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Amanda May 2018
It has never been my forte
To find words I really mean
This time I think I know
How vital you are to my routine

Please excuse my stumbles
My mishaps and bumps
Love is a contagious disease
I think my heart has the mumps

And I know you might understand
Just in case you don't
I have been working very hard
To find an antidote
This is one of my early early pieces, i think it's about 9 years old
Emily Tyler Feb 2015
It made me

The kind of sick
That books describe
As green,
Ghostly skinned
With red rust noses.

Sick to my stomach
Like when you wake up
At 2:00 AM
And realize that
Before you sprint
Down the hall
To the bathroom
And ***** pizza bagels into the
Pristine marble sink.

It made me sick like
When it gets so bad that
Blowing your nose hurts
Because the extra soft Kleenex
Have scratched your skin raw

It made me sick
When I realized
That it wasn't you that I loved
But the feeling of being loved.

— The End —