maddy 5d
Watched Blue Jays
Wished adult nephews and Brother in-law what I wish I could say to you
Hope you know
Feel awful and empty today because all the love and spoiling is in a cemetery
I love and miss you Daddy.
Hope you know that
Your daughters, sons inlaw,grandchlldre
n and great grandchildren who you never met wstch over them
Say Hi to Mom

Maddy Jun 9
Many Countries
Many locations
Many different people
People with hopes and dreams just like yours
Some are different which is amazing
Together and separately
Leave us unhinged and incomplete
Together in unison
One can only imagine what we can achieve and accomplish
How far can we go?
What we can become and what we are
History ad Yesterday are complete we can look back and move ahead
Forward not back
Today and Tomorrow could be wonderful
Smaller world then
you think
What do you think?

C@rainbowchaser 2024
Jun 2 · 68
No Room For It
Maddy Jun 2
Grew up avoiding “I can’t”
My father told me never to say or believe this contraction
Despite and in spite of hiccups and wrong turns
What one puts into matters is as much as what one gets out of the effort
There are situations and outcomes
Does one gamble?
Does one give up?
Choices and Options
The words “I can’t” just don’t compute or connect
You must keep trying to make things happen
There is no room for excuses or “I can’t” in anyone’s life
No room for it

May 26 · 215
Maddy May 26
Set yourself free
Like a balloon let go of and soaring
Like a kite with a long-lost tail seeking an adventure
You can get closer to yourself and free so much
You find what you need and get a surprise
Be free of what was.
Learn from it and move forward
Be grateful for it
Embrace what is and what will be with joy and anticipation
An open heart will help too
Set yourself free

May 14 · 349
For My Awesome
Maddy May 14
Amazing Mother
Thoughtful Niece
Great Daughter
Kind and Supportive Sister
Loving Aunt
She makes her statements professionally
Her narratives and stories are beyond par toward excellence
She is engaging.
Beyond Awesome that is why I names her this way when she was a baby.
Happy Birthday
For My Awesome

May 12 · 57
Discovering The Path
Maddy May 12
Following Your Dreams Doesn't Mean You Can't Follow Another Path
You Can Listen
Take It In
Decide Knowing How Long to Keep On and how as well as when to Let Go
Create New Paradigms
Make Heroism Happen
Strive For Achievement
You Never Thought You Would Attain
Keep Reading and Climbing
It's Not Vague
Beyond Reproach
Damage To Truth
Too Many Broken Souls
Who Dont Understand Laws, Regulations, And Rules
Need to be Followed And Respected
When They Can Be Adapted and Reexamined
For Change Takes Time
And Effort
Rules Can Be Bent and Broken Fior The Good

w any Broken So
Maddy May 2
Thanks for caring
Thanks for sharing
Thanks for listening
Mistakes are lessons to be learned
Some take longer than others
Some linger past the point of no return
Time and relationships are precious
Some are short-lived, others last a lifetime
Your heart shouldn’t hurt because of me
Heartache and Heartbreak hold different places in our lives
Save your heart
Clear your mind
Been there and done that
Your heart shouldn’t hurt because of me

C@rainbowchaser 2024
For Jess
Apr 28 · 109
Landing Gently
Maddy Apr 28
Some rules are made to be bent and broken
Adapted, if you will
Some truths are never spoken
Even when you get it right
What some hold true and powerful
Finds a way out of the door
Never returning again
If you hold it dear, Keep it close to nurture it
If you need to set it free do so
Let the excuses go and never return
If they come back in another form
Landing gently

Apr 27 · 161
Forget the Band-Aids
Maddy Apr 27
If I could fix all this stuff that makes you Negative Nancy or Nathan
I would
Not only is it not my job.
I just decided to give you all the room you need so you can ease down the road at your own pace.
Friendship isn't over, it is on hold.
My life requires Positivity and Kindness.
That is how my life works.
So let's Forget the Band-Aids.
See you when you calm down and move forward!

