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Dec 2017
He was a man with an angel tattoo In his neck
He looked at me with passion and said salut mademoiselle can I talk to you ?
I looked at him without saying anything i felt like He did touch my soul in the first second I saw his eyes first thing he said is how long can you keep me for  
I Said why !?
what do you mean !! He said i know your kind
Living for the feelings lying about their true colors it's a part of your beauty of being mystery to some people and a cold heart to some other people
How strong? , keeping everything in the inside , crying every night
Crying for letters
Wishing for life that you know you'll never have , you are mix of white and red
I can see throw you
you look so visible to me
broken heart
Living for the pain
you keep breaking your own heart before anyone will have a chance too right?
  if anyone had chance of doing that he would be a special one and you've lose your self to your weakness you'll be Without an identity of writing or living
You have a pleasure of living with ....."your own kind of pain".....
-How !?
He stripped me naked heart
I had nothing to say or to Deny I was screaming in the inside
But calme in the outside
how he stripped me naked heart
How he knew all that about me
i never admit that , even to myself
Who is he!?
What did made him so angry at me !
He just walked awaya
I was Standing with words
Who is he !?
He did put a words print in my mind
I just can't forget how he did look at me
He lookd so deep in my eyes that he made me so insecure about myself
So lovelessness
So shameless..
A m w a a t ty for Peint of self knowing
Written by
Riham  18/F
       Styles, Fawn, ---, thepoeticwit, Megan Parson and 10 others
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