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Aug 14 · 49
funnelled fire tube tendrils , her body scarred, helpless to res ist an already hatched planet creaking, groaning , splattering hot s howers black rock, here gaping holes noxious fumes, fastfluidity interchange.
whenit came unstoppale from it's verticql nqrrow ridge
Jan 14 · 86
for those who think the stars burn out
it's not true
some stars go on and on
giving birth to new stars
in a never ending
cycle of eternity
our sun
will burn grow expand
become a giant red planet
burning our atmosphere
to empty itself of gold
to those deserving
in this evergrowing
always knowing
Uni force
why restrict your future
watch the timeless dance of infinite amount of stars
infinite celestial bodies
infinite time
Jan 14 · 110
those who collect here
talking of despair,
so many suicidal,
so many depressed,
better to return to nature
watch the birds,
see the moon,
mesmerising stars,
lifting me out of this gloom.
Some daily selections
one caught in malediction.
Maybe  settled for the fiction,
that God doesn't exist,
have all here, embraced the diminishing tide,
death cult, baal worshipping
Outside, green shoots emerge,
thinking of cancelling this subscription,
with rising sun,
new horizons,
future bright,
with these pages
almost done.
In another timeless place,
floating high above in space,
God won.
sometimes i think hello poetry is a hang out for satanists , sadists, and atheists,
I have compassion for the genuinely depressed, sometimes here though it seems that some are goading and suggesting to others that this is what they should do, the dark arts of suggestion makes me wonder , is there a 'underground club' at play, I don't think I belong in this place
God won
just to put on public record,
once and for all,
the lies that keep surroundingme,
will eventually fall.
I will never take my own life,
that will never be my thing,
i was ****** for being innocent,
for same reason,  i had to sing.
i sang, because it's relentless,
all the things they do to me,
the bullies surmounted me,  
facts some know and see.
because I don't matter
evil ,sick ,bad, or wrong,
they have become this to their core,
if they killed me young,
It  have been better,
than all the evil i did endure,
there is no let up from bullies,
they plunder, **** and maim,
they prey on child, the innocent,
the purest is their game.
I may be stupid, naive, and dumb , a clown  
they called a dope,
I won't **** myself ever, with Christ I have all hope.
Life is precious and more than that ,I  respect the life I bore,
I will never give up the life God gave me, for this you can be sure,
God is the goal for my soul, I went to hell and back,
My destiny is with Christ, his love I never lacked,
I would have thrown my life away, if I did not have Gods grace,
so put this in your censored news, in twitter ,book face,
Just know all you enablers, when they try to take me down,
I have a shield, I have a medallion, I also have a crown,
I have a star in heaven , two eagles,
my Father sent to me,
my white shell from opening 8 locks,
a blessed destiny.
a multicoloured dream coat, brought strife and jealousy,
my gifts from up above,
precious beyond compare,
thats why I don't chase earthly goods, I don't belong to here.
when i look up, my star looks down,
the trapdoor men and women,
can wear my frown.
I'm going to look after my body, I care about it a lot,
this  temple with a truthful heart
took your pain, **** , torture lots ,
I was ****** when I said nothing, I was ****** if I spoke,
so ploitters, power houses, politicians, cops, priests, not so intelligient intelligience,
take back all of your sicknesses,
and own your foul misdeeds,
a message from angel Michael, and Mother Mary
when they set me alight in flames,
advised me the lies they hooked me with,
the methods they used to  trick,
same killed God when he came to earth,
this is not my job to fix.
my perspective is not high enough to see the insides of their hearts,
predatory  wolf men batwinging their  world wide web of tricks
Ciao it was not nice knowing you, you make my stomach sick
The lies you told will trip you up, I know if you plan my end,
She didn't **** herself, the ***** did
her story will eternal trend
somethings are more precious than gold
for me that is my soul
cannot be bought cannot be sold
sometimes even God gets angry Christ also
unlike the most of the people i have met
keep bowing to mammon
good luck with your greed
only on earth evil succeeds
God loves all his children
he pays the ones running out of steam
up front
Nov 2020 · 253
He sent his Son,
his Word,
A gift from above,
His message is Love.
