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 Feb 2021 Kade
 Feb 2021 Kade
I hate for I was deceived
You hate for I am weak
Others hate for they do not understand

In-between the breathes of panic
While blood trickles to my fingers tips
The only hate that I know
Is the one for my myself
I’m sorry
 Feb 2021 Kade
The Runner
 Feb 2021 Kade
Stuck in the thick that drags me under
I struggle for breathes, grasping for the surface
The runner appears beyond the drowned
Do you see me?

A sense of familiarity blankets my surroundings
Yet it is shrouded with insecurity
The runner stops to peer into the abyss
Can you help me?

I reach to where the moon and stars used to be
Your conflicted face reduces to fear
Only hesitating before fleeing
Where are you going?

I sink deeper than before
As the runner abandons the gloom
A stream of tears left next to your footsteps
Why are you crying?

Now I am consumed
Now I am alone
And now I am tired
Why did you leave?
The runner suffers just as much. They do not want to runaway, but it is in their nature.
 Feb 2021 Kade
 Feb 2021 Kade
Why do I fear losing when I’ve already lost
Why do I fear hate when I’m already hated
Why do I fear the scars when I’m already bleeding
Why do I fear death when it is already upon me
 Feb 2021 Kade
 Feb 2021 Kade
My skin has become a tic-tac-toe board swarming with X’s
Fresh scars etched as new spaces are uncovered

I am running out of room
I am running out of time
 Feb 2021 Kade
 Feb 2021 Kade
In the seasons
I sat lonely
I learned what souls
to call my friend,
exposed by
changing colors
some did blossom
some did end.
Friends are like flowers.
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