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LaFayette Mar 23
You added another item to your list
Of things to hold back the voices
Something to occupy your mind
While you drown out nasty noises

It’s sporting to watch in a sick way
Like waiting for a dam to burst
Will you take up quidditch next or
Reach for a bottle to slake your thirst

I’m sorry but your battle is being lost
And I have a nasty habit of truth telling
One day you’ll run out of hobbies
Because your mind won’t quit rebelling
LaFayette Feb 19
It occurred to me
Am I evil or just fun?
Then the cops showed
LaFayette Feb 19
Just another check-in to see how things are
Are you still playing your greatest hits?
Avoiding the mirror again so you don’t see
You found another way to be your worst self

The phone is your only companion and enemy
Giving you the outlet for another devil moment
When you reach out to a supposed lifesaver
That you will inevitably try to drown with you

Round and round goes your never-ending circus
And here I am guardian angel to a clown car
Will you ever take stock of the rubble left behind?
Or do you find solace in the destruction?
LaFayette Jan 25
A fleeting feeling like a shallow stab
An invasive insight I’m forced to grasp

Because if I miss you I start anew
Facing a nascent nightmare to see through

What if I miss you today and can’t stop
What if this sheer climb has no mountaintop

I missed you today and didn’t dare voice it
Because silence from you would be poison
LaFayette Jan 20
Breaking just after I had my last break
Taking the chance I was too afraid to take

Embracing another by accepting her embrace
Racing to her arms after refusing the race

Thawing my heart when I doubted the thaw
Dawning on me that I found my new dawn
LaFayette Dec 2020
Welcome to our session dear reader
Your participation makes you my therapist
I will regale you with the tale of a silly man
Who fell in love and now can’t get out

Why have I chosen you to unleash this?
Because everyone else is sick of hearing it
I’ve exhausted all personal means
Of excising burdensome love unrequited

Your credentials are the least of my worries
The love of my life proves challenging
She is an amazing, beautiful, intelligent
Aggravating, over-analyzing, angel of a liar

You are right, those are not all positive attributes
But I learned a thing about loving someone
You focus on the positives and hold on
While accepting the flaws that make her, her

Why am I bothering you if I am so in love?
You see, I am hers but she is not mine
My only claim is making her smile
Which I know were both real and rare

Your professional opinion is to walk away
Alas, that is not remotely possible
I have basked in her glow too long
That I can’t even leave her shadow

What do I want from you and your time?
Just a friendly ear to bend now and again
With this sad story of woe and love
Same time next week will do just fine
LaFayette Dec 2020
I am blind and cannot see
But my heart knows the way
The path is clear but treacherous
But I know nothing worth having is easily had
Is this the climb before my fall?
From here, I can’t see the end
I will not yield to my fears
They are based on my past, not my future
An unwritten future, a black monolith
But my fear is paired with freedom
As I write the next pages
I ascend to my waiting fate
With the wing at my back
And courage in my heart
I embrace what could tear me asunder
And take in the view as I climb
Catch me if I stumble, my love
I grow stronger with each uneven step
I learn from each wrong turn
And now I see the summit
To which I must walk alone
I carry your heart in my heart
But each step is my own
It is time to find your apex
Apart from my obsession
While it doesn’t look as I imagined
The view from here is life changing
These images I will take my me
On my new journey
My hard-won perspective with me always
h/t to Adrienne
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