Thank you dear Father,
Thank you dear Mother,
Blessing all people,
Our sisters and brothers.
The Word that heals All.
I took his yoke
it's  easy,
He is the Way, the Truth, the Life,
Healing the pain,
let go of all strife.

When I talked my way out of danger, those Words were His.
Amor wakes pysche.
Every good deed and act of love, is alchemical gold, that cannot be bought or cannot be sold.
Truth be told.
Nov 2020 · 171
I love you,
You brought the light,
that showed the Way,
lies fall,
When you stand tall.
Scorpio New Moon
A healing space in time and place
Everyone is a star of the sky, a star of the earth and a star of the sea
Christ the Super Hero
Most famous Jew on Earth, a Shepherd for All, stands Tall.
Kindness, Humility, Love, Compassion, Mercy, Strength, Goodness.
Brings us back to the One True God.
Throne of Love , from King David to now.
Nov 2020 · 91
when David knew for sure
This Goliath he could defeat,
end his blaspheming words,
foul breath from collossal teeth.
Seeing young  David, puny and small,
enraged the Giant, enough to call,
He swore, 'I will feed you to the cattle'
Though humble, and inexperienced
for the battle,
David knew,  
this monster beyond strange,
had symptoms of a  sick mind, deranged
Young David thought, I have you now!
Only grasses, fed the holy cow,
With humble body, full of love and light,
twas God's truth that won the fight.
it was the words that Goliath said,
made David know, this Giant's dead!
For those who bring hatred and disrespect, to the good, kind and circumspect know for sure, that God is the one with his might.
It is He who wins the fight.
Holy truth, goodness and right.
love was there,
I couldn't see her,
got caught  once again,
in red mist,
kicking for reactions,
with a litany long, list,
love doesn't act like this,
she hugs you closer,
plants a kiss,
on kicking boot, when hurled out door,
her sweet voice moans,
I love you more.
loves you, when you're at the gate,
swings on the axe,
that pounds out hate ,
love held you closer,
talks soft and low,
she understands your feeling so,
"at least" she whispers,
"you act so real,
when tormented by, the way you feel",
She never judges, never warns,
sits with you
all night and day,
she doesn't tell you "life is grand",
just feels your pain
holds your hand,
illuminates your pardon if you need,
kisses your wounds,
when you bleed,
she holds your face, tousles your hair,
rebuilds your temple,
with special care
hugs warmly, when you shake with fear,
i didn't know,  that she was there,
following down to depths of earth,
walks with you in fire,
rubs off the dirt,
she carries a light profound, from skies above,
the twinkling of stars,
white feathers, peace dove.
She is there for everyone,
all are equal under this sun.
sorry i fell
I wish i could tell it plain without hate
thanks to the dragon for the lessons I got
you were a good teacher
I didnt respect
I learned from an error
discovered to late
you taught me to get up close to my hate
a proper mate
Oct 2020 · 88
Is love once felt lost?
today its vast,
leadlike heaviness,
caught in a web for years,
a river of tears,
knowing not to touch mercury,
never to touch lead,
but all this lumpen, toxic, metal,
here now,
the painful, real circumstances,
a life unravels horrific,
watch the watchmen,  
politicians reliant on  crazy logic,
journeying headlong with coboclos, and shaman bundled and secreted, in rabbit warren, their pronouncements,
She amazed the vastness of the labyrinth, like tendrils that surmounted her, all her lonely long life, her mother, her father, her brothers, her sisters, baby Jesus, God the Father, church, other parents of schoolfriends, the watchmen, hippies, engineers, pretend girlfriend trapdoors, pretend boyfriend trapdoors,watchmen, irish, americans, english, russians, coboblos, shaman, germans, dutch, irish, english, americans, chinese, spanish, portuguese, italians. worldwideweb
one woman  an island, allegedly.  
her strenght from the biggest Daddy the one above,
He sent her his Son ,
He filled her with Love,
she hopes for his return,
others  burn and condemn themselves in the safety of numbers,
they are numbered....
right now, she cannot find hope or love for them ,
she did love when it counted,
all that too is from God.
