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He walks all the way
On busy and lonely roads to reach her
As he passes by her house
He looks up once
wishing he could see her through the window sill
at least her silhouette formed behind the window curtain
and she pulls her tender hair strands falling in front of her lovely deep eyes
where lay secrets deeper and darker than the mysterious sea
and tucks them behind her ears

but in real life, the illusions are shattered
The Young Man, he sees nothing but a closed window
he goes back walking home silently in dismay

but the yearning desire to see her for one more time never dies within
So, he looks back once again.

There is always hope that lies inside of him
burning like a fire that never goes out, the eternal flame
such is the kind of love he has towards her
which makes him walk all over again to her
every single day, longing to see her for one last time.
sunprincess Apr 2017
Dancing honeybees
would understand my desire
when I kiss your lips
sunprincess Apr 2017
star lovers unite
july 7th; amidst the stars
their kiss, forever
....inspired by a Japanese fairytale
shåi Apr 2017
love is no longer
in words
unspoken desires
behind concrete statements

i talk to you
in the quiet nights
as if i was the
child of darkness

but you were my light

all ive ever known
is the darkness of love
born in its nothingness
my pen like a guide

let me feel again
i wanna love you
like i should
you deserve the best

and i want you to know that

you are my everything
and my anything
making me drift
into my fantasies
sotp:most of all // jmsn
Kimberly Lore Apr 2017
No, I don't have a boyfriend
Or a girlfriend for that matter
Why should I be infatuated
With someone I barely know?
I love nature, I love mountains
I love sitting all day in a lean-to
because it's pouring rain mid-June
I love it when I can't quite jump
To the next rock and
Oops, I stepped in the stream
I love going over bridges
I love the still quiet moments of
"This is enough for me"
I love imperfect moments made perfect
sunprincess Apr 2017
Two beautiful stars of the night, Capricorn and Lyra
Capricorn tending to his herd minding his own business
Lyra, a daughter of the sun weaving and spinning
Father the sun king notices, and has become pleased

Alas, married forever, so enchanting was their love
a love of sweet fairytales, finally days and nights
were both one of excitement, no more business
and no more weaving or spinning of garments

These days were for play, and love, and happiness
and no silly lover could be more foolish than she
until father the sun king becomes a little vexed
does he wish for her to remain, mild and gentle?

Alas, Capricornus and Lyra's smiles finally vanished
as father the sun king ordered them separated
and quickly places a river of stars between them
and longing in their hearts

Still a glimmer of hope for their love continues
as father gifts them with one special night
of reuniting,
the seventh night of the seventh month

This special occasion of the year they will meet
with their hearts overflowing with love
and to promise to wait another year
as they comfort each other with endless kisses
alas, star-lovers an unconventional love story
....inspired by a Japanese fairytale
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