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SRH Dec 2020
do you wish you could go back and change things?
  do you reminisce about the good times we had?
                                           do you even think of me?
                                                                ­                     ever ?

i do.
i remember the sleepovers
                             the calls
                                    the conversations
                                 ­                                                  when did it all stop?
                                                           ­           when did you lose interest?

                                                       why ?
why did you leave me behind ?
toleomato Nov 2018
It will be fine if I am here
It’s just a little jump
A sudden drop with naught to fear
That ends with a soft thump.

The ***** soles of our tired feet
Are pricked by broken glass
Our skin is burned by summer heat
And obstacles we pass

Our racing hearts will catch no rest
With night just on our heels
To make it we’ll have to do our best
Despite how hard it feels

How odd it is to run so far
So we could be right here
We run on foot, they chase by car,
But now, nothing to fear.

With one more step, we’ll be happy
The fall won’t hurt us much.
Upon a cliff, and by the sea
Wrapped in a loving clutch.
Olivia the Mushroom is not a mushroom nor an Olivia
Armand-DeamoJC Oct 2018
You struggle with your pain
Yet still helped me anyways
To reach more to gain
Even if no one stays

A sonnet dedicated to you
With a new happiness born
Yet you're filled with blue
As your wiery heart's worn

I know your soul's torn,
But I'm here to repair
Your rose, not only a thorn
To live with no despair

I know how you've been shoved
I know soon you'll be loved
To a girl called Olivia who shared my poem and helped me touch many more people. I want to help her in her darkness, for she helped me as well
Momin Apr 2018
you are the devil

you make me feel like I'm sinning
even only with a pen and a paper
I'm grinning
because I love it
and I learned on the backseat of the bus
that you can only give so much for love
and the news came to me clearer
that she's not the one for you

people seem to come and go
and your love may want to grow
but sometimes the roots untangle and you are no longer together
but that may be for the better
because he wasn't good enough for you anyway

You know, when I met you
You took my breath away
In retrospect
I would stop breathing if it meant dying next to you
because there are demons in the pit of my stomach
they're so loud
they follow me around
it's the shadow I live with now
but you are the sun
who makes my heart palpitate just a little faster
you make me love smiling
you make me miss your touch
you make me miss your words
you make me miss your scent
yes your scent
because I'd rather have a part of you with me
and have it seem strange than be normal and have nothing at all
and, well,
you call this a part of me, it's not
just the start of falling off the wrong side of the sky
who held me me up for stars and way too long
but after all, all i wanna do is play you songs and just sleep tight
Riley Schatz Sep 2015
when i see you i see zinnias
your hair and your eyes and your rosy cheeks
grow tall and strong and flourish
and know that rainstorms will only make you stronger

i feel like Thumbelina
taking shelter under your leaf-umbrella
and watering you with my tears
in turn i will take care of you when you wilt
and shed many a tear-petal if you need to
(because it’s okay to be sad)

when i see you i see zinnias
your words and your smile and your lovely voice
grow tall and strong and flourish
and know that rainstorms will only make you stronger
a poem i wrote for a lovely friend
Tuesday Pixie May 2015
Scandalous is a person
A detail the dictionary forgot
They didn't have the joy of knowing you
They never will.

You left the same way you entered:
Your enthusiasm caught us along
Spontaneously reckless

Always just around the corner
Cackling, head thrown back
Shocking me into hilarity
And now you're....

Oh goofy
Oh who's going to play beanie babies now?
The horses and ponies are missing from our field
The irises are blooming wild
Purple owls growl at me in the night time
All these displaced riders
Muttering "where is my niche?" over and over
As we spin
Fantails pecking at our insides.

The doorway was too small for the coffin
You would have laughed uproariously
We giggled, breaking the tension.
They removed the door,
Replacing it after.

Please shock me:
Sit up,
Hold my hand,
But you've turned to stone
And my doorway is too small
There's too much to let out
It all pushes at once
And nothing can get through
So I slowly remove my own hinges
And try to carry on.
I lost a close friend on Sunday. She was one of four of us, we've known each other almost our whole lives.

— The End —