Christ told his disciples when they asked about demons, to look on the inextinguishable, inexaustable light of God, this is a light worth feasting the eyes on.  I ignored the shadow, got caught in it's whirl, maybe that was meant to be, why it all happened to me, I ignored it, maybe dissociation illness is not an illness, a divine strategy to keep going, despite the pain.
Christ also said be like children, I definitely was naive.
Oct 2020 · 101
tiny speck of gold,
an insignificant, grain of sand,
realised, it's equal to the land,
how could that be, tumbling wavewashed on shore?
how could so tiny, be deemed much more?
it took a lifetime shoved, and tossed by years,
eroded, polished, in saltwater tears.
Never even daring to dream,
sparkling tiny, in sunlights beam.
A fleck of dust, so small, so low,
how can it contain this sunlight so?

Once fairies said to a little girl,
"the truth, can bring you to our world,
we in fairy can be met,  let truth ring like a bell."
Believing their story, remembering well,
a speck of gold, caught in giant golden hive,
which entered the room, lying down on its side.
Cogs moved and whirred,
lifted this vessell up,
an insignificant, tiny head, bowed down,
two angels, one  placed a medalion, another a crown.

Returning to earth with invisible, otherworld treasure,
pushed aside by the men, snided down by their measure.
Her little heart buzzed, like a bee aloud,
mood altering peace, floated high on a cloud,
been swatted, and hurt before and then,
karmically bound, to unravelling men.
They hit out at small, they trample it down,
those haughty sunflowers, came tumbling down,
sat amongst grasses  crushed,
down and trampled,
bending and blowing
tho' eternally growing,
throughout all lifes storms, never fully broke,
ribbon of grass stronger than windfallen oak.

Fairytales are true,
if only men knew,
they definitely would not, do the things, that they do.
It's never too late to learn,
how to avoid infrared, radiation burn,
funnelled and furnaced in a cosmic dance,
never dare leave destiny, to luck and chance.
I don't know why it happened this way. I'm not versed or educated in poetry other than the fact I love to read poetry, I have not a clue of the rules, just writing to blank my mind from too man -y thoughts
Oct 2020 · 74
the harder they come
another arrow in my back,
I have a quiver full ,
when I meet the enemy at the gate,
relentless, persistent, on my back hate,
right here, right now, they are legion,
don't want to be a member of their club,
embarrassed for them,
that they could stoop so low
deep breath in, belly full,  
release, long and  slow,
got to do a lot more weeding,
it's easier now,
I'm no longer needing,
an earthly love,
hardened fist,
in a velvet glove,
is all I ever got,
my expanding love,
still knows no bounds
trust only God,
a theory most sound.
I don't need affection from his bag of bones
spiritual love is already here
prays, rosaries and self care
no longer seeking no longer believe
I forgive wrong doers,
because I realise love is eternal,
what ever his guile, I've learnt this lesson>
I found Christ
I guess that was the golden prize
this illusion will pass, my spirit will rise.
A little girl was born in a square mile a babylondoner, February child, who had many sheep disguises , born in the hour of the sheep, in a house on the street where the Shepherdess Walked, travelling on the underground, one would have to stop, at Angel.  Her Father called her after him, by all accounts she was the prettiest child, his fourth, her father was very vain, on this subject, it was hard for him to be humble.

Her name also had sheep, her name meant sheep, her middle name a Ram on a King. Her Father worried about the violence, the football hooligans , the fights between mods and rockers, he decided to move back to the homecountry, the country of her Mother and Fathers birth, the Emerald Isle.  This coincided with an eviction notice, their house was about to get knocked down.
