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Graff1980 Jan 2016
I am the outlier
Feather wearer
Tired child of
The trial of tears

The back lashed
For being black

Brother of the
Burning Japanese
At Nagasaki

Open minded
And empathetic
The broken hearted

Lesbian, bisexual
Trans, homosexual
Dejected, rejected
And denied
Basic human rights

I am the immigrant
Who went
Through hell
To get here
To be demonized

I am flesh of your flesh
Blood of your blood
Lonely and struggling
Begging for mercy
And a little human decency
Bruce Gil Sep 2015
catch me, catch me as i flee
cause i wont stop running
till i'm free

grab my head
and shove it down
make me beg till i drown

beat me, beat me till i bleed
don't stop swinging
until you break my creed

tear every shred
of humanity in me
till i beg for your mercy

cage me, cage me for i am not free
i am not the man
i used to be

i am broken and ruined
chained down
for being rotten

abandoned my faith
filled with hate
and my soul is stained

answer me, answer me please
can i hope for redemption
and return as one of your  creation
Someone hates me because of my faith
Feeling sad they asked to be removed from my list of friends

Jennifer Weiss Sep 2014
Sometimes people
                                   don't know how to take,
                                                                ­           the works of art that I create.
I don't understand
                                  how knowing who I am
                                                                ­           causes the problems at hand.

They think that I am
                                    living in a dream,
                                                              bu­t  there's truth behind what I say,

AND how they make me seem.
                                    I can still say to the whole world
                                                           ­       I know the meaning of C.R.E.A.M.

But cash rules nothing in my world,
                                     I care less for the dollars
                                                                ­   And all about the DREAM

But I wouldn't mind the paper
                                and I am flattered by the follows
                                                       Because not even evil is all that it seems.
Don't judge till it's you.
            Not everything society demonizes
                                                  Should be demonized.

Just be a good person.

— The End —