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Outside air flirts with skin
numbing effect slowly creeping
gusting air, a soft assault
makes me grasp my jacket tight
This poem is written about the North Dakota wind, which is brutal! f you enjoyed the poem, leave a comment or share this with someone who would appreciate it!
Mary Gay Kearns Dec 2019
In the garden ,my friend,
He tends, pulling and digging
Cutting back so hope can Spring
Filling in next year’s spaces
With renewed life.

I have known this slowness
For many a year
Working through paintings
The death of his father
This slowness is my acceptance.

Love Mary x
full moon Apr 2017
I saw you
And look at you so preciously
Your my gem
My treasure
My infinity
But look at you now
You're in the middle of nowhere
Almost to nothingness
Have that man hurt you so much
That he turned your heart into ash..

— The End —