Maddy Apr 24
Performing Arts
Attending Live Concerts
Things you appreciate and look forward to
Hugs that last hours
Walking in the park in the rain or sunshine
An additional dessert
Singing out loud at the top of your lungs
Enjoying those that matter the most
It's These and Others
It's The Little Things that are the big moments
That Matters the Most
That Matters the Most

Apr 21 · 30
Just a Holiday note
Maddy Apr 21
Happy Passover to those that celebrate!
Apr 15 · 58
Maddy Apr 15
Going and moving forward
Too many delays and waiting again and again
The reasons matter and more importantly so does precious time
Not to be wasted on the trivial
So many experiences to embrace
Sometimes those you want to share them with won’t make the time
Some don’t want to share it

Apr 15 · 175
My Soul reopened
Maddy Apr 15
It yearns for a melody
Always seeking new and more insight words to express from the heart and mind
Too many tears fall some for the right and others for the wrong reasons
So observing quietly and then listening more attentively than ever before
My Soul reopened

Apr 11 · 132
2024 Year Of The Child
Maddy Apr 11
A robin was gathering twigs for a nest being built under a bush near the Guggenheim museum
The Park was filled with visitors, Television and Movie crews, and the Zoo delighting everybody
I wondered who noticed besides yours truly
As I worked yesterday, children were walking to school or visiting the exhibits as the Digital Media curriculum was written with our colleagues
Adults need to learn from children who want to learn and ask questions before they formulate an answer
Let's hope there will be a Year of the Human Being

Apr 5 · 151
The Earthed Moved
Maddy Apr 5
4.8 shaking and rocking on the East Coast of the United States
Some blamed the former US President
Others Mother Nature
Others claim the Supreme being is angry with us
What will they say about the Solar Eclipse?

Apr 5 · 83
Hello Robin
Maddy Apr 5
She was lovely and lonely
Her copper-red belly stood out on a gray rainy day with patches of blue
She seemed to be listening to other birds' chirps and squirrel noises
She hopped on just taking everything in
Lovely company
Hello Robin

Apr 4 · 239
Happy Poetry Month!
Maddy Apr 4
To my Friends and Fellow Poets!

Apr 2 · 53
Let Their Drama Go
Maddy Apr 2
When the talking stops
When the words do nothing
Just put them on the back burner
Be there when called upon
For the time being, let them deal
Let their Drama Go

Apr 2 · 95
Maybe This Tine
Maddy Apr 2
It will be set free
Shaken from the cobwebs of yesterday
Headed for a brighter tomorrow
Take a step and breathe for today
Maybe this time

Mar 28 · 63
Another Rain Song
Maddy Mar 28
Baby Gray Dove was searching for food and gave up.
Spread her wings and flew way up high
How I wished I could have joined her
It's damp and about to shower for hours
The Oldies about the Rain fill my head as I continue walking
There will be a rainbow at some point with our Father saying Hi from way up above
Another Rain song

Mar 23 · 225
A Very Rainy Day
Maddy Mar 23
It's raining.
It's pouring.
The ark might have to get here.
There's a pigeon furiously flapping her wings on someone's roof.
Maybe a signal or cry for help?
After a few minutes of struggle, another bird joins her.
Flies up and calms her down.
They fly away and the drama ends on a very rainy day

Mar 17 · 181
Was it speaking to you?
Maddy Mar 17
No matter what it was
Or is it , that it reached you in ways you never expected.
It capttured your heart,soul,amd mind
Many likes between someday and today.
Enjoy your journey every moment and as much as possible,
Was it speaking to you?

Mar 16 · 193
It remains to be seen
Maddy Mar 16
Are priorities set in stone?
Are they malleable?
Are there three sides to facts and truth?
Are beliefs sacred or have they lost their meaning on desert or sacred air?
Can we learn from yesterday?
Undersfand and accept today.
Be ready for tomorrow.
Enabling is awful.
Supporting any enabler is unacceptable no matter their station in life
The impact on your life is beyond measure
Hstory continues to teach us
Common sense is still alive and well
Remain educated and never stop learning
While you are at it, pick up a book,magazine,or newspaper
Go to the library
It remains to be seen

Mar 13 · 232
Remain positive
Maddy Mar 13
Not a  political message
Find a place in your heart and soul to do good
Contribute funds or time
Quit complaining
If you have been down on tbe floor
Get up as best you can
The Naysayer doomsday folks stay clear
Not a Pollyanna
Not Mickey Mouse
Remain Positive

Mar 13 · 334
The Music has changed
Maddy Mar 13
Used to walk in Harmony
Melody has changed
Lyrics have a far different meaning
The chorus means what it used to but somehow you forgot the words that you sang at the top of your lungs
Still friends but the Music has changed
It is sad but moving forward time has gone away
You are lost in a shuffle where we had yesterday
Not sure ahout today or tomorrow
You are here and there
Yet far away
The Music has changed not the memories
The Journey continues but not sure  of us because the Music has changed as the friendshilp is stuck in another time and place

