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Marci Ace Apr 2015
It seems to me I’ve been set
It seems to me,
We all humans bleed.
The love of the fallen flower
Will never leave.
I have your fallen
Tears written upon my sleeves.
Love me my darling,
For I am guilty of greed.
Be at ease with a mind so lean.
With a heart so wise,
And head full of green.
Come closer sweet heart,
We’re getting closer to that
We’re seeking light.
I have one question,
Do you mind if we take that
Let’s touch the moon and back.
Let’s go to Jamaica and relax.
Let’s roll up blunts and
Reach the max,
Cause we’re flowers.
God stacking our blessings
Like towers.
One day we’ll make the world
Just us.
I feel empty,
It’s not just lust.
I feel dead,
It’s not trust.
My tears.
My sleeves.
Our love;
Can’t leave.
Let’s stay;
Stay in the bed
And lay.
Let’s make our dreams come true.
Spark up some lights,
And start our life new.

Marci H.
Margar Nov 2014
You mean my whole world,
My whole life.
You are the reason I can love. Live. Laugh. Forgive.
You give me the strength to keep going.
I love you over everything.
You are my everything.
I can't do anything without you.
Without you, I'd be lost,
In the shades.
You are my night and day,
The reason I live,
I thank you for everything,
My family,
My friends,
My life.
You are the fountain of love,

Thank You God,
I can't say it enough.
Was feeling very grateful. Everyone, you should be grateful too. Especially with God. He has done everything for us. In the hashtag, there is no capitalisation, but God is capitalised.
Jennifer Weiss Oct 2014
I will never forget
the first time
my eyes  
lingered on
your face.

Sweetest surprise
of something I had no clue
I misplaced.

Now the sun can only rise
and I am in a daze.
Sunsets found
inside your eyes,
where my

I think
I might actually believe
we'll never die
Though it wouldn't
matter anyways.
I have loved you
before time
So I know
it is here
**to stay
This one is special.

— The End —