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Toni Payne Jun 2016
A Great America – Poetry by Toni Payne.
I live in a country where
you are not just told to be all you can be
you are given the tools to do just that
I live in a country where
when things happen that are not right,
people don’t just sit back and ignore because it doesn’t affect them
I live in a country where
the voice of a child to help the homeless is not dismissed because she is too young
I live in a country where
charity is encouraged and oppression is discouraged
I live in a country where
when there is injustice dealt to a black man
both black and white will come together in protest
I live in a country where
irrespective of our differences, we stand together in times of tragedy
I live in a country where
most are compassionate and taught to be their brothers keeper
I live in a country where a nightclub shooting will bring out people
en-mass to donate blood, time and food, irrespective of their lifestyle differences
I live in country where
the six month sentence of a ****** causes mass outrage and protest
I live in a country where
the abuse of a child will cause mass public outrage
I live in a country where
irrespective of your social status or how much money you have, domestic violence is not tolerated
I live in a country where
a man can choose to preach hate, and the masses instead choose to accept love
I live in a country where
people care, people share, people speak for the weak
I live in a country where
people use their wealth to help, not to oppress
I live in a country where
animal lives are also important
I live in a country where
no matter how different we are
no matter how near or how far
no matter what differences we share
no matter what laws are not fair
one thing we all have in common is that,
in out own little way, with every passing day
we care for this great nation and want to make it a better place.
I could go on and on about what makes America great even with
it’s very visible imperfections
What makes America great to me you ask? –  The People
Who is America? What is America?
America is a melting *** of different people from different places
with their different cultures, different values, and different views
and someway, for the most part, most times,
we all manage to live in Harmony, sharing in the beauty of our differences.
From time to time, some of us will go against the grain,
and when that happens,
most of us will stand together – with love in our hearts because
United we stand, Divided we fall..
This to me is – A Great America.
Toni Payne Sep 2015
I miss the way we were.
These days it’s a struggle,
I feel like it’s unending,
Unnerving to get you to do it right,
Yeah I mean love me right.
Love me like I have never been loved before,
These days I can’t even recall,
The last time you reached out to call,
Just to say I love you baby I still care.
Maybe I hold on out of fear,
That losing you would tear me apart,
Even though it feels we are already apart.
Is it too much to ask,
That you love me gracefully,
Doing so faithfully,
Even if it’s barely unconditionally.
Love me with all my flaws,
My jealousy, because it’s you I adore.
To share? you know I wouldn’t dare.
Love me like the sun loves the day,
Like I’m Sitting in it’s ray,
Daydreaming of the day, that you will ask me to be yours,
Forever I wish to spend just being yours.
A love like mine is hard to find
But then again, maybe it’s just in my head,
Either way, you should be mine
I close my eyes once again, fantasizing.
In it we hold hands as we stroll in the moonlight,
The smell of sweet molasses as it trickles down my …. “Laughs”
Is it too much to ask,
For just a little romance?
It’s you my heart wants,
It’s you that I adore.
I think about us constantly,
I feel so broken hearted,
Because it always seems like I’m fighting for this love to be simple,
Drama free, no cheating.
Just the two of us making it work.
Love me like you have never loved before,
allow me reciprocate, because it’s you I adore
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Toni Payne Sep 2014
The knicks and the knacks of you and I.
The knicks as you chisel tru the glass enclosure around my heart.
The knacks of.. of.. of.. you on I…
Tear the walls down,
I mean beat the walls now.
The knicks and the knacks that have come to define our pact,
our pack,
our.. Knacks..
I visualize and shiver,
even in the shower the gentle whisper..
Touch…. Your… Toeeee……s
Oh stop it,
ur making me blush,
making my heart rush
The knicks and the knacks that have come to define US…
But wait,
Isn’t that what you wanted US to be?
The ability to derive pleasure selfishly.
Your narcissistic tendencies,
expecting me to conform to this atrocity…
But I did…..
Oh yes I did…
and foolishly,
unrepentant in every way,
I enjoyed every knick,
every knack,
in our little knick knack

you can check out this poem and my other works here
you can check out this poem and my other works here
Toni Payne Jul 2014
Life is like a battlefield
it could hit you mentally, emotionally or physically
days when you feel angry
like you originated
in a world that is meant to confuse
about the rules
like a rat race
where you are tryna to find your place
how can I define what is mine
so I can refrain
from feeling disdain
about things that will make me feel pain
and make me cry
because they were never mine
how can I refine
so I do not get denied
So I can feel useful
and not feel useless
asking myself every chance I get
what is going on?
all I want is for it to go on
I mean life!
all I want is for it to go on…..
like the picture in my head
it isnt perfect, not at all
its not like I want it all
just a chance to make the call
to make a way
and see a day
a chance to win this race
moving at a steady pace
so I can define the gravity in which..
I exist.!
I am not done
there is more to this, than this.
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Toni Payne Feb 2014
Its when other girls want u, I stand confidently
Cos I know I'm your fantasy and your reality
me cooking you meal, you step up to me,
you pull my hair, kiss my neck.
Draw me closer, kiss my lips, down to my navel.
Please Baby don't stop

