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Cox Feb 13
The moon phase rises over the naked city,
the inessential buildings soon just become nothing.

She walks the street with a beat in her step.
Hands cut from the rose thorns,
petals falling,
flowers dying.

She felt happy.
But misery laid nothing more less to the flowers.

Amongst the footsteps the cries could be heard.
The naked city wanted nothing more than to cover itself.
To hide behind plain sight.
It no longer wanted to be the city that filled everyone’s dreams,
the city that never slept.
It just lured for some time to shut it’s eyes,
to be nothing to this world.

To sleep.

The naked city was raw,
beautiful at most.
It had a unique glow,
kind of like the Moon.

It would just turn on and light up everyone’s night.
Make them want to write about it,
dine out.
Have the light gaze down on them.

It was somewhat.. magical.
Cox Feb 13
Fall in to where it can begin.
Moon phase,
Orchid days.

Sweet bliss,
Wanting nothing more than to try your American kiss.

Scorching skies,
White clouds in my love disguise.

I lay wanting to heal my pain.

Moon phase.
You cry,
Tears drowning flowers that lay nearby.
You stay,
Most don’t know why.

You live a lilac lie.

You take my Moon phase,
And I want to know why.

My tides,
My waves,
Reach my shoreline.

My sand was empty,
Completely still.

The grains of sand stand by me,
Pulling me at the knees.

Moon phase,
This night.
Emptying myself solemnly to the dark starlit night.

— The End —