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Khayr souf Feb 2019
And tho you thought when,
You hurt me I became a  P
But if your actions had cut deep,
I would have done psychiat-------    R
I won’t let your expectations suffocate me,
I won’t conform to this,

Like a caterpillar in a cocoon,
I’m going through a metamorphosis.
Carl Oct 2018
Mahilig ako sa laruan noong ako'y bata
Iiyak ako, maibili lang yung kotse-kotsehang kahanga-hanga
Pero ngayon sawa na ako sa mga ganiyan
Mismo kasing ako ginawa mo nang laruan.
He held lightning at his
Fingertips, glowing up a page
In his poetry, every time his heart
Sparked the imagination
In his skull-
All feedback is appreciated.
Amela Kovacevic Jun 2018
Tender is the morning
after every taxing night.
Tender is the morning
when I've deemed the sun polite.
Andrea Apr 2018
Everyday you made me feel worthless,
You were my kryptonite,
You made me the person who I am today,
Broken and lifeless
Kat Apr 2018

Hello hello to people I don't know.
Thanks for supporting the writing that I sow
I know it's sad.
It's kind of a mess.
But who really cares about my mess and distress.
Hello hello to the people who care.
To the people who even bother to read what I have to share.
I'm not sure what to write for a bio.
But, thank you thank you to all the people I don't know.
Welcome to this little community that I have,
It's really small and it's actually kind of sad.
No not the amount of people here,
It's not the amount of followers I have.
It's about the pain in my heart that I have come to share and make at least a few of you glad.
Hello I'm sad
Just kidding I'm glad
You can't see it from your computer or your phone screen
But I'm smiling at laughing from all the poems from this team
There really no team here.
It's only the users of this site.
I just want to say thank you for all the people who decided to journey here to this web site.
I'm sad you're glad.
Well maybe you're sad too.
Maybe it's the weather but this is currently my mood.
I know that my bio isn't changed very often
It's because my mood doesn't really vary and sadness is usually all I have to offer.
This bio is getting long. I don't really have anything important to say. I just want to say thank you to the people who came this way.
Dian Eka Mar 2018
To Kiss a Picture of You in Mind
To Have a Dialogue Turns Into Monologue
It is All in My Prologue Scenery
Before Bedtime
The Epilogue Says
"Distance, my Dear....."
Dian Eka Mar 2018
If Inventors Lost in Their Creativity
Are Artists Lost in Their Fantasies Closer to Insanity?

Mind is Vaster Than the Universe
where Astronomers Find Units
and Name Them After Theirs

No Scientist Could Measure...
How Complex the Black Threads
are Neatly wound In Your  Head

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Martin Narrod Feb 2018

The mischievous talents of the voice
It’s delicate bombs ripping through
Each footstep to the cool desert air
Where before the sunrise I break from
My two slops of oatmeal to have a cigarette
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