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What do you do when you are very happy?
I.....jump, sing and dance with them heartily.
What makes you feel better when you are very sad?
I.....hug them and close my eyes for a moment stealthily.

They say that children are God sent angels.
And I am blessed with two precious jewels.

When the world doesn't acknowledge me with the tag of an average culinarian,
They say "you are a great chef"!
When my day is pale and grim
They brighten the day with their priceless grin.

When someone taunts me to be a lazy lady
They hard you work mom for us and daddy.

They are my motivator and the lucky charms.
I find happiness in their pure arms.
Their smile, touch and care can only give solace when in dearth.
This is the best gift for a mom on earth.

How I wish this crystalline love for their mother stays with them forever....
Hope they do not get manipulated when they start chasing the materialistic pleasure.

They are my biased children and I am their selfish mother,
Who will always want her angel kids to remain pure as they are.

Bina Mukherjee
The finest wine to touch my lips
Was not as intoxicating,
Neither could its sweetness eclipse,
The magic that we’re creating.

The finest silk to touch my skin
Was ne’er as tender or as light,
Nor did its comfort draw me in,
As your arms do for me at night.

No melody’s been played so fine
To be the the music to my ears,
Nor notes written to such design,
The way your voice always my fears.

The world can offer jewels and gold
And endless gifts as pure as dew,
But not even wisdom of old
Is as precious to me as you.
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Donna Nov 2018
Two pigeons on roof
Both inside a big love heart
Then one flew away
Try not to take your love ones for granted life is precious and short spend as much time with your love ones be happy and laugh lots too , **
Inspired yesterday x
I see you…
With eyes that belie my weakness.
And a heart in humble meekness.
I see you, and your uniqueness.

I feel you…
With an embrace to enmesh us.
Sustained passion to refresh us.
I feel you, and why you’re precious.

I perceive you…
Your awesome aura and mystique.
The answer to the love I seek.
Perceive you, precious and unique.

Of this unique revelation.
Preciousness of your creation.
To perceive precious and unique—
That defines appreciation.
In "God In Search Of Man," Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel writes, "Appreciation is not the same as reflection. It is an attitude of the whole person. It is one's being drawn to the preciousness of an object or a situation. To sense the preciousness of being able to listen to an imperative of God; to be perceptive of the unique worth of doing a mitzvah, is the beginning of higher kavanah."
The definition of "appreciation" as perceiving the unique preciousness of something stuck with me ever since I first read that passage.
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Lynn Greyling Dec 2014
Let the secret in the rosebud
Retain its secrecy,
Afore the wind will scatter
And set the petals free.

— The End —