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cfw Jul 2019
Love is complex;
     it is not fair;
     and is filled with vex.
Love means to dare.

Love is rare;
   it is filled with bliss;
   and happiness making you want to just stare/
Love is best shown with a kiss.

Love is to miss
   someone you adore dearly,
   causing you to reminisce.
Love is to care fiercely.

Love is like the sun,
   especially when it is with your special one.
Trying my first spenserian sonnet
Another Bad Poem Feb 2018
i did not know how she would make me feel,
the way she would intrude upon my heart.
i wish that i could make a simple deal
and make sure we are never torn apart.
i could not really figure out what part
this woman would be playing in my world,
the basic machinations of her art
making me fall before my plan unfurled.
i could not guess how i would want her curled
against me, falling into peaceful sleep,
thoughts drifting far as quickly as she hurled
herself into my dreams, so far, so deep.
she helps me deal with what has come before
and i will stay with her forevermore
here's some sonnet practice
i hope you enjoy
especially you, you know who you are
beth Aug 2017
supernova girl, don't be surprised.
you with the dark hair and darker love,
you with all the stars in your eyes,
you ought to know, i've had enough.

supernova girl, your heart glides like a dove,
you're radiant and warm, a beacon of bright
you've got the kind of passion i thought they only spoke of
you make me believe in the forever promise of daylight

supernova girl, when i hear you, i take flight
you sing and the world begins to know grace
you give me wings when i believe i'm ratite
you've helped me to know i have a place

oh, haven't you heard, supernova girl?
you are the best part of my world.
for alex and mitch (10/01/17 - 22:04)
RJ Days Jan 2017
For now we find ourselves in fear beset
As if these trials arrive from new angles
To form, congeal and harden shelled regrets
One shard of hope which just cuts and mangles
Though torn we pray the blind may discover
How truly gruesome lies were dangled
Which spun their hate into this awful blunder
Bidding sisters’, brothers’ hands to strangle
Not reaching down to lift, but rip asunder
A people’s love for neighbors, laying blame
On all who won’t ennoble he who plunders
Mocking facts, weighing truth and lies the same;
We know not where to look to make us whole
Bodies resisting, barely cling to souls.
RJ Days Apr 2016
Now hiding hearth and packing wools away
A careful tide arrives to mark changed towns
Chartreuse of verdant blooms commence decay
While we can’t stop what grows by leaps and bounds
Which soil holds firm or shifts beneath the clowns
It’s blind to glimpse so far as nations go
Unfaithful seed of those whose blood still grounds
Our stars and stripes which fly through ebb and flow
Mothers may darkly wail by morning glow
Seeking to raise their daughters to bright dawn
And burn hewn totems to some men they know
Dancing through smoke which wafts hither and yon
Yet fools by terror ******* and billions mocked
Win while we wait with angst by tics and tocs
My first Spenserian sonnet, expressing anxiety for the Republic.
RJ Days Jan 2016
Soft flakes are held aloft while drifting down
to keep those splendid structures quite intact;
Then up from pavement–piling on firm ground–
they halt all urban bustle in its tracks;
Strong plows have tried their best to push snow back,
but once this weather starts I’ve lost control;
It’s time to settle in, hear branches crack
and with my quilts and ***** I'll fight the cold.
How odd that every day has such a hold,
hurling the musts and shoulds with all its might,
until those tiny flakes conspire to scold
nice days for their mad toil and grant respite:
Sometimes it takes the ice and slush outside
to truly feel the warmth from which I hide.
This is my first Spenserian sonnet. I'm getting behind on my sonnet game. I know Shakespeare won't be writing anymore, but that's no excuse for dawdling. 155 or Burst!

— The End —