Mar 9 · 88
Darling Daddy
Maddy Mar 9
High school graduations
College graduations
Magical moments
Sons in-law
Weddings and giving your daughters away
Great grandchildren
My books being published
Spoiling you
Hope you are proud of all of us
You and Mom are watching over us
Darling Daddy gone too soon and loved beyond neasure

Mar 5 · 403
Maddy Mar 5
She will be loyal
She will always be true
She will always be loving and kind
That smile of hers that melts your heart
Even when you know her a short while she stays with you
Joy and kindness personified
She will be greeted at the Rainbowbridge by a handsone Golden Retriever naned Skippy
I can hear him calling her name
Tori  accompanies him and watches over us
We love her forever and always

Tori passed away in February.
Our cousins had to put her down
Her photo is on under blog section
Mar 5 · 137
Maddy Mar 5
Regal swans in the pond
One almost regal washing her feathers
She was incredibly stunning and careful
Birds chirping,singing and flying
Peaceful and lovely but you wonder what the world would be like  if we all co-existed just as Mother Nature's children

Mar 3 · 77
Tell me about it
Maddy Mar 3
Too sensitive.
Stop crying
You didnt help
You yelled and were embarassed
Turned to writing
It is a gift not a medical issue or psychological problem
All you could do was ignore me and  it
Tell me about it

Mar 3 · 51
Maddy Mar 3
We articulate the world
Words can flow like wine and effervese like excellent champagne
Words can trickle down like rain after a downpour
Where did intelligence and common sense go?
In a workd with wonder and idiocy simultaneously battling
Watch for dullness now again and then again
We are the words and ideas  that hopefilly bring better timesand celebration

Maddy Feb 26
Words come to call any time of day or night
Try to remember to record them or write them down
You polish  and perfect
Searching for a different more original way to say it or write
Do I dare call myself a Poet?
Like tbe greats,unknown,and up and coming
Just because I write Poetry

Maddy Feb 23
There is no band aid
No secret potion
The words do little for you
You are angry with the world
You can no longer use me as a punching bag
Filling my mind and heart with your pain
Stepping back and when you are ready I will be there
That is up to you
Wish there was more to do than to wish you the very best
That us all for now
Your Debby downer stuff is more than getting old
You need a professional to help you sort it out
Whatever it is

Feb 21 · 89
Maddy Feb 21
She is amazing and engaging
Wish my camera and lenses were always available
Hkw do sone ignore it?
It is'beyond heart and comprehension
Things concern them
Shopping obsessed
Can a butterfly or interest sonebody instead of Obtaining more stuff?
I am with Nature.

Feb 19 · 126
My World
Maddy Feb 19
A craft which you perfect
You are a Poet
Look a little harder
Feel a little stronger
You are a Writer
Welcone to my world

Feb 15 · 216
Not for everybody
Maddy Feb 15
Don't think that what works for you works for everybody
Not so
Cbange is inevitable but as an old sing tells us
You make your own kind  of music
Even if nobody else sings along
Enjoy what you like
Have a lovely life
Your life isn't a prescription for everybody
So next time you talk about your life like a Del Webb commercial
It isn't for everybody

Feb 13 · 45
The Magic Continues
Maddy Feb 13
Hugs that last hours on end
Whispers and laughter in tbe wee hours
Enjoying memories and making new ones
Grateful for where we have been and where we may be going
We cherish now and every moment
Whispers and laughter only we share and understand
The Magic continues .....
How lucky can you get

Feb 5 · 82
Patch of Blue
Maddy Feb 5
Gray clouds playing shades of gray games
Then a small patch of light blue sky
Sun slowly coming out while skies grayer for a quick sunshower
Blue Jay flying up to a adjacent tree
While a squirrel scurried up his favorite place for a snack and snooze
Patch of blue kept returning to remind us that the rain and thunder will end.
Sunnier days will befriend us again

Feb 5 · 66
Down that road again
Maddy Feb 5
Walk it
Run it
Drive it
See it with different eyes
Embrace what you remember
Open your heart and mind for what may come your way
Down that road again
Down that road again
Dont take me down that road again
I know where I am going and where I have been
Just wanted you to let me in
Hoped to follow a  different bend
Don't take me down tbat road again

(Song lyrics?)

