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YUKTI Jan 2018
If I were to punch you
I would punch your heart straight not akin you did  because your wound will surely meliorate!!
YUKTI Jan 2018
For once let me find you on my side at least once..
For once accept and respect my decision at least once..
For once stand in front of those who are making fun of me at least once..
For once just stop feeling hate for me at least once..
For once break the ice at least once
So for once I can swim the flood like life if you be my life guard.. for once
YUKTI Jan 2018
My dust covered Kohl once said that, "he love your eyes when I am in them..
He left and you cried..
cried and cried..
and then stopped using me..
Did you ever feel how your eyes look without me?
How I feel kept for months on your table without any use?

So my dear let me adore your eyes once again and go and see the world once again
YUKTI Jan 2018
I wish I could die unnoticed
Like I am living..
In slippers and
nightdress ..
A little drunk and
a half burned cigarette In my hand..
I wish I could die unnoticed
Like I am dying daily.
YUKTI Dec 2017
For once hold my hand again.
Don't let me turn Back again.

Sometimes you will feel my attitude little high..
But please do not cut my wings I want to fly.

I jaded to bloom
So let me feel my living a boon!!
Simran Sardana Jun 2017
Left me for someone better
He didn’t knew
I became the best
The day he left!!

— The End —