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  May 2018 Alive
I will forever remember
Those beautiful deep brown eyes
That you thought were so plain.
But darling, you could not see:
how could you possibly see?
The way they shined in the sun
breathtaking hues of mahogany
Melting into golden rays
Circling an eclipse
your “plain brown eyes”
truly aren’t plain at all
they are a stunning mixture
of every color known to man
The most beautiful sunset on earth.
Your eyes are the most vivid memory I have of you, even after all of these months. You always used to call your eyes "boring and plain" and even called them "**** brown." But to me, your eyes were the most beautiful color I've ever seen. You know when you mix a bunch of colors together and it all turns brown? Thats how I viewed your eyes... The deep brown was just a mixture of everything you could offer the world.
Alive Apr 2018
my love
is warm and welcoming
unconditional and forgiving
undeniably passionate
yet you drained that love from me
pouring it out and wasting it away
because you believed it would never cease
taken for granted time and time again
I became accustomed to feeding your heart
without first caring for mine
until the love had withered
and there wasn’t enough for both of us

I thirsted for the love
that you wouldn’t give me
because I gave all I had to you
  Feb 2018 Alive
It’s hard to break into a home
With no windows or doors
Good thing no one knows where I hide
They can’t see the mess I’ve made
They can’t see the holes in the walls
Or the wall paper peeling away
They want to fix my home
Like they know what colors suit the walls
They find my squeaky floors annoying
But they sing to me as I sleep
They want to cover the holes on the wall
they don’t look nice
They don’t bother filling them in
It’s more convenient to cover them with frames
It saves time and words
But good thing no one knows where i hide
On the outside I fit right in
You think you know what goes on in my head
Alive Jan 2018
I had been drowning for so long
fighting to stay afloat
feet kicking while I’m slowly sinking
desperately gasping to breathe

I figured that it was hopeless,
in what appeared to be an endless sea
helplessly flailing about in the water
there’s no one here that can rescue me

“how can you drown
if you know how to swim?”
but even a fish can drown in the water

time has passed and I’m feeling defeated
I can no longer fight
I let my body surrender
I close my eyes as I’m falling backwards
waiting to be swept away by the tide

but instead,
just as I thought I’d vanish completely
I became weightless
I was no longer sinking
I open my eyes
a rush of relief
I begin to float
and I am able to breathe.
This piece, to me, is the most meaningful one I’ve written so far. When you have depression, sometimes nobody notices when you’re drowning.
Alive Jan 2018
I sat alongside the water.
I let the subtle sound of the gentle waves crashing against the shoreline drown out my own thoughts and troubles.
I sat in solitude from midday to sundown.
I waited for the sky to part with the day’s sunlight.
I waited for the sky to glow with bright swirls of orange and magenta, before the sky greets its stars.
Instead, the sun quietly sank away, its rays hidden by the clouds as the night rolled in.

I am the sun of my own universe.
Some days my presence is vivid and my energy is something you can’t help but notice.
And some days the clouds hide my radiance.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t shine again tomorrow.
I needed some me time today, and I found myself some inspiration.
Alive Jan 2018
I fight to shake the crippling feeling of knots in my stomach,
most days I can do it with ease.
I’m alive and bright and everyone takes notice.
but today was one of those days,
I had succumbed to all of the day’s chaos and disarray,
sinking like an abandoned ship.
I am overwhelmed and agitated,
My face is hot and my heart pounds in a rage against my chest.
all I want is to get through the day.

the moment I finally have a chance to breathe,
I can’t help but to fall apart.
all of my anger had turned into tears,
today I felt defeated.
but it was just a bad day and I usually don’t let it consume me,
but sometimes it happens and the day can be so unforgiving.
We all have bad days, thankfully tomorrow is a new one.
  Dec 2017 Alive
It's time to write
To write indeed
A poetic mind
Need's to feed
It's time to conjure
Something new
Something beautiful
Something true
From far above
Or bitter below
It's time to let
Your feelings flow

Paint your picture
Be perceived
The prose, the laughs
The miseries
It's time to write
So take the lead
Write it down
So you can breathe

We need something to read!
Traveler Tim
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