  Its when you let me aspire to inspire you to take me higher, fulfill my desire.
Memories of you is all I need,
to believe and achieve a ****** so sweet.
I wanna watch u eat, while on your knees, listening to Alicia Keys.
This love is not just for anybody.

Its the way you feel while discovering me
Holding my hands down right next to me
The smell of your cologne,
it urges me to Hold u close and pull u near,
call you my dear cos your kind is so rare

Erotica !
its when u emancipate my body
Liberate my soul
Touch me in all the right places
Excuse my funny faces
I see vanilla skies
When you lick my chocolate thighs
**** I'm feeling so high

Its when ! love you endlessly
And follow u religiously
Don't mislead me
Please just give me
A touch of your lips
As u take swift dips
While I Twist my hips

Its when you are downtown, taking my emotions uptown
My head spinning
Because I'm winning

Its when we do it on the tiles, the rug, on the rooftop, or even the kitchen counter top
Take me to another world, another dimension, I dare mention
the bedroom is too conventional
****! my thinking is irrational!!

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Toni Payne Feb 2014
I met him in the city of angels
Fresh out of school, he was taking a course
His smile so divine, I was glad when he became mine…
Then I let him go…
I should have known it was you
The formal introduction, was so simple
my corporate guy, loved the way he rocked that suit and tie.
The one whose eyes smile when around me
The one who is there when naysayers surround me
I was naive, maybe a bit foolish
I trusted in words was a bit impatient
I should have waited for his next move
As time went by it just happened
Got carried away by the sweet words of another
Now you are gone but definitely not in the arms of another
Your heart now guarded, I sit and ponder
I should have known it was you
Your soft voice when you address me
Your warm touch when you undress me
The taste of your lips, when we kiss
Those are some things I really miss
Sincerity in words and also in action
Compassionate u are, caring, attentive
U wanted the best for me
Supported my hustle
I should have known it was you
But I was carried away,
Carried away by what seemed like a happier life without you.
but I never did find that peace without you
Overtime I began to reason
I saw the truth after many seasons
The sweet words failed me
The promises denied me
Now I’m feeling all alone
Wishing I started my life with you
I know with you I would have a happy home
Though you were never really gone
You kept in touch
But not that much
You let me know that u still cared
I avoided it cos I was scared
Years gone by we meet again
Desire still apparent in your eyes
We sit and talk
You hold my hand
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You kiss my lips
While grabbing my hips
We make sweet love
It feels amazing
You catch me gazing
Thinking to myself
Cud u be back in my life
This journey has been so rife
Cos now I fully realize
In my element I need u
At my best I crave u
With all my soul I respect u
With every breathe I take I love u.
I should have known it was you.
It couldn’t have been anybody but you.

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Toni Payne Feb 2014
In my minds eye I see darkness
I see pain.
The forces around me
They surround me
They try to deprive me
I try to break free.

Their touch is killing
I feel like breathing
I feel like healing
negativity out there demeaning
Not to me, but to he and to she
who dare address me
so quick to judge we

They believe,
Oh yes! they believe….
with their words, they have the power
to cut like a dagger
through my soul
leaving an empty hole?
I dont think so!

A look in their lifes mirror
speak volumes of imperfections
Pretending to be holy
Hmmm! Aint that sum sht homie..

Depression sets in
Aggression manipulates me
She wants me angry, vengeful, hateful
I will not give in

They control my mind
grab me from behind
My soul feels caged
I need to break free
I need to be me

I cannot conform
Who needs a reform
The voices, they come around me
Asking me to clean my surroundings

I hate this place,
I feel misplaced
I shout through my veils of lace
I don’t feel like cleaning this sh
t hole
So shut your pie hole, you as*hole!

In my white walls I wish you could see
What it takes to really be me
Allow me make my mistakes
Allow me do what it takes
Allow me… even if I break

I’m close to the key
I need to break free
Free from this *******
Mental, Emotional, Physical
Yes, they surround me
I need to break free.

The sound of metal through the silence
It rings like keys
I need to break free
In my white walls you can’t understand me
It takes a lot to really be me

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