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cfw Jul 2019
relationships are beauty
     reflected from one another;
     they're not a duty.
relationships guide you to someone you can smother

relationships may cause suffer;
      this is only for a little while,
      especially when the shards of your heart are finally together.
relationships brings to your face - a great, big smile

relationships make you go the extra mile;
     they're beautiful, really.
     perhaps I'll someday walk down the aisle.
relationships are the start of a family

relationships are built on: trust, love, care,
     and every now and then, maybe a little dare.
cfw Jul 2019
H ow does love work?
A nnoying them with kisses
P ining for them
P ositive support for them
I ndependence
N agging occasionally
E verlasting
S tubborn, yet stupid, quarrels
S oothing their pain
cfw Jul 2019
I'M BEGGING, my head can only take so much.
         Nothing helps me. Except, maybe your touch?
         All alone and completely powerless.
         Why? When you've helped me overcome this.
I'M CRYING till the ringing, in my head, stops.
         What are they? They're bad thoughts causing teardrops.
         Eyes overflowing with tears of defeat,
         thinking to myself, "why must this repeat"?
I'M TRYING to fight but I just can't win.
         Is this what I deserve? Am I a sin?
         Must the battle go on, when you have won?
        My spirit, broken. Mind and body? Done.

               Please, what more can I say? I'm begging.
                        Please, before death is my only ending.
cfw Jul 2019
Please stop this hurting,
and this confusion.
Can't you see I'm breaking?
Are you really just an illusion?

This isn't a decision.
I'm being shoved,
making me lose vision
and questioning "am i really loved"?

I want to stay for my beloved,
but I need room.
Why won't you let me feel loved?
I just want to bloom.

Please won't you let me?
Please just set me free.
my fight..
cfw Jul 2019
Start smiling more;
     it could make a difference.
You never know what could be in store,
     so show off your radiance.

Start trying harder;
     it could even surprise you.
You can always dream even bigger;
     so now, think how-to?

Start living askew;
     it could do you some good.
You mustn't always just stay true.
     Start before this becomes overdue.

Please start now,
you will prevail somehow.
try to be more positive
cfw Jul 2019
I'll wait until you can,
however long, it takes.
But sticking to the plan,
is painful with the heart-aches.

I'll wait until we can eat coffee-cakes
together in ignorance.
I hope I wasn't another of your mistakes,
but I have no more evidence.

I'll wait for you to see my resilience;
I don't want to lose you.
I'm sorry you fell victim to my reliance,
but I hope you love me too.

I'll wait for as long as I have to;
and I promise, I won't argue.
J x
cfw Jul 2019
but I'm not happy.
I love him;
he just gets a bit snappy
and this can sometimes be grim.

Our love often feels like "sink or swim",
leaving us with no rest.
I love him,
but I don't want to make him depressed.

I'm too prone to stress
and end up taking it out on my love.
I want to give him a rest,
but my feelings are hard to shove.

I love him, I really do.
I hope we can start anew.
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