She moved to the plain of the Yew in the Emerald isle when she was four years old, they built a house in the town of the Castle by the river Barr, on a height that was named Harmony, that place did not often live up to it's name.  Her father came from another town that was much prettier, not far away, houses and land were as rare as hen's teeth, in that town, it was not cheap either.  Her Mother had an idea she wanted distance from her Mother in law, Rachel Ramona and her mother clashed a lot on ideas, but they did love each other, and Rachel understood her Mother, better than her Mother gave her credit for.  

To RRK, her Mother was never there for her, her Mother had an issue with her, that is a puzzle to this day, it will probally always remain a puzzle, her Mother never talks about stuff like emotions, feelings, or the inner landscape.

RRK found refuge in the world of men from the youngest age, she felt like she belonged in that camp, this idea got her into a lot of trouble, then, now and probally in her immediate future.
Not really a poem but this is the way it came out
I woke up with a rhyme poem
It came out llike this
I am going to leave like this for time being
it may change later
Oct 2020 · 134
how crazy was that night,
immense darkness, brightest light,
wildest man, wildest woman
became one decadent human,
halved souls, find each other,
I could have stopped there,
gave up worry, gave up fear,
held tightly with his strength,
heart surrended with intent,
take my breath away,
don't need to live another day,
I had found it all,
why go on?
If I died there in those strong arms, I would have died happy.
But then my most beloved,  would not have achieved spectacular things,
our world flies on fragile, suspended, wings.
Strongest arms
Strongest man
A king from birth
Hanging out on his vine
Made me drunk on something stonger than wine
a love Divine
Oct 2020 · 169
in my wildest dreams
I flew in that jet,
that crossed our path twice,
on the way to cornwall.
You brought me to the stratosphere,
a love that has no compare,
I didn't believe you,
when you said, your wife
left you for another man,
no way, could that be true,
therewas no better you,
had searched high, and low,
over and out,
there was no better other,
know for certain,
not a doubt.
You played angry with that,
your strong arm tactic,
always worked this cat,
your friend's wry expression,
give mirth to our session,
to souls entwined,
eternally thine,
I had to go,
you are my man,
God had another plan,
he wills, therefore I am
If only it was true
once upon a time
we flew in a jet
must be a fantasy
true love never happened
Sep 2020 · 120
A love supreme
"I followed Him.
I heard His voice,
So quiet, and kind,
My fate is bound, to seek and find,
the Love, I sought, comes from above,
he filled my cup, to brim with love.
The truth that day, I lost the earth,
flesh decays to dust, for spirits'birth.
Lines grimly etched, in horror stay,
the final act about to play.
That crystal light, not visible to worldly men,
they reel in fright, aghast at skin,
like the portrait of Dorian Gray,
their luciferic light, shines bold as day,
starlight descending to infra red decay.
I pick up my cross with heaviest heart,
can't find forgiveness, though that's my part.
Knowing this truth, I soldier on,
karmic bound, to forgive their wrongs.
His message, I repeat, is love turned tough,
change your ways, enough is enough.
My star I found, is freedoms dove,
not our words, our actions, reveal true love."
I found a love supreme
and lost the earth
Christ says go deeper
Sep 2020 · 112
stuck here
rainbows and flowers,
peace, love and light
illusion more dreamy,
ignoring my blight,
soul, white and creamy
lyrics so sweet,
didn't sit well,
with the ironed and neat,
now truth, clear as a bell,
not in heaven, or hell,
biggest clown fooled,
so easily caught,
looking for love, found nothing, naught,
here all alone , in a land with no sun,
with my bat aura frown,
carrying a ton,
smirking men,
nudge and wink,
their women sneer,
projecting stink,
don't know, what they know,
of my karma and fate,
know they heard lies,
incel, imbued hate,
I keep going,
because deep down, I know,
love told me the future,
is bright in its glow,
I now know the reason,
this happened to me,
my waters were choppy,
so stormy my sea.
