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 Dec 2017 J M
Deepali Agarwal
Yellow leaves crunch as I trudge on the old aisle.
The rusty latch of the black gate,
Screams as I unlock it.

My hand slowly traces it way over the dusty metal plate,
Rubbing it I read,
Home sweet home.

My footsteps haunt the house,
As I walk inside.
It's complete dark,
Yet I see everything.

Rooms are empty,
But I see it filled,
Just like few years ago.

I walk to where once I heard the whistle,
I hear her say,
'Dinner is ready dear.'

I hear a few whispers and laughs at the spot,
where once was a table for ten.
Clink of vessels at the sink,
Which was now covered in spider web.

I walk to where once we used to enjoy the evening,
With potato chips and tea.
I hear the commentators speak,
'one more six.'

I hear claps and cheers,
And thumping sound on a comfy sofa,
Which was once placed,
Where I stand now.

I climb up the stairs,
Each step appearing like a milestone.
I see those frames,
Them happy and gay.

Now were only left,
The rectangle marks on the,
Blackish bluish wall.

I walk up to were was once a big feather bed,
I hear a happy scream,
As she says,
'Papa, what if I tickle you like this.'

I hear me say,
'And what if Papa does like this.'
As I carry my daughter in my arms,
And she flies like a plane.

I leave the house,
And walk to the backyard,
Where was once nice and cultivated grass,
now dead and black.

As I lock back the junked gate,
I feel the strings of my heart,
Getting tensed,
And I hear a sad tone.
 Dec 2017 J M
He used her body like a map,
exploring each curve to its depths,
traveling to all the same places
he's always been.
Yet with eyes of a tourist,
he marveled at the view...
breathing her in like he'd
never make it there again.
 Dec 2017 J M
What I want
 Dec 2017 J M
Kiss me on my cheek
Your sweater on my body
Our hands intertwined
Clutch my face when you kiss me
and hug me tight

Tell me you love me at 3 AM
But also at 3 PM
Because love has no particular time

Flirt with me
even though you know I'm already yours
Oh, and please please
Call me your girl

Tell me I'm cute, and not only because of how I look.
Compliment me. Please shower me with compliments.

Write long, unexpected paragraphs for me.
Be cheesy
That'll always make me smile

But please please love me
Not only because you have to,
but because you want to.
 Dec 2017 J M
Human contact
 Dec 2017 J M
He kisses me.
Our alcohol mouths intertwined.
Our cigarettes long burned, with ash trailing as long as the city lights that you walk me home under.
I open my eyes, and he isn’t you.
Will my whole life consist of kissing complete strangers so I can find you again?

He pulls me in close and holds me.
If only he knew, that’s all I want.
I have this longing to be held.
By anyone, really.
I don’t want them to talk.
I don’t want them to look me in the eyes.
Because I’ll cry and I don’t want to cry.
Just keep holding me.
I know he will never be you, but in this moment, with my head buried on his chest, I can pretend.
 Dec 2017 J M
James Mason
The village lane adorned in white,
as laden branches bow with snow,
is frozen this December eve
shown only by the lamps' dim light.

I look towards an icy sky
to see it cloudless, filled with stars;
a distant tree-top sheds its flakes
when robin redbreast leaves to fly.

Around the corner comes the ring
of bells upon the farmer's horse;
it's tethered up beside the church
from where I hear the chorus sing.

By dancing flames of candle fire
the stained glass windows show their scenes;
emitting such a dazzling glow,
and colouring the churchyard brier.

With all the village here of course,
I'll visit first the farmer's horse -
for it must carry such a load -
then make my way off down the road...
 Dec 2017 J M
hello again
 Dec 2017 J M
hello again
My thoughts are darker now
My heart is heavier now
I feel alone
I feel empty
I have no words
I want sleep
Sleep gets rid of the thoughts
Sleep makes everything stop
Just for a little bit
Make everything stop
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