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LaFayette 15h
I hope the *******
Was worth losing a great wife
You douchenozzle
LaFayette Jan 12
My navigator in the darkest of oceans
My immovable shield amid the onslaught
My opposite pole keeping me centered
My constant in this chaotic world of mine
My cure to parallax when I lose perspective
My azimuth to bring me back to the right path
My true north to bring me home to you
My North Star, My Polaris
LaFayette Jan 12
I wanted to write a poem about love
But it never seems to come out right
It is a contradiction within the same breath
It makes someone the hero and the villain
It renews your faith in God and the Devil
It is a cancerous growth eating you alive
It is the faith that keeps you from losing hope
Its warmth feels like the sun was made for you
Its shadow leaves you feeling absolute zero
Love leaves its speaker endlessly loquacious
It leaves you mute when it falls apart at your feet
It is the destroyer of countless worlds and minds
It is the savior of uncountable hearts and souls
Love has temporary permanence to its holders
I was blindsided when love was born before me
I was dumbfounded when it died just as cruelly
I yearn to never be caught in its clutches again
While I pray for it to fall back into my life
Because it only needs to be perfect once
LaFayette Jan 10
Oh my God I did it again
It was the whiskey or ***
She gave a sideways glance
And I looked at her ***

It all gets a fuzzy from there
Something about her school
Paying off her numerous loans
And then me playing the fool

We went back to my place
Apparently, I think anyway
That’s where I woke up
Alone, as she didn’t overstay

Serves a stupid drunk guy right
Waking up without any garment
She took more than my dignity
Like everything in the apartment
LaFayette Jan 9
And then she said
“You knew it couldn’t last
the way we carried on
the passion drained from us
we were just going through
some old motions relying
on just muscle memory”

And then she said
“You’ll forget about me
as soon as I’m out the door
hopeless romantic freed
from my cold tyranny
off on another adventure
trying to find true love”

And then she said
“I never wanted the pain
for you or me like this
but life had other plans
now turn and walk away
I’m another mistake
I hope you learned a lesson.”
LaFayette Jan 7
I’ve always preferred dark, rainy days
Like God is telling you to stay inside
Hold onto your loved one and stay dry
Enjoy the feeling of soft imprisonment

I can never forget the days in the pour
Unable to dodge the globs of cold water
The torrent making warmth impossible
The cozy light of home so far distant

I remember those days in my distant past
They remind me to hold everyone close
Appreciate that I can still breathe their air
And watch the rain harmlessly on windows
LaFayette Jan 6
Take the bet you said
There’s no way we can lose
Naked in a snowstorm
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