Maddy Feb 4
Tired of being awakened by what used to be
Past hasn't always been  a friend
Still trying to learn how to put it way behind me
Hopefully moving forward
Stand tall and enlighten the world
When your mind awakens your heart and soul in the wee hours of the morning
The two steps back and one  step forward isnt a recipe for everybody
Changing the game and making a difference
Illuminate every moment
Now and forever
Play a more positive and active role for a reflective you

Jan 28 · 106
Ugly Duckling
Maddy Jan 28
Plain Jane
Echoes softly
Not a princess or a Barbie wanna be
Maybe that is you not me
This Ugly Duckling became a nice swan
When a pair of  bespectacled blue eyes looks at me
How could anybody call my poet an Ugly Duckling?

ecwanna beducklinged
Jan 28 · 120
New Rainbow
Maddy Jan 28
Deeper and more vibrant
Original and new to the eye
Not traditional but incredibly profound and lovely
Harmony and melody personified
Accepting abd gracious on our khaki coil
May your rainbows be Glorious and of your own making amd sharing
Mine tells me my Daddy is saying Hello from Heaven
Shades of Blue

E vibraer2924
Jan 27 · 228
Maddy Jan 27
They change along with the answers
Just as memories and seasons do
You must capture them
Enjoy them to the utmost
In an instant or New York minute
There are reasons beyond your control which cause delays,disruptions,cancellations,and in many cases unfortunately heartbreak

Jan 25 · 101
Maddy Jan 25
Never knew I was but I am.
Highly sensitive person.
Always shy and a loner
Those who stir the *** not my cup of tea
I am an HSP

Jan 23 · 268
When You Love Somebody
Maddy Jan 23
When you love somebody
You sometimes put yourself on the back burner when necessary
Just needs to be that way
Then you realize you need to be number one every now and then
When You Love Somebiody you are not good for them if you are not good to yourself

Jan 14 · 210
Maddy Jan 14
Some hold on
Some lose their flavor
Some don't go they stay static

Jan 10 · 166
Loving you is easy
Maddy Jan 10
Sweetness personified
Funny and charming
Those blue eyes, still send me to another solar system
You put the k kindness and the C in Caring
Extremely smart and you listen attentively.
A shoulder to cuddle and dream upon
Loving you is easy since I have been loving you for so very long
And You love me too!

Jan 10 · 117
Maddy Jan 10
The ducks swim in the winter wind and quack away
The squirrels do their acrobatic routines on powerlines and get those nuts and goodies hidden
Poets and writers look for fresh ways to say it better and enjoy their craft
Geese follow
their leader with the large piece of bread hanging from her mouth
The US government will punish the guilty ones with their fake tan and hopefully wearing an orange jumpsuit next to Guiliani
What you used to be Mr. Mayor no longer counts
The good people still count not the phony ones
People have the right to live their lives peacefully and joyfully
Hang in there
Be safe and true

Jan 8 · 104
Little Creatures
Maddy Jan 8
Bunnies, Squirrels and Birds getting a taste of the nuts and goodies left them before the rain and snow.
Sad to think they are ignored, and people don't stop to look at them and share their wonder.
That wonder has never left me.
So Facebook is not as entertaining, and some chats are beyond boring.
Visiting a zoo in the Winter months and any time of year is still a joy.
They are the pets I can't have at home due to a loved one's severe allergies
A Hypoallergenic dog came to visit and we learned the hard way that we can't have dogs around or go to homes with them
Dog charities are my way of having a pet
All Little and Big Creatures I will always love you and visit

Jan 5 · 166
Still with me
Maddy Jan 5
The notebooks are at hand
The pens are too
Inspiration has come from many places and times
It is still a great friend and always an adventure
It listens and doesn't judge
Never interrupts
So I have decided to stay though other types of writing have called me
Poetry is still with me
I am still and always will be a poet
Still with me

Dec 2023 · 141
Sunrise on Cape Cod
Maddy Dec 2023
Thinking of how much Henry David Thoreau would have enjoyed this.
Moment of Nature on CBS returned me to Cape Cod at Sunrise.
All one had to do was enjoy the sights and sounds.
The Ocean, Seagulls, Sea Lions and the calm.
Lately Scott Miller's videos are a weekly delight.
We have great gifts from Mother Nature that we should cherish and take good care of
In a world that is sometimes hard to believe and recognize this is a great gift.
Reminds me of teaching Walden again.

That Scott!
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