Now penance, and rosaries,
feet rooted in ground,
still water runs deeper,
serenity found.
have no fear
if they want to **** me it would be a relief
they took everything precious , robbers and thief
Sep 2020 · 58
broken cabinet
Does anyone know, can anyone tell,
my memories jarred,
can't remember so well,
my instinct, my feeling, got kicked out of hell?
thought it was heaven,  
enraptured so bright,
not sun, but a fire,
in dark, darkest night.

Brains' blind spotted angle,
horror, shock, brimming tide ,
dark stained blackness,
encompassing wide,
killed all my  innocence, before she could hide.

Monstrous, fanged, hairy, wide shadowed, mouth,
wind, fire, thunder, hailstoning shout,
anchor skewered into my spine,
carrying all this, while still drinking wine,
in lalaland where I feel fine,
don't drink don't smoke what do I do ?
Aug 2020 · 78
cry rage cry
from first light to
almost new
i let rage cry
She sat in my  chair
followed me to town, to bring me down,
sometimes she stayed invisible,
feeling her, still made me feel sad,
bad, angry and mad.
wish I went to bed earlier,
she's sitting with me now,
tomorrow merged with today,
hope rage and sadness have had their say,
I honoured those guests 21 hours long,
maybe they got what they need,
tomorrow I hope i find ****.
dont need ****
but that day was a hard day
just when you think you have healed all that
another trauma surfaces
Aug 2020 · 47
Miss Ion
with blind faith,
that he, who wore the robe,
was good,
tiny little Miss Led,  
Miss took for his Miss Take,
resulted in a lot of Miss Chief,
made a lot of time for Miss Spent,
spinning lead into gold,
Miss Takes the highway,
to another town,
Mist her on Mainguard street
recognises her frown
knows how to turn out, down,
Miss Creant
breaks with love,
and the falconers glove,
grabs her coat, bus and boat,
Miss Out, Miss in,
Miss Tree,
Miss Sin,
Miss Use,
Miss Told,
now feeling bold,
Miss Treat,
Miss Handle,
Miss Hold a candle,
Miss Fire the flame,
igniting his brain,
Miss Adventure continues,
knowing for sure,
this universe central to her core,
some  Miss Score,
the ones who left, are all still here,
they hide in shame, resentment, fear,
they gather to talk about Miss In words,
out standing in their fields,
lack under standing,
her story they stab, they miss,
why the hiss,
telling lies for so long, still makes his story wrong,
this Miss Ion
where all the serpents tails are bit,
doesn't need a song,
to make a big hit,
they call her Miss Spent,
Mist her 'Sad is T' errific at hurt,
teaches her that Mist her Hate lacks faith,
she knows love is eternal and true,
God is the glue,
that keeps Miss True afloat,
knowing a white winged horse
which will arrive, off course
on a figure of 8,
Miss Step with fate.......
look up, look wide,
listen deep inside,
a quiet voice,
so soft and kind,
faithful and true,
if only they knew,
they wouldn't keep doing ,
the things that they do,
their best laid plans,
dye on their hands,
an iron pendulum,
keeps time in check,
truth is wilder than fiction,
what the heck.
not really a poet
but lockdown leaves me to my own devices
she accidentally met him
who had purpose
energetically speaking
it was truly love
he picked her up
and spun her like shes never been moved before
she surrendered
hoping her head would stay floating higher than the floor
if it did hit
she cannot remember
was it september, november , or december
who knows time has a funny way of running away
stopping,  past collecting , building a future to
this present tense,
here and now, doesnt seem to make  a lot of sense
signs would be too obvious,
the road a cross,
if she saw one she wouldn't believe it was telling the truth,
now she only has one route,
clouds keep gathering
stormy weather
Aug 2020 · 506
when parallel worlds collide
no words may be spoken
of the chaos left inside
how about this
you were not there
it was not real
my missing parts
you did not steal
digging deeper
deepest down
I found some thing
made me bold
alchemical gold
cannot be bought
cannot be sold
still brought a lot of trouble to my door
 future, present and what went before.
hide it in a bushell
Jul 2020 · 910
Change of Ethics
The Walls of Jericho came down tumbling,
they fell onto the ground,
they heaped up dust and rubble
all happened with a sound.
