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Marcus Belcher Aug 2016
It's all real
It's no spoof
Hence why I call it the truth

I spit heart
I spit mic sound
I'm real deep
I'm profound

Just learn how to get down

I feel the people's life
From the fiber down
I'm going for the crown
Never backing down
A little taste of rhythm
Pavel Popov Jun 2016
Mc Kit, im a cat i compose my songs
a dog's gonna to bark, a dog is a dog
i go to an extent come see how long
dog sits on a chain, cats are free to walk
no reason to chase me, im high up in a tree
barking won't help, you wake a Lion in me
if it happens that you, slip off your leash
you take that chance, run away if you wish
if they catch you again and tie to a chain
they do it that way, so you can't run away
you can guard their money be my guest
real treasure though is what's in my chest
doesn't take any heart to diss a cat, fella
i fight for my freedom do this a capella
we live in a junge it's true what they say
it's a struggle for me every night and day
dog chase a cat it's hungy for food
bad dog doesn't see i am more like a wolf
figure out for yourself if you're evil or good
i gave you a recepie hope its understood
what else do you need how much more proof
i am a Whale in a sea, a cat on your roof
hold on to knowledge while my sub woofs
still all i hear in the background is woof...woof
MC Antone Mar 2016
Fear of it all,
Not knowing when to fall,
Working so hard for far too long,
To have it all go wrong,

Fear of alpha,
We Made scenes,
My ******* is biblical,  

I was flung from the clouds,
For clapping louder than thunder,
He casted us out,
For tugging at his crown,
Because we challenged a throne,
That failed to fold,

Here and now,
Hand selected or arrested whatever’s suggested,
As long as there’s a mic,
I’ll take the stand,
And play witness,

Groping the book oh so popular with hotel nightstands,
And before your bailiff,
I’ll promise my honesty,
Give you false hope, in my sense of loyalty,

Fearing you all
You believe I love to fib,
That’s what you teach your kids,
So do you see the guilt gushing beneath my skin?

Witness to havoc,
The day we set Heaven ablaze,
In the name of Adam,
I promise your honor,
We fought for the liberation of Eve,

But that isn’t what Father preached,

Hand in the prosecutors,
With another on the switch, guess who the defendant is,
Decadence is looking for a conviction,  

The anti-Christ’s came before the Vatican,
He’s of your genetics,

It’s inconsiderate,
You even preached providence,
It’s inconvenient,
To find out your scriptures of full of ****,

Fear of it all,
I was on the sidelines,
And Casted out,

Knowing too much for sainthood,
I tinkered with the watchmaker’s minutes, and was flung from the clouds,

Envious of humans,
But opposed to walls in Eden,
I’ll caress scripture with my finger tips,
I’ll recited your rites of pagans,
And pander to a judge, jury, and all the slaughtered lambs,

He tossed us out,
For tugging at his crown, and falling out of line,

Just a sheep counted before sleep,
But we woke up,  
When we assaulted the Angelic Order,
For fear of it all,

From incubation to graduations,
You’ve been suffocated,
Socially lacerated,
By a genre of gimmicks
Governmental deliverance,
Poisoned pulpits of pretenses,
Symbiotically capable of lethally extorting martyrdoms
I watched him rip that rib
Fear of you all pulling the plug on me,

I’ve worked so hard for far too long,
To let you lower my corpse,
Beneath entitled toes,

Never finding unity,
Only your sensual weakness for a delusional *******,
Detrimental martyrdoms,
I challenged a throne that refused to fold,

Fear of Alpha,
He casted me out,
To where the brimstone never burns out,  

Foaming at the brainstem,
Unhinged with a taste for their *******,
Fear of you all,
Those that surrendered to bliss,

Now you get my fear of it all,
The day I set heaven ablaze was my ultimately reckoning,
Ignorant because being different required intelligence,
Only now do I see,
Only fools challenge divinity,

A keg stand takes three dipshits,
I challenged Alpha.
Of Beelzebub’s breed,
Falling out of line,
Feeling Gabriel’s heel,
Teacher’s pet had me by the throat.
MC Antone Feb 2016
Eulogy of my immaturity,
I am shedding my insecurities,
Before the one that created me,

Won’t let lambs bleed to appease,
Satan wasn’t born sadistic,
He was driven to a destiny,

Daffodils drape under a soured sky,
Created in his limelight, this sight shouldn’t come as a surprise,

So set the sea levels to rise,
Let the mind despise,
Everything you said was right,

Wake for a deviant that needed to die,
Inside and out we are the same,
Till you or I cross over to the other side,

Our symbiotic souls are vilified by this physical pantheon.

[Other Side]
By: MC Antone
MC Antone Feb 2016
Curbside with a loose *****,    
Can't spot any itch, I brought my list,
Bloodshot eyes belong to the illicit,
And this ****** knows his ****!

