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Meagan Jan 2013
~The sensation of experiencing everything
   Everything is never nothing; worthy of remembering
~ Beauty surrounding your senses, inhale with every breath
   You're invincible, the outline image of mystery
~ Looking over with increased anticipation
   All words are shuffled with variation
~ Confident in your surroundings, anywhere and everywhere
   Thrilling vibes, never realize a judgmental stare
~ Only recognize the unrecognizable, every detail
   Every aspect of life, all in different realities
~ Immortal visions, images sufficient for a lifetime
   Liberating memories, sensational at its very prime
~ Gleaming within the mind, I feel the feels you feel
   With intertwined consciousness, we debate on what's real
~ Implausible explanations, never impossible excuses
   To acquire this forever, would inflict internal bruises
~ This level of fun, fundamental producer of freedom
   For, this prosperous feeling rids you of being numb
  ~Meagan Williams
The endless ideas my mind interprets the word "Fun" to mean.
Grace Pickard Jul 2014
I am the water that trickles down your     throat
With each gulp you drink into me-I         satiate
I am the air your lungs breathe in and           out
Filling each breath only to be expelled consistently
I am the empty space between your blinks
The lacuna that widens your range of sight
I am the sun that beats down on your
Nourishing your cold bones- becoming emaciate
I am the moon pulling the ocean in and out
Mystifying your unmitigated thought
I am the matter surrounding all you
Which must cause you quite the horrid fright

Love breathes into life;
Without life, love dies.
For being alive: I give you my love, but my presence will haunt you...for you live because of me and vice versa.
July 13, 2014
©2014, Grace Pickard, all rights reserved

— The End —