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M Harris Mar 2017
Iridescent Charms & Atomic Raves,
Raptured Revelations In Her Bulletproof Grave,
Impassive Frequencies Of Her Reflections Engraved.

Ionic Ribbons Of Her Artistic Trance,
Neon Contrasts In Her Stellar Stance,
Starry-Eyed Rhapsody In Her Censored Glance,

Vaporized Fractals Draped In Her Past,
Crystallized Specters Sterilized To Last,
Perpetual Panic Triggering A Blast,

Sedated Phantasms In Her Paralyzed Voice,
Isolated Collisions & Distressed Noise,
Overrated Memoirs Of Her Tainted Reprise,

Liquid Shadows In Her Moonlit Dreams,
Theatrical Schemes To Her Grand Regime,
Enigmatic Queen Of Turbulent Screams,

Shipwrecked Effigy Resonating Duality,
Overtuned Spirits Illuminating Reality,
Metaphysical Anniversary Of Her Romantic Fatality.

- 04:28AM -
DEW Feb 2016
Some days, only sometimes,
I crawl outside myself,
To wander the world's wonders,
Peering through it, like a shelf.

I walk the narrow road's way.
Whisper, wispy, thin lies,
To lead those astray,
That don't see with their eyes.

Burning in the light of the moon.
My ethereal flesh is a sight to see,
To touch it is a mortal sin,
A taste would fill one with glee.

I am no mortal in this form.
I climb the highest height,
To know I cannot watch,
The ants, the world in fright.

May I spread my wings of burden?
Go where I am not wanted,
To fill the world with fallacies,
Mortify. Justify, the haunted.

Time has run out for me.
Dreams I can no longer pervade,
To paint pictures, 'pon pulsing skulls,
I hold a purgatory masquerade.

I must return to be full of myself.
As I watch the thick skinned carcass sleep,
To know that what I am,
Is a troubled man, pathetically counting sheep.
I wrote this in November of 2010.

I love this one: it's dark, but it feels so nuanced, the rhyme scheme is great and the rhythm is cool.

Not bad :)

— The End —