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Feb 2014
Its when other girls want u, I stand confidently
Cos I know I'm your fantasy and your reality
me cooking you meal, you step up to me,
you pull my hair, kiss my neck.
Draw me closer, kiss my lips, down to my navel.
Please Baby don't stop

  Its when you let me aspire to inspire you to take me higher, fulfill my desire.
Memories of you is all I need,
to believe and achieve a ****** so sweet.
I wanna watch u eat, while on your knees, listening to Alicia Keys.
This love is not just for anybody.

Its the way you feel while discovering me
Holding my hands down right next to me
The smell of your cologne,
it urges me to Hold u close and pull u near,
call you my dear cos your kind is so rare

Erotica !
its when u emancipate my body
Liberate my soul
Touch me in all the right places
Excuse my funny faces
I see vanilla skies
When you lick my chocolate thighs
**** I'm feeling so high

Its when ! love you endlessly
And follow u religiously
Don't mislead me
Please just give me
A touch of your lips
As u take swift dips
While I Twist my hips

Its when you are downtown, taking my emotions uptown
My head spinning
Because I'm winning

Its when we do it on the tiles, the rug, on the rooftop, or even the kitchen counter top
Take me to another world, another dimension, I dare mention
the bedroom is too conventional
****! my thinking is irrational!!

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Toni Payne
Written by
Toni Payne
   ghost queen
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