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  Jun 2018 Libeth
I see you standing there
I can see the pain masked by a smile
I can see how broken you are

I want to help you
I want to make you feel wanted
I want to make you happy

But I don't know how
I don't know what to do
I don't know how to act

I wish I could help you
I want to help you
I can help you

I've been through this
I know how this works
I know how I got through this

Maybe I can heal those scars on your wrist
I just want you to open up
I need you to open up

I know that it is hard
I understand what this means
I might not understand completely

I can try to understand
I will understand
I just need you to trust me

Let Me
Help You

Shut Me

For the one who has my heart
  May 2018 Libeth
you, my love
taught me how to cut my hair
and shed my clothes

you, my love
asked me to go for a swim
and left me drowning because
i didn't know friends could take your breath away too

somehow, you’d drawn pretty lines
between every good thing in my life
and your pretty hands
all you are is a pretty girl
but your skin was so different from mine
i couldn’t help but try and mimic you
become you

i was never as good as you were
at batting my eyelashes at the right guy
i always chose the ones who broke hearts for sport
i never quite got the hang of the distant act
that even i would fall for
and i would never be good at mind-numbing small talk
that we seemed to beg for, just to fill the empty space between our hearts

your life was never real
because pretty girls like you
aren’t just pretty
but mean
and hurtful
and they will leave you
broken and bleeding on the side of the road
because you were a failed experiment

i don’t want to be mesmerised by your eyes anymore
because when i walk past you,
all i see is the despair under your eyes
you can’t fool me
like you did every other pretty girl
you’re just as broken as i am
but i swear to you,
i sleep much easier
knowing i don’t always have to be pretty.
Libeth May 2018
eyes wide open
words are choking
my heart is reopen
you are provoking
Libeth May 2018
I understand where it all went wrong
It went downhill the moment I found out about her

She was a new scene
A new air to breathe
Something that you wanted
But you had me.

You fell into the desire
And yet you called me the liar.
I was a fool
And yet I still believed you.

As we made love, you killed me.
At my last breath, I realized:
I was only a passing time
And a crime of passion
  May 2018 Libeth
there's this feeling i get
after firefights
when shells are still reeling
across the ice

and i'm still a little
blind and deaf
but the world's crystal clear
and i could just

crash to the ground and
cry like a kid
because fighting for you
kept me alive again
our world's gone
a bit blind and deaf
but i sense
our love will make it
out of this
Libeth May 2018
i grab onto the walls.
i tumble down to the floor.
my head is falling apart.
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