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  Sep 2014 T2m
How can you be truly tough
In this painful world?
How can you stand firm
When the spears of agony are hurled?

Most people in the proud US of A
Don't have a clue of the
price they have to pay.

Western people do not know
What hardship really is.
So gratitude is lacking...
It is this...

Gratitude is having a ***
That doesn't leak,
To walk miles for diseased
Water from a creek.

Gratitude in thanking God
For the dry wood
To cook the rice or millet
For your food.

Gratitude is finding
A pair of shoes
In a garbage heap
That you can use.

Gratitude is finding
Pesos in your hand
When you beg the streets
In a poor land.

Gratitude is escaping
Vicious thugs
Who deal in human
Trafficking and drugs.

Gratitude is Hellen Keller
With no hope
Finding Annie Sullivan
To cope.

Gratitude is having NOTHING
And in pain
On one's deathbed, but yet
The fact remains

They are redeemed
And they have Lord Jesus' grace
So they know that they
Will look in his sweet face.

Being tough is seeing life
As is and still not breaking
Being brave and looking
Not forsaking

Being tough is a
Mental attitude.
Loving God and thanking Him


Catherine Jarvis
(C) September 28, 2014
I think the above says it all.
I want to thank quinnfinn for
The inspiration.
T2m Sep 2014
Close your eyes honey.
Take my friendly hand
Let me carry your worries
Close your mind ' s eye
I know a place you' d like.
I know of this island
It has a comfy house on the sea
shore ' s sand .
The house encircled with a plush
lawn ,
And on this island the sun never
frowns .
See her laying on the sea, but she
will be up by dawn .

Can you hear the sweet song from
the brushes ?
Can you see how the water , to the
shore , rushes ?
Look in the pretty clear sky
See the variety of beautiful birds
flying by.
Please honey , let me make your
heart smile .

In this sweet get away
let me bear your pain and kiss your
worries away .
  Sep 2014 T2m
She glistens beautifully on the river night
With blurred sparkles yet glinting
She waited so long for her daylight
But He only came when she’s sleeping

He shines brightly with infinite fervor
Giving life to the ones in pain
He knew it’s impossible for them to sustain
To see her once he’d always hoped for

They always knew it was unviable
But their love bestows hope on earth
Their curse afflicted despite their denial
Yet they still believe in their oath

They’re inclined to do their utmost
Knowing everything will eventually be in tarnish
Not remorseful to what they lost
Until they prevail on what they wished

They finally met from time to time
Only to be torn apart again & again
Yet they cherished their eclipse to rhyme
**For the love they always believed in.
I always envy those who are in a long distance relationship  who got married or decided to live together. They didn't give up. It's really heart wrenching to wait at the other end  to wait like a few months to meet or the worst, once a year.
But then when you think about it. If two people are really meant to be together, they will be.
Even if they're like 15000 miles apart, if they're bounded by fate for each other. Nothing will break them.
And this i got inspired  by looking at the eclipse . It was really beautiful:)
(And I reposted this because I feel that it deserves more recognition. So if you guys could repost this it would be awesome. Cause I want to let those who are in LDR to know it's not that bad, you just have to believe. But then again you have to choose too)
T2m Sep 2014
The wrongs we have shelfed
Growing retrogressively
Strayed far, home's long lost
  Sep 2014 T2m
Ocho the Owl
I've loved
I've lost
I've pined away for someone who didn't even know I existed
I've bled
I've cried and sobbed sorrowfully
I've moved on
I've contemplated on ending my life to end my suffering
I've triumphed
I've achieved
I've met my goals just at the deadline
I've crossed the line point of no return
I've loathed myself
I've been kind to a perfect stranger
I've given loads of my time and energy to a worthy cause
I've wondered
I've pondered
I've doubted
I've sat in silence
I've pursued what speaks to my soul

*I've lived
T2m Sep 2014
I am human
Yes I am
I don't mean it in a demeaning sense
Being human is the greatest gift I've received.
I am just trying to admit my flaws
I fault now and then, so just in case I have but a straw
Just know I love you too much
So much that On this thought I stucked
"What will become of me should I lose you?"

In this certainty
Doubts beclouds me
Not doubts whether I love you or not
But doubts of what if I go wrong
The human in me assures I surely would
Should I do,
I never meant to.

Just in case
In my flaws
I go wrong
I mean these words
I pray you not to get weary

My flaws are but a stream
Flowing side by side my love for thee
Both of which collects into an ocean
An endless ocean of love affection and adoration.

Just in case I go wrong
This you must before hand know
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