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trisha Aug 1
you liked loud parties
and i liked the quiet nights
you liked jazz music
and i liked dancing with all my might
you liked the sunsets in the evening
i liked sunrises so bright
you'd play the piano
while i was there with joy to sing
blue was your favourite colour
but i favoured other things

you liked the way coffee never went well with cream
pour me an other, tea seems good to me
bright lights and city streets
but i felt the warmth under our sheets
you'd see things in ways i couldn't
but you couldn't see the words
i'd chosen
you picked up graphic tees
in thrift stores, more than one
i preferred long dresses
beach styled
you said were never fun

you had your table scattered 
with all things 
big and small
i had mine at minimalism
some things i wished i could afford

you pictured life like a movie
i, an escape in reality
i always wanted better for us
chasing perfection 
but darling you were just
mere exception

you liked me,
something i could see.
maybe i didnt like you enough
opposites attract?
no, not really.
this was so sudden, wanted something else as the ending but, this is good too.
trisha Jul 30
i love you, i love you
i still think it's not enough
the world moves to it's norm
and i am still,
silent, quiet
hesistant, hopeful
but here me out in the hustle
of the noise
and in your hectic schedule
in your car ride home
in your music
that i do
i always do
- love you.
trisha Jul 28
i'm kissing him
but i taste
your lips
and hear
your voice
and i am looking
into his eyes
i see your
brown ones,

- what have you done to me?
when you left, i still saw your silhouette in my room and that made me flinch away.

i am sorry.
  Jul 28 trisha
Stained Glass
"......they say is the greatest loss in life.  
But it's not.
The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."
  Jul 28 trisha
r buck
i searched for you
in the dark corners
of my mind
you weren't there

so i sat alone
in the spaces
where you used to live
and marvelled at

how cobwebs had
woven themselves
into iridescent cushions
softening the sharp edges

i longed for this
but sometimes liberation
can be
trisha Jul 28
i love him so,
i just hope he knows.
trisha Jul 21
you are words i wish i had stayed longer to read.
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