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Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
It happened
This feeling
It does when you're around
Not a new sensation
In your presence unwound

The floor suddenly unstable
Barely holding feet
Grace formerly following
Crashes to ground in a heap

I cannot stop staring
Thought I had more control
Enchanting face is spellbinding
Look and my stomach starts to roll

What is it about your honesty
That causes me to do crazy things?
Am I having hallucinations?
Have I sprouted wings?
Cause you make me feel like I am flying
Amanda N Skaggs Apr 2020
Sprouting towards the sun.
New life leaves shade underneath.
Future babies born.
Inked Quill Mar 2019
It’s been a while
That we’d last met
For a coffee
Our fingers met
Like our hearts
Opening to each other
I miss the moments
Of poignant silence
I’d drawn words
On your chest
In the shadows
And pried open
My own emotions
I hope
You’re doing well
And the words
Have sprouted flowers
In your scars...

— The End —