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May 31
What do you do when you are very happy?
I.....jump, sing and dance with them heartily.
What makes you feel better when you are very sad?
I.....hug them and close my eyes for a moment stealthily.

They say that children are God sent angels.
And I am blessed with two precious jewels.

When the world doesn't acknowledge me with the tag of an average culinarian,
They say "you are a great chef"!
When my day is pale and grim
They brighten the day with their priceless grin.

When someone taunts me to be a lazy lady
They hard you work mom for us and daddy.

They are my motivator and the lucky charms.
I find happiness in their pure arms.
Their smile, touch and care can only give solace when in dearth.
This is the best gift for a mom on earth.

How I wish this crystalline love for their mother stays with them forever....
Hope they do not get manipulated when they start chasing the materialistic pleasure.

They are my biased children and I am their selfish mother,
Who will always want her angel kids to remain pure as they are.

Bina Mukherjee
Written by
Bina Mukherjee  39/F/India
     JaxSpade and NITIN MUKESH
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