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Ilunga Mutombo May 2017
Speak from thy heart
so that thy body can rid its desires of being lonely
Capture thy imagination and serenade my naked soul
If summer holds on
let her know that for autumn to come we all have to fall
Just speak from thy heart
and maybe Picasso might bless you with the gift of art
You have Mona Lisa's eyes and Helen Keller's Sight
So be blind to judgement, but open to love  
Try to see the unseen and feel the numb
Lose your mind and find it next to my heart,
because love makes us all insane
Speak from thy heart and maybe you might start to love again
Let me be your medicine and rid you of your pain
'thoughtOutLoud May 2016
Let's start it over again
one more talk,
one more long conversation,
one more friendship.
Please, One More Chance.

One more hug,
one more kiss,
one more romance.
Please, One More Chance.

No more crying,
no more pain,
no more heartbreaks.
Please, Give Me One More Chance.

Give me one more chance
to show how much I regret
days without you...

Give me one more chance
to show how much ...
how much I LOVE YOU.
For the only person I love ,
and the person who I will ALWAYS love.
Mark Ipil Aug 2015
Can I still get that chance?,
To have you in a dance,
Under the stars in sky,
Where our hearts will fly.

Can I still get that one more?,
Even when you close your door,
Door straight through your heart,
Promise I’ll be back to the start.

Can I get one more chance?,
Back to zero, no advance,
I just want to fight for you,
Please do the same thing too.
P.S. ONE MORE CHANCE was inspired by the movie One More Chance.

— The End —