Standing, wrecked, solitaryobserving
as the ruins lay bare forlorn,
I felt my heart like old ways
irretrievably torn,
A new foundation is needed,
pile carefully brick on brick,
building firm on this foundation
because the old walls made me sick.
thank you path humble for sending me your poem You have taken my voice, it hurt me deep, it made me sad, and inspired me to write the above, I have been holding onto trauma a long time, I only realised it was there a year and a half ago, once I saw it I couldn't unsee, now to build a newer me, thanks I think I healed something today.
Jul 2020 · 143
dear chief
you know
these matchstick men
inked on wrecked angle blank page
you know these
women con trap
that act on command
because  match stick men
light their fires
more lovingly
if they pick up  that log
bound in the fog and burned
shore lights were on
sea  not at home
see **** thought less
about the other
or the fact shes a mother
of four peeping eyes
with heart shaped by minds
helped less when shes blind
not of your kind
from the other side of the tracks
where we don't got the backs
got a chance
when we sabotage
her glance
at any semblance of romance
cos we can
I guess thats why they call
you the man
in the know
of how does the garden grow
that they sow
#gonna tell the one who would know
Jul 2020 · 50
Glass ***** on titanium dioxide on oil,
heat yellowing lead on black,
retroflection in red, white, blue and green,
glass beads vaporised in aluminum.
Divided by reflective white spheres in rubber domes
Cells submerged in sulpherous acid while electrons race
to create Incandescent light tamed to think the commanding white incandescent mirrored lights revolving in blue casing
sounding the alarms
are angels.......
driving in the dark
Jul 2020 · 54
I found love
He knocked on my door
I let him in
his beauty profound
from ethics so sound
his purity, goodness good guide good dad
here right on time for which I'm glad
finally sunday morning in bed all day
with crumpled newpapers discarded
cross words resolved
the times here and now
examiner brings softest touch
telegraph wires touch and hold
star signs point to planetary collision
bright and bold,
starcrossed lovers find alchemical gold
If only
Jul 2020 · 106
pale face
getting sicker , face pale and wan
the wretched sickness,
and his tell tale heart,
splitting past and future wide apart,
falls deeper down,  needs to hide,
cannot stop the turning tide,
fights storm tossed waves, one by one,
while bad deeds topple, underneath hot sun,
others notice a new demeanor,
a once good man, now hard and meaner,
a young horse bolts out of the stable,
old mans myths,  his,stories,  fable.
a prince no longer, no longer sought,
he brought the battle,
spare a thought,
pray with strong aroma of frank  sense,
snapped chords of love,  past tense,
passages of time, wreaked havoc long and hard,
a broken mirror lies by truth discard.
I read the rule book and had to say, why does the man dictate our play, the ones in robe don't have a clue, how can they tell her what to do, test er one is good for he, but means little when she is she.
She knows her dreams and whats she got, she has a brain that thinks a lot, her heart beats to a different tune, her light is sun beams, stars and moon. It's simple as, and very plain, don't even know why
need to explain.  We're similar, but not the same, its not rebellion to break that chain, it comes naturally, so full of ease, to do exactly as she please.  Everything is sacred under the sun, just let her be, herself and real, doing what she deep down feel, a whole woman not a broken puppet, if you want that then date a muppet.
just messing around not trying to be profound
Jun 2020 · 58
World wide web
Bound by their cords, no room to breathe, lips turned to blue, love forced to bleed. Hate pulls web tighter closer to him, she surrenders her body, bound to his sin. Hate drags her down in deaths despair, Fate whispers to her, have no fear. The more hate pulls the tighter the bond, lacking resistance love stumbles on. Clasped tightly in earth's iron snare, devoid of hope, no body cares. When all is lost her spirit weak, her Masters voice from way down deep, sustains her life His living Word. Love breaks free, panic sets in, hate pursues, now unravelling, their world is built on shifting sands, her Lord reaches down she grabs his hand. The condemned lie, burns in its own fury,  condemned by it's own judge, and jury.
