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ollie Sep 2018
When I was thirteen I finally realized there’s no way I could go to college
Rephrase: There’s one way I could go to college
I’m too talentless to win scholarships
People say I stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd but not enough to be chosen for money
Never enough
When I was twelve I learned that Harvard offers free tuition and dorm to students whose families make less than 100,000 dollars a year
And I laughed
Because I thought that was everyone
Turns out it isn’t
But it sure as hell is me
So I try so hard
Hard enough that I can get into a program there
I realize high school is a competition
We’re ranked for a reason
And I’m starting at the top
I will never let anyone take me down
I can’t afford to
Literally and figuratively
I know it sounds ambitious
I know I sound insane for even thinking I could get into that school
But it’s the only way
So I’m climbing
And I will never miss a step on the ladder of success
Because I know what it looks like to fall
it’s weird but i would die to get into harvard. it’s an incredible education and they’d pay for my tuition - it’s honestly my only chance at college and i know i’m smart. i know i could do it but it’ll really be hard
I do not like the cell collective
overall, I find it ineffective.

It makes me want to pull out my hair.
The information that's on there
has little to nothing to do with the course,
and requires searching in an outside source.

I am not paying my lab fees
to do simulations that are like these.
Please discontinue to use this in class.
Ask “Would you do it again?" I'd say “Nah, I pass"
Is this really how my tuition dollars and lab fees are being allocated?!
solfang Mar 2018
let's be friends, wait -
no, let's not be friends;
feelings, stop confusing me.

do you know you sound
like two angels bickering -
and then making out?
when you stare at me,
my reflex says run fast,
but all I want to do;
is run close.

you, I really hate you,
annoying *****,
sometimes I want to
slap you straight
into my face, then lips.

and then when I saw you,
behind the ***** windows
with your friends,
and my female best friend,
laughing and sounds of
woos and hoo's -
I give up.

                ***** this 'friend-****'.                                        

you once said,
let's be friends,
and I said, go to hell;
but ten years later,
all I want to say is,
let's be friends,
behind the screens.
Was checking out the Facebook of my first crush— wondering if I should send him a friend request. Partially my fault that a friendship never happened. I was an obnoxious girl back then.

— The End —