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trisha May 2020
she tells me lies i let her
she drives me crazy
and i know it's no good
i love her, i don't think i should
someone help me
i don't know
what to do.
trisha Mar 2020
if i was heartbreak
then what was love
if matches were lit up
why do u act so absurd
you painted me a whole lot of bad
what the **** was i supposed to say
in the courtroom full of disapprovals
i had to turn away
charge me guilty
for the things i ******* didn't do
yes, i broke your heart
but don't forget,
you ******* broke mine too.

- why is it always a one sided story?
trisha Feb 2020
another time maybe
we'll be destined for each other
we'll cross paths like you wanted us to
just like how you've always wanted us to
knowing time isn't in the palm of our hands
i promise to keep safe whatever was there
- whatever felt like it was there
even though it isn't me anymore
even though our touch doesn't feel the same
maybe we'd cross paths for real one day
just in another time and place
trisha Jan 2020
count your blessings
keep track of time
he doesn't love you
always keep that in mind
  Jan 2020 trisha
Christain Justina
He was imperfect
He was young
She loved him
She was crazy
She wasn’t so pretty
He loved her

He had doubts
He had challenges
She loved him
She was naïve
She was carefree
He loved her

He was smart
He was cute
She loved him
She got brains
She had talent
He loved her

He lied
He cheated
She loved him
He became rude
He was difficult
She loved him

He was scared
He was reckless
She cared
He was arrogant
He was insensitive
She was hurt

He ignored her
He hurt her more
She became different
He cheated more
He cheated carelessly
She ignored him

He became scarce
He cut off ties
She survived
He was addicted
He was pitiful
She had empathy

He fell
She brought him up
He got sick
She nursed him to health
She slipped
He didn’t catch her
He got into trouble
She turned her back on him

He wanted her back
She didn’t
It was too late
She felt nothing for him

She was,
A diamond he got
She was,
A diamond he lost
trisha Jan 2020
this is going nowhere
i hope you know that
i can feel the flowers dying out of thirst
and the fire burning out on a match

this is going nowhere
my replies are shorten to just one
i dont want to sound mean but
where the **** was the fun?

this is going nowhere
i am almost annoyed with everything you say
from A to Z to asking me
"hey, how was your day?"

this is going nowhere
i wish i never tried
but then a part of me thinks we cross paths
because at one point i felt like you needed to be mine

this is going nowhere
im spending time with my friends
i don't think of you often
i don't think about making amends

this is going nowhere
i was always ******* scared of commitment
what made me think i was ready
when i clearly wasn't?

this is going nowhere
i hope you know that
i don't love you anymore
it's not that kinda sad.
#heartbreak #love #hate #commitment #fear
trisha Nov 2019
don't think you wanna
talk to me
the way we used to
hard to define it
but it's true
far from above
your heart is
down under
coping with stress
sometimes i wonder
why my heart
isn't at place
why it's still beating
still trying to find trace
i am lost
hoping for a reason
you won't understand
maybe it was best
though it's not simple
nor can i say entirely complex
find me grieving
for the lost i had made
sometimes i kinda wished
you had stayed
now my words are dry
as i try not to cry
on these empty pages
my soul had tore apart.
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