For my people are stupid. They gave me no heed, they are foolish children. They are not intelligent. They are clever at doing wrong, but unable to do right.
For among my people are found wicked men, who lurk, like fowler lying in wait:they set up a trap to catch men.
Jun 2020 · 62
broken mould
was not
will not
ever be
a woman who endured
like she
tossed to and from those many storms
pawed beaten broken in
facelined echoes of their rampant sin
shadowy formless beings still grip her throat
she prays for calm to steady her boat
Her Heavenly Dad showered her in Crystal light
Christgives her strength in the darkest night
Cognitive dissonance when people  educated and versed in law break it because they can....
Bipolar where some lives matter more than others
Mentally unsound a projection by employees of state to allow abusers abuse the powerless in launderies and institutions so they could hurt them without impunity
Good virtuous wives with noses stuck in the air because they don't want to admit their husbands are a danger to the public at large
You pat my back and I pat yours, in unison we pretend the victim are hoors
Jun 2020 · 425
ring of fire
don't fall in love
float and rise
when roots go deep,
Suspend disbelief ,
a guitar playing
chords of love,
earth shattering ,walls tumbling,
no longer full of herself,
believing in fairy tales,
she asked, she received
super bright, brilliant, ascending love,
brought her to a star
50,000 doors opened at once
they always had love,
It's true.
Jun 2020 · 117
I surrender
impatience never teaches
it is a mind trap like fear and self pity
The star attached to the back of my head
says trust, have courage, have faith
mostly that star speaks of Love
only Love
Jun 2020 · 67
people that you meet
thanks my heavenly dad and mother
for the rosemary tea seasoned wih salt from tears
dis may,  dis stance, happenchance,
now i remember why
i don't want to
Jun 2020 · 40
funny how secrets travel
outside the secret circle
while being encircled
alabryinthly put plans
stupendously clever  display of power over powerless
plenty of hands to pat the backs
got you man
well done everyone who made this joke
the jokes on you
Jun 2020 · 53
Glass ***** on titanium dioxide on oil,
heat yellowing lead on black,
retroflection in red, white, blue and green,
glass beads vaporised in aluminum.
Divided by reflective white spheres in rubber domes
Cells submerged in sulpherous acid while electrons race
to create Incandescent light tamed to think the commanding white incandescent mirrored lights revolving in blue casing
sounding the alarms
are angels.......
driving in the dark
Jun 2020 · 47
you win again
cry ,one of the two birds that delivers his pleasure,
impossibly, here for sure,nothing is less than nothing,
surmounted, surrounded, captured and grounded,
predated by a whole lot of somethings,
something always there to remind me,
something always there to catch with unsafety net,
something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue.
When Maria Madalena went to the tomb, she was told her Lord was with the living not the dead
Jun 2020 · 91
just became aware
of the upclose
right here.
Found fear grown so big
it disappeared
to no fear.
Wish you weren't there, here or elsewhere.
I have to concur you are.
Bowing to the act  played,
helped lead me to a headheld star
high up above where we were.
Jun 2020 · 60
this morning
this morning hope woke me , she whispered in my ear
you took that journey for love
hope told me ask love
before I ask her
I write this down

before the age of two, i knew baby Jesus,
in a manger in the crib of that church in London.  
Love I felt,  huge and eternal,
head over heels, following that star.
Carried me far, the heighest heights,
could not even begin to comprehend, or understand,
the plotters plot, and the planners plan,
how wide their webs of devices span,
dumbfounded, astounded,
perplexingly easily coerced and grounded,
my achilles heel,
just found it,
perpetually jumping from jelly into jam,
here i am.
Jun 2020 · 83

— The End —