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Tiana May 21
I remember how I led your way
into my life,
Allowing you to make me blind;

I regretted but I also repeated
again and again,

Like a cyclic process,
You became a part of my life,
With trifling causes;

You made me hope
for a light
to save myself;

And while waiting,
I realized that the light I'm hoping for
is deep inside me;

Buried, forgotten and it was so long
That I thought it was rotten
Just like you;
Random thoughts....
EJ Lee Jan 2019
Do I regret?
Should I
Absolutely not
Without this
What’s the point of
Making mistakes
Taking chances
I wouldn’t change
Any moment
For anything less
It happened
And I would not
Change a thing
Becky Littmann May 2014
My thoughts may drift off throughout the day, I'm a dreamer what can I say??
But firmly on the ground my feet do stay
That I won't deny , no need to lie
There's more to me than what meets the eye
So look beyond what your eyes can see,
Before you go assuming & judging me
Regardless though I'll still continue on peacefully & worry free
That's just how I am, I just be!!

— The End —