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Umang Oct 11
How can i put an ocean in jar
If its meant to be deep and stretched as the sky!

How can i stop her from doing anything
Coz she is the ocean more blue than real one
And can be stormy too.

Drown me into your memories
Like oceans depths
Drown me untill
All the voices in my head go silent
All the anxitey pools get out and float up like a bubble into the salty waters.

I m dark moon
From far aaway i m pulling you up
Trying to lift you up and pull close to me
I want you to spread on my whole body to my whole depths
Leave these earth
Empty every drop
Turn into a tornado
Tearing sky layers
Come to me

Leave all that land
Dry out and just leave
Why you sell yourself to cloud ?
Why burn yourself over there !!!?
Why ? For whom ? You should bare all the doomed pain!!
Just come to me
And we will live happily
You wont have to cut yourself to pieces ,
Why should earth let you caged in gravity chains !!!
Just fly to me.

— The End —