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Tylie Jun 2014
Emotion wells up
like a blade piercing flesh
She has way to much emotion
and drunken in her thoughts she can't mesh
all her thoughts together
they all plummet apart
like her heart
falling to pieces as she picks them up
but they fall away again
she combats to hold them in her fragile hands
she's feeble and he knows that
she is anxious with doubt
to keep on with her life?
to mesh her life with his?
the journey is unyielding
but erratic upon arrival
which way to turn?
Tylie May 2014
I know that like a breath you consume me with every fiber of being
a need within me you fulfill
i stagger to keep up with you
the fragmented pieces of choices we have to make
our life before our hearts
our hearts lying upon the alter
our hands up in the air saying we surrender
we surrender to the life that is judging our motives
we just want bliss in the in-betweens of our love spells
our hazy kisses and our deep hugs
tug on heartstrings
while our fists collide
with a fight that meets at the corner
of compromise and patience
our love is patience
our life is in need of patience
and compromise
only words can conquer
communication in the least is the most
and it brings us closer
Tylie Apr 2014
Maybe im not as healed as i thought i was
anger wells up inside of me
as i ease through my memories that i have so longingly tried to erase
denial and shame have driven me away
"they loved me, so they wouldn't hurt me"
is what i used to so innocently feel
but now i dig for meaning of my past
and i see what is real
the brokeness was all around me
those who hurt me were hurting too
only a band-aid could cover the pain temporarily
but then its ripped off with every scorn or reality that is spit at me
"how am i supposed too help others if i cant help myself"
is what i think now
am i pitying myself
am i being sensitive like i have always been
i feel that nobody understands
neither do i
i cant escape the pain, anger, and shame
i hold inside
Tylie Apr 2014
Continuums of our nature
are starting to draw us together
like god created us to be.

me for you
and you for me
we harmonize in our balance
and falter in our articulations
but someday we hunger for more
more consistency in what we can control
nobody telling us where to go
knowing that we must hold our own
in this confounding world

We just want a home
a place to reside
when all the world is knocking with dilemmas
we can withhold in the shelter

But this residence won't only mask our problems
it will fix
all the brokenness of our past
we will have stability alas
and its up to us to carry on, no other shoulder to lean on
but our own
and each others
i on your shoulder
and you on mine
moving forward, always in time.
Tylie Mar 2014
We ride on clouds that bring us too that place
that place we are full of love and honesty
you tell me that i am your muse
that i am the only reason you move forward and
you say without me you would be nothing

i feel the same
but i am lost
in the world of my parents view
i am confused
who too please
will they disown me?

i must go with what i love for i love you and my family
but you will provide my future for me
you bring me everything i need
and everything beyond that

i choose you
we are invincible

i cherish you
i only want you
im all in
Tylie Jan 2014
i find comfort in you
in the ups and downs
the ins and outs

in the odd places we rage against
the tide only reels us in
an earthquake that bonds the earth together
in all the places that are meant too meet closer
than they already are

our destruction is beauty
the rain on a sunny summer day
the boldness of the trumpet in a parade

the harmony of the honk from one rage-ful car to the next
you are my best, the best within the chaos of our  noisy
mistuned life
Tylie Dec 2013
i think of his smile
and all his intensities
his anger, his love
he gets the best of me

his complexity is beautiful
his intelligence is ****
his flow of passion and ideas
caress me
and so does he

he treats me like a butterfly
something so rare
and marvelous

together we form some sort of metamorphosis
our balance so dependent on each other
we bring out the beauty
and disaster
found in the truth of us
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