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Pete McIntire Jun 2018
Today I saw a human
That used to be a stranger
Until we realized that through each other
We could dissect our inner angers

So piece by piece
We sat together
& picked my brain apart
Until I found out that it started
During the first trimester
when I evolved & grew a heart


(My attempt at describing
the way that I interpret life)
-Imagine the broken plate haiku-

I’ll be the plate
& the world can be the spite
That shattered me on the floor
Just to get me out of sight

Only this time the “sorry”
Actually brings me back to life
But each time a piece is missing
& it’s on repeat for every night.
Pete McIntire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
The day that we walked thru the graves
Time stood still & let love have its way.

I’ve never been the type
To realize what I have
Until it’s dead.

However on that day
I felt my mind shift
& I let you take over my head.


Self taught pain
Maybe this is it

Gaze into my abyss
Today I saw my life for what it is
Pete Mcintire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
Since you lack what's called belief
Than become your own God
& better yourself for me

Cause now you're broken
& it’s easier for you to hide
But who has to clean this all up when you die
Pete McIntire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
It's such an odd feeling;
When you start talking to someone new

The way that you exchange war stories;
To see who's "ex" left the deepest bruise.

Just to remember,
The time that you did that with them too.

I'm not really sure what's up from down.

I have felt this way before.

Then the darkness hits.
That's when life is almost like a mirage.
Like, is any of this real?
I specifically told myself that this isn't the way to deal.

With loneliness,
That's a feeling best described with the lights shut off.
Pete Mcintire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
My Holy Ghost came
In the form of anxiety
In the night.

She said, “You’ve got to
Start moving until momentum
Gets you by.”

At first I began to question
Because; I guess that’s just
What I do.

Than I ran to look in a mirror
To see the person that
Gets me through.

ie, myself
Everyone leaves
When you’re stuck in the mud.

So I listened to my heart & started
Pushing; thanking an apparition
That I wasn’t where I was.

Sometimes; the grass isn’t greener on the other side.
& it took renovating
My mind to finally feel what that was like.

& now I’m flying &, I should be dead.
Pete McIntire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
Love was the Afterthought;
To my emotion &,
My madness.


Hate is why I cannot feel;
Yet the world just sees,
My empty glasses.

P. S.

May your freedom bring you both happiness
& joy.

Until the day we meet in Hell where I can play
You like a toy.
Pete McIntire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
Take away my soul;
Leave me with my bones.


Make me what you need;
Before you drop me off at home.
Pete McIntire
Pete McIntire Jun 2018
Today while writing out words to break down & create anagrams that I could use in my writings. I realized that the anagram for "Secret Admirer" is "Dreams Reciter".

Crazy right?

The girl that I think about all day,
Practices my dreams at night?

If only I could tell you the words;
I'm afraid they're all ones I've never heard.

To bring you the sun & take all the rain.
To transition you to earth;
From my brain.
Pete McIntire

— The End —