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Do you understand how your eyes shine?
Do you understand how I love you?
Do you understand how I could never live without you?
GulRukh May 2019
I Don't wanna sin
In the name of Lord
Indulge me with your sword
I wanna flow in your veins
My heart can't absorb this pain
Make me yours love
Kes Long Mar 2016
Reminiscent . . .

Au-fond of your tender face;

Au-fond of your loving grace;

In need of poise I seek your warmth;

In need of life I seeked your hand,

Hand-in-hand we will always be,

As always, from my heart; sincerely.

Though now you may be faraway,

Our love is strong and it's here to stay;

To keep us warm through the cold;

To keep us young even when we're old.

Ever-present I shall be,

so take my hand;

How? How are you able to understand everything I'm feeling. I give you no information and yet you are still able to see through me. How the hell are you able to look past my smile? You understand that you are my last chance at getting fixed. You know how dead I am inside, and yet you still try to help. I don't understand you. I don't. But sure as hell want to spend the rest of my life with you.
I love you. But I don't understand you.
I lay awake tonight,
sleep departs from my weary soul.
It might be the effect of the caffeine i took this afternoon..
Or the moon in it's full bloom.
But i think it's something more.
Something more alive.
A reason with no explanation.
I think...
I think it's her...

The way she walked elegantly towards me, holding the tray of my order.
    I saw flashes of the future;
a bride of mine,walking down an aisle

the way her scent-a mixture of vanilla and rose-caught inside my lungs when she got so close..
  it felt like every  breath i have is branded and exclusively for her

the way she smiled and the way her voice sounded when she asked "do you need anything else?"
    like the melody of a violin to the tune of Franz Schubert's Ave Maria
So gentle and calm and warm

And the way I was hypnotized or crazy enough to respond...
  You .
I need you in my life .
Will you marry me .
I really wanted to write a short story and i do not know how to start. lol
And I don't even know if this is what a man really feels when he's inlove. I just wrote this after hearing FS' Ave Maria today on my way to work..
Suggestions anyone? :)

— The End —