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Seeing the day arise
Seeing the lonely looking sky
It's no wonder I'm feeling so blah
It's mornings like these ,
I just wanna sleep the day away
No emotions no feeling the drag
Then awake to a sunny day nah
life's not gonna play it my way
So here I go anyway
© Jennifer Delong 1/16/19
You look at me
And my head jerks back

What was that?!
It wasn’t me!
Why is my body trying
To torture me

The embarrassment
You must think I’m mental

It's like a knee-**** reaction..
But it's a head-**** reaction.
totally random thing that happened to me today. i don't know why it happens, but sometimes i'll look at something and my head will just **** back... super weird!
Some of the craziest blue eyes
That you’ve ever seen
Bright blue eyes
Always observant
Always watching

Dull green eyes
Never noticing
Never seeing

What do you do
When the one you want
Is the one who doesn't notice you

— The End —