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It sits there on the sideboard
Or on the mantle shelf,
And after such a long time
You don’t notice it yourself.
But should you have a visitor
Or younger child come by
It will spark interest anew
And gasps of “Me oh my!”

It’s then the curious wonder
How the ship was put inside,
And where the opening’s concealed
And was it hard to hide?
And if you put it in there
How many times you tried?
And if it went in through the neck
How could it be so wide?

It’s then you tell the story
Of going to the store
To find a bottle of good clear glass
With a shape worth planning for.
Dimple Haig is famous,
Carduh’s pretty fair,
The first one is triangular,
The other one is square.

The bottle must be decanted,
When empty cleaned and dried,
And a careful measure taken
Of the dimensions inside.
It’s then you render drawings
Of the ship you want to make,
And plan out going backwards
Every step you’ll have to take.

First you carve the hull
Of wood with grain that’s fine,
Then step the masts with hinges
So they fold down in a line.
You add the sails and rigging,
Check how they’ll *****
When’s time to pull the halyards
Through the bottle’s neck.

It takes months to finish
Doing a little every night,
I had my children watching
And remarking at the sight.
They saw me put in plasticine
To mold and shape the ocean
And carve wave crests with a spoon
To give the water motion.

When at last the time is right
And everything is ready
You carefully set the ship upon
The sea and hold it steady.
Then pulling on each halyard
The sails are slowly raised
And those who watch the process
Stand enchanted and amazed.
My great grandfather sailed to New Zealand on a ship called the Wild Deer in 1872. I have always loved ships in bottles, and one day decided I would drain a pretty bottle of its contents and put the inspiration back inside. It took three months to complete the project.
AJ Simmons Mar 2018
Everywhere I go,
No matter the pull I tread low'
Low beneath the underpass and gutter
Filled with slime grime and clutter
Of mind
Of rats
And delinquents not men
Let loose in a remote controlled pen
Freer are pigs and caged little hens
We don't know we chase
An unquenchable thirst
And blindly can't see the fishing wire
That it's dangled from in front of our faces.
Donna Mar 2018
TV cabinet
Two squares make a rectangle
One square a TV

A ceiling made a
square , a wall made a square too
Light switches square too

Double plug socket
made a rectangle , pictures
made squares on square wall

Rose pendants made a
circle , ah a circle I
see a round circle

Little window made
a square , a door and a frame
made a rectangle

The sun and the moon
a circle just like washing
machine wash cycle

Woo it's been a day
full of squares and rectangles
and a few circles

I think this is not a
poem but it's rather long
Like a rectangle
:just shifting whatever comes to mind x
a poster
here showed
her captive
still knows
her radiant
looks replace
her opportunity
where looks
were here
only to
browse and
dispel our
fear of
brazen and
trim her
eyes there
with antiquity
Poetic T Sep 2017
life is a rubix's  cube,
some times its just
                a mess of colour...

And every so often
      they all match and
                     your content...
Peter B Sep 2017
Life is fair,
when the day is dying,
and I can see pigs flying
over Trafalgar Square.

The fountain is singing,
the drunkard is drinking,
the homeless sparechanging
the night.

Sir Nelson is chilling.
The busker is screaming
and blind men are dreaming
about light.

The moon is starwatching.
The buskers Beatlesing.

Im trafalgarsquare'ing
my rounded dreams
Nothing is as real as it seems.
Paul Jones Dec 2015
The more I mean it     the more my will melts,
with resolute strength,     square's into circles.
Poetic T Jul 2017
Squared not circular
              for everything  

That needing motions of what
              is meant.....

Circle is Neanderthal
           but you can call
                   me old school...
25 words word prompt pizza...
certifiednutcase Sep 2016
And we return back to square one:
where windows are grilled and
hierarchy is based on what you wear.
where movements are restricted but
thoughts run wild without restrains.
A square is not a circle.
But yet,
Acts like one.

Things come in full circle. 

Life is humorously ironic.
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