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Sage Rhiannon Mar 12
I love her.

With her dark brunette hair,
always down over her shoulders in cascading waves,
Or ******* behind her head so that I can see her eyes.

Oh, her eyes.
Bright and alluring and sweet.
Alight with a smile that compares only to the one on her lips.

And her lips.
Always tilted up in a bashful smile.
And one side always goes higher than the other,
But I don't tell her because I think it's cute, and I don't want her to stop.

Someday she'll kiss me.
Because I'll never be brave enough to try myself.
And the lips I love so much will touch mine.

I love her

For her hair and her eyes and her lips and her mind,
Which is logical, but with a hint of romance and a vast imagination,
An artistic eye and a sweet, flustered girl just beside that.

She's perfect.

And I love her.

I love her so much.
Nyx Mar 4

The Perfect Girl
As most would describe her
Quite, sweet a lovely delight
but be weary boys the perfect girl bites

Short brown hair
with a strange splash of colour
Light blue eyes
that couldn't get any duller

The girl was once pure
An absolute saint
she went to church weekly
Till he covered her with a fresh coat of paint

Warm cardigans and jeans
that was her fashion
until the boy on the pedestal
came into her life crashing  

A girl so perfect
was doomed from the start
She fell instantly for him
but he had no heart

Changing her style
and the way that she looked
trying to gain his attention
and surely he was hooked  

Low cut shirts
and extremely short shorts
forgetting her bra
and fixing her looks
dropping her grades
and breaking the rules
she became a new girl
but her reputation stood

She was just another game
but only at the start
For somehow pedestal boy
had suddenly grown a heart

A relationship grew
and they both were obsessed
A static connection
that was somehow messed

The tables had turned
and so had her heart
Perfect girl made a choice
Lets be apart.
Alyssa Sunico May 2013
Grace as a necessity
Beauty that rivals nature
Quaint modesty of a lady
Perfect appeal to the masses

How can I ever live up to that?

A mere imperfect girl
With less grace and poise
Appearance to ordinary for words
With less modesty than a lady

So, I will never be wanted

Always forgotten
Left behind in the background
Waiting to be seen
To be wanted by anyone

And yet, it's a dream far off

For love knows first impressions
Its shallowness rendering us unavailable
Wanted by the perverse and lonely
Lusted for there is no one else

A vision of love that's lost

Lost to the guys who broke our hearts
To those who use us like toys
Whose love changes by the pound
Whose so called "love" made us cold.

— The End —