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  Jun 2018 Lavaburst
David Lampert
I am big on iambic pentameter
  About that I could never lie, since
I pass every poetic parameter
  And earned my poetic license
  Jun 2018 Lavaburst
Knowledge Variable
It’s a delight to know the fear,
providing a loss of life. With
only the moon that wears
feathers from phoenix. Gold
drippings and arch of eternity.
Rebirth not from water, but of
soul selling to herself, in
innovation and originality. As
the others emulate. Starlight
allure, speaking languages
with humanities musings.
Waking the dead world, dropping
men to their knees as their
boyish behavior is pulled to the
front. Relinquishment of dogma,
as we all enter a new age.
As chanting songs in homage
to her. As no more tears to cry,
to what she avoided in the first
place, is attention from others,
pushing away romantic gestures,
conversing conversations, a
standard practice of life’s narrative.
  Jun 2018 Lavaburst
A Simillacrum
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