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I envisioned the world as an art gallery exhibiting different types artwork. I obsessed over the thought so much i worked on an art piece i imagined displayed in the hall of fame show room. The desire became stronger and i kept going back to the drawing board. I was frustrated! All i just wanted was to design a masterpiece!! I penned down my disappointment ready to give up,  i scribbled my few feelings and the words seemed to rhyme, a form of artistry that would eventually lead me to the creation of my masterpiece. The art of poetry. From then i mastered singing the writeups the art of music. I painted wonderful pictures through the use of my words, it was an influential choice of art this could be it. I wanted to discover more of my artistic ability. I watched myself become that very thing i wanted to create. An artist who began to transform into a piece of art. I became art personified. if words failed me, i sang. If the mic signature faded, i became a incomplete canvas smeared in ink subtly revealing the my passion for art. All along i was the masterpiece, an embodiment of everything art. Since then the art gallery displays my idiosyncratic
artistic composition. Yes, aristole was right , "we are what we repeatedly do".  

Done by Gabriella Kundiona

— The End —