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Nigdaw Nov 2019
I have finally found you
In St. Enodoc Church;
Home is where your heart rests
Not your place of birth.
Summoned by the three o’clock bell
A pilgrim across the eleventh fairway,
Towards a crooked spire that protrudes
Like a drowning swimmer,
Signalling to be rescued from the dunes.

As I enter through the gate
Your headstone greets me with a shout;
A marvel of the stonemason’s art
Explosive script from marbles cold darkness,
Radiates your humour and warmth.
I am not humbled, sad nor afraid
This place is fitting to rest your phrase;
Looking down at where you lie
I try to imagine that lived-in face.

Archibald lies at your head
Old and trusted, faithful ted;
So much heard, but nothing said
All through the years of pressured steps,
To follow where your father led;
But you had other plans and instead
Were drawn to words with rhythmic thread,
That made you Poet Lauriat, a knight
Who finally has found some peace.
My tribute to one of my favourite poets.
weather to
borrow but
the kitty
and salvation
are mine
hereto financial
devotee in
fray so
deep save
a grinder
and a
mollusk with
romance but
glance the
dance sojourn
put in
her pants
Duffy's in the point
Ice cream
subsistent tell
this pallor
where Peter
has a
big date
this Friday
and scream
where a
lawyer melt
with straws
that crisscross
in court
and don't
dispose a
woman in
county ajar
A woman in lock stock and barrel
Kurt Carman Jul 2017
Today the angels arrived to receive your broken body and,
They placed you upon this peace train to take you home again.

Your non-violent mission for freedom will breathe past eternity,
Because the proverb reminds us… “you cannot cover the sun with one hand”

“Even if I am crushed into powder, I will embrace you with ashes” Liu Xiaobo
Matthew Randell May 2015
Home of the navy, big and strong,

Think that's it? You are most wrong,

Home of Dickens, and Isambard Brunel,

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stayed a while as well,

Singers like Same Difference born so very close to home,

Gunwharf Quays, Action Stations and even a PlayZone,

An Aquarium, lots of shops, amusement parks and more,

Theatres, museums, the Isle of White; it's fun from shore to shore,

Portsmouth is a brilliant place, to live and work and play,

People who live or visit here shouldn't ever move away!
Written as entry to be Portsmouth's first Young Poet Laureate. I was short-listed.

— The End —