Inject, snort or light,
Whatever takes to make the climb,
More of myth than vagrant,
I had an appetite but was far from fried,  

Of plight and the antichrist
Judith's accomplice,
I’ve bartered martyrs for fixes,

Never a thief, money always came to me,
Never dropped to my knees to please,
That doesn’t mean I am decent being,

A ****** on the rise,
In infancy I opened my eyes,  
In my youth I chose to ride in fictitious skies,
****** not fried,
A mind abused when a thirst thrived,

Curbside with the socially derived,
Deviants dwelling under lamplights,
The bloodshot eyes of paranoia’s plight,  
To escape I'd die, but miss the high,
Beelzebub's waiting for me to arrive,  
My toxic mentally,
Has this bloodshot belligerent,
Absent of Providence,
Lusting at the fingertips,
Indulging beneath hips,

Not fried but ****** prime,
Extorting my existence,
Curbside strolls,
To tighten a ***** I loosened.
MC Antone Feb 2016
Bite, scratch, and thrash your prey,
You hung the bait,
Now enjoy the feast,

Wicked beast,
Shown teeth,
Why should I expect,
A shadow of empathy,

Always brutal,
Humans in heat,

Absent of dignity,
A sliver of Humility,

Never to be blamed,
For blood dipped blades,

Of bone,
Flesh and deceit,

Who wants to play?

Bite, tear, and massacre.
Without delay,

You wouldn’t allow it breathe,

Now get in my way,
Lay in my wake!

Bite, scar, and destroy,
The weakest of two,
Feed on what you wouldn't let breathe,

Hell sent,
Drown in gluttony
You disgust us,

Insignificant identities,
Atrocious excuses for beings,
Morn those flushed from our home,

Always brutal,
Fists clutched to break brows,
Don't blame me for your bullet shells,  Spattered blood of lineage,

- M.C. Antone

You're the bone,
Fury and willful,
Now let my flood into those lungs,
The quicker the better,
I will rid this garden of you,

Bite, scar, and thrash away,
You victimized your bait,
Why stop you now?
Show those teeth,
Before you're laid to waste,

Malfunctions of my nurturing,
Organisms oriented in decadence,
Soured treats of my hospitality,

Hoarders of hostilities,
Eradicate enemies,
Relive my Kingdom of this man-made crime,

Bite, tear, and skin your vulnerable,
You've come this far,
And you love that body count,
Toe-tag party favors when they fall,
I'll relish in the irony for now,

Always indulging,
Polluting my serenity,
Subjects of my rein,
You will hang for these blood stains,

You're the bone,
flesh and slaves,
Of a climate I change,
Your greed has cause me to let only those Darwin would deem,
The fittest of humanity.
Survive when I warm,

Bite, scratch, and thrash your prey,
You'll soon be one of the decayed,
I hung the bait,
Now I'll enjoy this feast,
You took for granite,
Your planet.
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
Anak ng poocha naman o oh
Sa lahat naman ng ayaw ko...
Anigma pasubali...fliptopan ba'to
Pooja' una pa lang pinagsabihan na kita,
Pero ngayon... malamang magtanda ka na!!!

Unang banat.. wala akong ganang mag ingles
Nakakawalang galang ka! Hinde naman sa naiines
Hinde na lang talaga kasi ako makatiis
Sa pigura **** pagkakinis-kinis
Kahit tuwalya wala ka man lang tapis
Daig mo pa nakatihayang ipis
Pasalamat ka walang pambura dala kong lapis
Kundi aabutin ka sa 'kin ng walang humpay na daplis
Sa patuwad **** nakalilis
Landas ko'y nalilihis.

Pangalawa..hinde pa ito ang huli...
ayoko sanang maging arogante
Sa lubot **** mala elepante...
Ambot sa imo wag kang makampante
Sa postura **** naka bra lang at panti
Naturalmente 'pupusta pa ako ng mil bente
Magsusumbong ka...magagalit ang mga higante
mapapagbigkas ka sa iyong linguwahe
'lintek lang ang walang ganti
Hinde ako intelehente...
dati lang akong ahenteng galante.
anong gusto mo diamante o brilyante
hahaha!! nganga!,, parehas lang yun impertenente!!!

Pangatlong banat,
.... ito ang tutuo
Pinoy Ako!!!
Purong tagalog den ako...
Pero kung iinglisen mo ako..
Then go ahead..english-san na 'to...ehheemmh,,,
=Do you understand the word that coming out of my mouth
You're some kindda liberated there in the south
Don't sample me (huwag mo akong subukan)
...perhalps change me'''' (ibahin mo ako)
YOU CAN NOT EYES ME ANYMORE!!! (hindi mo na ako kayang mata-matahin)
i will "the rich zoo" you! ("diretso"-hin na kita)=
Hey What's up Pooja Sweety?
Nose bleed??? I don't care if i look scary
To you i'm not being pity'
Real talk''' ...i'm not heavy
But you won't be able to carry
This trash talk of my tongue full of messy
Even your closest bessy
In your ***..shall be freaky
Mabuti pang nag selfie ka ng wacky !!!!!
I'm sure gonna be pretty!!!!
Garantisado.....Madlang b-side...tuwa pa nila so plenty
......TIME ;)

balagtasan noon
fliptop-pan doon

sa lawak ng mundo ng hiphop lahat ay kasya!
AnnaStorm Dec 2014
julemusikken går i ring på mc D
Julen er musik på en fastfood restaurant
Platte pop numre blusser glæden frem i mig
Og selvom jeg ikke vil, nynner jeg med i mit hoved
Hvad er jul uden plastik og dårlig samvittighed?
Hvad får bjælder til at ringe hvis ikke de blev spillet i radioen?
Jeg sidder her på det falske lædersæde og drikker cola
Og venter på sne
For for mig og alle andre på mc D
er sne det eneste der mangler

— The End —