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Frannie Jun 18
Eyes heavy but mind refuses to be quiet
Shedding tears I've been holding back, falling, silent
I can't sleep, don't want to think, but its  beyond my control
My heart is hurting, mind is confused, but no one to console
A broken soul, longing and yearning for the love it deserves
Love is all I wanted and now its too late
No time to turn back, you've been given your fate!
My eyes are heavy, my mind is steady, but still I'm awake!
Frannie Jun 18
Listen to your heart and follow your dreams.

Don't give up so easily, lifespan's not as bad as I seems.

Life is full of ups and downs, we don't always swim up stream.

Listen to your heart, never dim your light, just let it beam.
Frannie Jun 18
Unknown, unidentified, unheard and
yet unbothered.

Unfiltered, uncensored, uncentered and
yet uninhibited.

Unrestricted, unrestrained, unleashed and
yet unencumbered.

Unastonished, unimpressed, undazzled and
yet unabashed.
Frannie Jun 18
Why does the heart easily forgive what the mind can't erase?

Why can't the head block out memories of the love that's been replaced?

Why can't the body forget the warmth of your embrace?
Frannie Jun 17
I fold, I bend, I stretch
But I don’t break.

I chip, I crack, I flake
But I don’t crumble.

I press, I squash, I scrunch
But I don’t split.

Frannie Jun 17
*******, faded love deceitful
Not willing to put the other above
All the many that comes before
Where one plus one becomes four
******* faded love
Where all is one and one is none
Love devoured by the hour
Love spoiled, bitter and sour
******* faded love
Not willing to part
Eridan Ampora Jul 2014
Recently I'vve changed my name to Eridan Ampora
He's from HomeStuck
I'll be wwriting poems about Blood Colors and the Hemospectrum from here on out
After I'm done Ill be back to wwriting normal poems
Formal Notice of my change

— The End —